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Am I Demon?

Demonic Possession Detected!
You are possessed by Leonard

Leonard is demon of the first order, grand master of the sabbaths, chief of the subaltern demons, and inspector general of sorcery, black magic & witchcraft. From the waist up, Leonard has a goat's body with 3 horns on his head, a goat's beard, hair-like bristles, 2 ears like foxes, and inflamed eyes. He also has a face on his butt, which witches kiss while holding a green candle to adore him. Leonard can take the form of a bloodhound, a beef, a black bird, or a tree trunk with a gloomy face. When he attends the sabbath, he has the feet of a goose, although experts claim that he has no feet when in tree trunk form. Leonard's attitude is reserved and melancholic, but when he appears at witch and devil assemblies, he is commanding & uses situations to his advantage.

While you may be suffering some of the symptoms of Hormone Induced Migraine, only demonic possession can explain the whole package.

Admittedly, our system is less than 100% accurate so if you want to learn more about hormonal imbalance, check out Hera Clinic for Women. To learn more about demonic possession, check out Delirium's Realm.

Demonic Possession or Hormone Imbalance?


I am possessed by Nickar, who likes to drown people, evidently....

I'm possessed by an overwhelming urge for a bannana split...but DQ is closed.

I'm soooo screwed.

And no, you're not a demon. Demons don't give hugs. At least not hugs without a prelude to ripping the flesh with large sharp claws and shiny fangs.

Anything we should know about the recent dental visits, hmm?

Absolutely! Wouldn't want you any other way.