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And then we ate Jabba

I know how riveted you are with the details of my birthday.

Here's tonight's loot:

birthday loot

And this was an anniversary present from mom and dad.


Rock. It has tea pods, too. And an niced tea spout. And coffee called buzzworthy.

It's been a great day.

Thanks to everyone who left birthday wishes and/or sent postcards. Y'all rock.


Congrats on the Birthday and Anniversary. You are living proof that I can have a life and personality in 10 years time.

I love my One on One! Enjoy yours.

I'm so sorry...but when I first glanced at the pic I thought to myself, "Who gave Michele a dildo for her birthday?"

Is that a huge honking RUG in the middle of dat picture?

I love my Melitta one to one too, thats a pretty damn good present. You got spoiled.

I'm singing "Happy Birthday to youuuuu..." very loud and off-key for you right now. If I had an anniversary song, I would sing it too. But your ears would be bleeding from the first song, so it's probably for the best...

Happy Birthday & Anniversary!!!

Happy today...er....26 minutes ago, Central time.


Yeah Trish, it looks like a huge penis to me too.

Hey that coffee maker looks familiar, only mine is white. You can also use other brands of "pods" in it, just make sure they're completely stuffed down in the little strainer so that the lid can seal, otherwise it makes a mess.

Maybe I'm just sick in the head but I really thought that coffee maker was some type of marital aid until I read the comments.

Looks like my hubby and I think alike--I totally thought it was a dildo, and immediately thought, "WOW, her parents are REALLY cool!"

Whew...I wasn't the only one.

That coffe maker looks like a surreal, faceless mannequin head. At the right angle in the right light. :)

Happy birthday Michele. I know I'm late. Early onset dementia is the scuse I'm sticking with.