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a picture

Just because I like it.

life in a fishbowl

Out the rest of the day. Enjoy yours.


That's a really cool picture...more, please!

Never mind...I'm a goober and didn't scroll down to see the link for flickr...DOH.

Oooo! Pretty! Very nice shot.

[old curmudgeon]Hey you, kids! Get your hands off the glass!!! [old curmudgeon/]

Picard's fish tank!

Cool. At the Monterey Bay Aquarium, they've got the opposite thing going on - a concave viewport that, when you lean forward, makes you feel like you're falling through into the tank.

that is perfect. it embodies a little bit of something that's still in us, and why we're so envious of kids sometimes - just the pure amazement and wonderment of something that we don't see every day.

because you know they're all thinking (just as we would think if we were their age)... "Coooooooooool!"

Mmmm. Blue.