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another 100 words

Side note: The winners of the Pamela Anderson book contest will be announced tomorrow morning. Just waiting on one more judge's votes.

Perhaps you have seen this guy floating around the internet the past few days:

Every picture tells a story, right?

This is the story of Jack.

Come on, you've got 100 words in you. Share yours.


I saw that! For some reason that creeps me out.

Okay, fine. I posted.

Mine's double-lame.

Okay, I'll take a stab at it; nanofiction style (apologies to Jeff Goldstein).


Jack just got a hot tire-iron shoved in his rectum.

I look at that picture and imagine he's been locked in a trunk deep in the bowels of Jasperwood.

Not Jasperwood... Neverland.

out of the gutter, JohnnieL!


That picture creeps me out like you wouldn't believe.

Thank you for the nightmares ><