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honey suckers and cloud eaters

My nectar shakes bring the bees to the yard.
bee mine
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There's a few more bee pictures over at flckr, and then there are clouds. Mmmmm...clouds. Like nature's performance art. I know I've written these words a gazillion times before, but I could spend the rest of my life doing nothing but staring at clouds (ok, maybe I'd stop to eat or drink or pee. And get a neck massage).


Reminds me of an overheard conversation;

September 13, 2001. I was waiting for DJ to get out of school (his first week of kindergarten). The bell rang and the first little boy out the door came bounding down the steps and jumped into his waiting father's arms, like a scene out of a commercial for life insurance.

Dad: What did you do today?
Boy: The same. Looked out the window.
Dad: What did you see?
Boy: The same. Giraffes.
Dad: What were they doing?
Boy: The same. Eating the clouds.
Dad: (silence)
Boy: That's why it was nice out today. I made them eat all the clouds.
Dad: Good boy.

I love how the father indulged his son's whimsical imagination.

Go on, browse through my pictures. Just watch out for the clown.


A kindred soul...I LOVE clouds! :)

Can you teach me? but please don't charge!

If you look at the top of the picture you see a rabbit smoking a cigar; at the bottom is a squirrel hopping about; at the left is a profile of a baby's face ; I don't know what all that stuff in the middle is supposed to be.