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Iron Maiden, Eggs, Etc.

So a zillion people have sent me links to the story about Ozzfest fans booing Maiden and throwing eggs at them.

I'll just say this about that: Sharon Osbourne is a fucking cunt. I'm sorry, there is no other word for her. She orchestrated the entire thing and anyone who has ever dealt with her, worked in the music business or even knows someone in the rock music business will most likely tell you that yes, she is a whorebeastbitch and she absolutely is not above sabotaging other bands.

And eggs? Fucking EGGS? Who the hell brings eggs to Ozzfest? No one, that's who. They were SUPPLIED.

Go read this account of how she (and/or people at her behest) basically terrorized and ambushed Maiden. Really, read the whole thing. It's amazing.


Nobody fucks with the Maiden.

just had to get that out of my system. been stewing about it since yesterday

Aces high!


Up the Irons!

I don't get it.

Dickenson is the executive producer of the Ozzy Boxed set....

I saw them here in MA, the FIRST Ozzfest show (sling and all) and both Maiden and Sabbath were very good.

Black Label Society was a fuckin' joke, though. a 1/2 hr of Zakk Wylde masturbating with his guitar. Oh yeah.. .there were three other guys standing on stage too... perhaps they should have been taking notes on how to play a show instead of trying to fuck with Maiden.

This language you're speaking...is it English?

I just don't like eggs.

Sharon is a vampire. Ozzy should be under constant medical care, but she won't let him rest for a moment. Gotta keep making that money ebcause she knows that when he dies, she's OUT. No one will deal with her unless she controls the Ozzy/Sabbath powerbase.

I visited the blabbermouth site, then I went to Maiden's site and read the statement from their manager.


I've been to Maiden concerts before, and for many of the fans the experience is spiritual - for many hardcore fans metal is religion. Sharon Osbourne should count herself damn lucky that this didn't start a riot.

Up the Irons indeed! I love the comments about the size of venues Maiden is used to playing. I am guessing that Sharon is not used to dealing with bright men.

If this gets into a pissing contest between Rod Smallwood and Sharon...I know who I am betting on.

Maybe all that hair-dye has seeped into Sharon's brain.

Actually, there's a different Bruce Dickinson who's a record producer, and who does a lot of work on compilations and reissues. (This is the "Bruce Dickinson" referred to in the famous cowbell sketch, though I don't think the producer Dickinson was really the guy who produced Don't Fear the Reaper.)

As another illustration of the pettiness of the Osbournes, they actually remixed Ozzy's first and second solo albums, replacing the drum and bass parts from the original masters, to avoid having to pay royalties to Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake. You can't get the original recordings any more unless you buy the older versions used.

Good point on the eggs. I've been to quite a few concerts, smuggled in a lot of booze, pop, chips, medicinal cigarettes, but never did I think to bring a carton of eggs. Who the fuck brings eggs to a concert??
Maiden's better off on their own anyway. They're a class act and deserve better then the bullshit they went through at OzzFest.

When in the last 10 years has Ozzy produced any music of merit? Then take a look at Iron Maiden's last album...

Whose star is waning?

Could you imagine Rod Smallwood patting his arse in an advert in the UK?

When in the last 10 years has Ozzy produced any music of merit? Then take a look at Iron Maiden's last album...

Back in the day, I was as big a fan of both as you would have ever found. But I count their last worthwhile albums as roughly 1981 and 1984, respectively.

Just about every band has an expiration date. The Beatles were smart enough to break up before they ran out of songwriting ideas and jumped the shark (they did that as individuals, later). The Stones probably should have done so around 1980, with "Tattoo You" as their "Let It Be" collection of outtakes.

But I'll still turn out to see Maiden perform next time they roll through the States on their own, as long as they are in a decent venue. It's been about 20 years for me, and I think it would be a hoot.

Thats bad. Of course I have never forgiven ozzy for urinating on the Alamo, so it doesn't change what I think of him and his family.

The last Maiden album was rather good actually (Dance of Death). Probably their best since Seventh Son. Saw on their last tour her in London and the 3 guitars adds a whole level of sound to Maiden songs. Quite frankly spectacular...

Look, I'm 37 yo and have been a Maiden fan for 20 years now. They have kicked-ass for nearly 3 decades and I respect them all as musicians, including the lead singer. But, regardless of his vocal skills, B.D. has always been an arrogant teenie and if half what Sharon says is true, well I would have been happy to throw eggs myself. Besides, "she terrorized" Maiden??? What the f***??? You got a bunch of tough metal players terrorized by a 50 yo lady + overweight teenage daughter??? Leave me alone!!! Geeze, isn't camaraderie what rock and roll has always been about???

...and some truth there must be to Sharon's words if, like Xfm online reports, "Steve Harris personally came to Ozzy in San Bernardino and apologised for Bruce's behaviour this summer, stating that he and the rest of the band were 'embarrassed' by their own singer."