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liberals under the bed

Judging from my search result and Techonorati, severyone in the blogosphere is talking about the book "Help, There Are Liberals Under My Bed."

I reviewed it TWO MONTHS AGO, people.
Get with the program.

Also, it is NOT A PARODY. Not at all.

Sad to say.


I still like the Help, There's a Libertarian Hiding in My Bathroom! title you mentioned: "Operator, please help me--he wants to privatize the interstate highway system. And he's in the house!

Or the ever-popular Help, There's a Televangelist in My Bedroom!

Hillary bashing the table is still funny.

This is off topic, but I was sure you'd be watching 'Rock Star - INXS.'

It's way better than American Idol as the majority of the contestants are already season musicians and not just some kid fresh out of high school. Plus the house band kicks major ass.

You should check it out.

Eh, I watched the first few episoded and hated it. I thought the contestants were too whiny and it pained me to sit through the whole show.

I missed the first few episodes, but I have to say (whiney contestants aside) the musical aspect of the show is more interesting (than Idol) because they do rock. I usually TiVo it, and skip through all the talky crap.

paraphrased from the review: "I'm not a conservative; I'm not a liberal."


(PS: all the surviving INXS clowns should be shot for going along with that trainwreck of a show.)