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Jabba and Roses

Came home to find this cake cooling on the stove:

death's head

It's clearly Jabba the Cake. I'm going to sell this to Golden Palace.

I also came home to a box containing:


Yes, those are Godiva. No, you can't have one.

I'd like to thank my good friend and true deity for this wonderful birthday present.

I also came home to a very clean house.

It's been a good day so far, and I didn't even get the presents from my family yet.

Update: I just bit into one of the Godiva truffles.

I may have just had an orgasm in my mouth.


You deserve it. Happy Birthday, Michele.

It's your birthday? Cool - have a great day!

(Nothing beats a clean house for your birthday....that was an excellent gift.)

Happy Birthday!!! Happy Anniversary!!! Hope you have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday/anniversary, Michele! Have a wonderful day! :)

"I may have just had an orgasm in my mouth."

Allow me to be the first pig to ask:
"Did you swallow?"

Happy Birfday!

Godiva will do that to a person. I worked there for four months and had to quit because I put on fifteen pounds. Happy Birthday/Anniversary!!

you mean you're not going to sell it on e*bay?

SEE? There you go! Hose beast.

Yeeash...and I try to defend the Long Island flank.

you mean you're not going to sell it on e*bay?

Why waste time with the middleman?

hat tip Randy!

"I may have just had an orgasm in my mouth" this is the first thing I see when I came on the site... I thought I typed the url wrong!

Happy birthday. Happy Annivsary.

Hope you get a lot of presents...though Godiva and a clean house. Nice.

Why waste time with the middleman?

Oh. Duh. I saw Golden Palace and thought Chinese Restaurant, not online Christ-on-a-toast buyers

Happy birthday.

Many, many more.

I had something truly crude to say relating to things in your mouth and it being your anniversary but I won't go there...well, I guess I kinda did go there huh?!?! so sorry...to quote my favorite Pam Anderson post..."I like biscuits".

That's one ugly cake.
Congrats, youngster.

Bwahahahahahaha! Jabba the Cake.

That's awesome!