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Could this be it?

Could it finally be happening? A movie that will really be scary and creepy and not just a series of fake scares and cliched killings? A movie that will leave me sleepless and needing a nightlight? A movie that I'll be watching through fingers spread over my eyes?

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

I think this is it. Finally.


Nah, that ain't it.

Nice to see Hollywood trying out new ideas, though. A young girl possessed by demons battles with a Roman Catholic priest; what will they think of next?

Coming this fall: an alien crash lands on Earth, befriends a boy in a red sweatshirt, and binges on Reese's Pieces in Space Invader 2005.

(booming radio announcer-type voice over)
DIAL 1-800-A-L-L-A-H.

Watching that clip, I thought of that scene from The Simpsons where Principal Skinner tells Apu his idea for a movie about a dinosaur theme park, and Apu harangues him for hours for not knowing that it's already been done.

"One of the highest-grossing horror films of all time!... head spinning around 360 degrees!... vomiting pea soup all over the room!... 'The power of Christ compels you'... living under a rock...."

I guess everyone has their own idea of what is freightening in a movie. The scene in "Office Space" where Lumbergh tracks down Peter to tell him he will have to work the weekend is the kind of thing that keeps me up nights. (shudder)

It's PG-13. How scary can it be?

That have anything to do with "train wreck"?

It can be plenty scary and only PG-13. It's the gore that usually rates horror movies up to R. I don't need gore to be scared.

And yea, it's been done before, but this looks slicker, with better effects and a different background story to go with it.

Every horror/scare story has been done already. It's just up to the makers of these films to do something different with what's already out there.

I thought the clip's bringing the court action ("there are forces...") into the story gave it a very interesting twist.

I've noticed the cyclical nature of Hollywood in regards to horror movies vs. everything else.

When horror movies are stuck in an quagmire of remakes and sequels, the rest of hollywierd seems to be hiring the scriptwriters and actually making new movies. When the opposite is true, horror movies have the scripwriters and are making the new ones.

I could cite examples, but this idea has been brewing for a while.. I've actually started several posts about it, scrapping them as irrelevant at the time.... Eventually, I'll get to it, though.

"Every horror/scare story has been done already."

How sad for the eons of future generations subjugated forever to the reruns and rehashes of the past 40 years. I guess we should be thankful to have lived during the one barely perceptible flash of creativity that will define horror's mark on mankind.

Well, it looks pretty good to me. I'm no expert on horror movies, of course, but I know what scares me.

And I love the casting choice of Laura Linney - one of my favorite actresses. Loved her in Mothman Prophecies and Love Actually.

The one and only time I saw The Exorcist I laughed at it.

I was eleven years old when I saw the Exorcist in the movie theater. I was not laughing.

I don't think I laughed about anything for a month after seeing the Exorcist.

Anyway, this looks like it might be good. It certainly can't be worse than some of the "horror" movies I've seen recently.

I was 13 when I saw it in a theater (I'm 45). I was terrified and had nightmares. I'm not the nightmare type--not at all. But this shook me big time.

My fifteen-year-old daughter saw it when she was 13. She laughed. Now she owns the DVD and keeps it in the "comedy" section of her collection.

I think kids today have a much higher standard for fright than we did back then.

My daughter didn't really like the exorcist. And my son, he loves horror movies. LOVES them. Nothing has scared him yet.

This movie looks eerie and creepy, like it has atmosphere. That's what I'm looking for.

By the way,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (and anniversary)

I don't think they even have a hiccup about being scared on TV.

They've never had it dealt.

Now, if Momma held a piece to their ear and said "Click."

Ditto on the Exorcist. Slept with a nightlight for about a month after seeing that one. Saw the trailer on tv the other night, it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up -- and I had a nightmare about it already. Jeez.