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Google Talk

Anyone download it?

It's the only IM client I can connect to at work.

I'm signed in at michele.catalano



If it's anything like Google Mail, whose contents show up in public Google searches, then I'm not going to bother downloading it.

Uhh..the contents of your private mail show up in Google searches?

I'm going to have to call bullshit on that.

goddamnit, why won't it let me post a comment!!

gmail scans are not public info. They're like the scans used at Amazon that tell you what other people who bought your item are also buying, but google uses them to place ads on your inbox. Personally, I've never seen one in my inbox because I go through and delete messages immediatley so they can't be scanned.

michele, where'd you download the messenger at? I can't find it anywhere.

And why did I have to break my comment up into three sections? It wouldn't let me post it all in one section. What set it off?

Oops, download here

Fixed the comment thing.

Thanks for the link, and you can condense those comments down into one if you want. :P

I downloaded it last night and was a chatting away... but there seemed to be a serious lag last night. Today seems much better though!

Nice easter egg in the "About" part of the program.

play 23 21 13 16 21 19 . 7 1 13 5

I downloaded it last night and sent out a bunch of invites to people I know with gmail accounts. Hey! That would be you!

(I'm not allowed to use it a work, though. Bastidges.)


it's like having only one walkie-talkie...


That's odd, Google's Jabber server doesn't seem to like my Jabber server, although to be honest I'm not even sure if mine works since until now I never knew anybody who used Jabber.

Neat little application.

At first, it connected. Then it failed. One of the few that doesn't work at work, it seems. Oh well.

You can look me up later as stareja@gmail.com. Last time I fired up an IM at work...well, it wasn't pretty, so I'll have to add you later.

I tried chatting you just to see if it works but I'm not sure if I have it set up correctly since I'm using iChat (Mac OS)... Hmm.

I've got it =) Works great.

I'm lyinsan@gmail.com

(that's pronounced leen-san, not lion-san)

Though I'm only half around right now. Working and reading half-blood prince again.

I'm not signed on right now, but FWIW I'm jaysolo@.