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The Collision in Crawford! The Tumult in Texas! The Ruckus at the Ranch!

You've got your left leaning wingnuts and your right leaning wingnuts. You've got the Aryan nation, Al Sharpton, protest warriors, anti-protesters, prayer vigils, sing-a-longs, flag-sellers, preachers, anti-Semites, jingoists, moonbats, conspiracy theorists, gawkers, media and triple digit temperatures.

I smell impending disaster.

Or at least something worth grabbing a bucket of popcorn and turning on CNN for.


Could you describe the ruckus?

couldn't be helped, had to do it.

I'd rather go to the State Fair. I hate the State Fair.

Yes, I have an olfactory suspicion of same.

So, how do we instigate it from afar?

Meh. L'Affaire Sheehan jumped the shark when she posed with a spinning wheel. Further comment is unnecessary. Oh okay, maybe just one more.

Katrinas coming and they are all gonna get wet.