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Six Feet Under

Anyone else feel like they were being manipulated during the last ten minutes of the finale to Six Feet Under?

Anyone besides me think it was flat, uninspired and cliched (much like the last two seasons)?

[If you haven't watched the finale yet and plan to, I would think staying out of the comments would be a good idea]


Looked to me like a two hour episode that was edited down to 75 minutes and the ending was too quick. To not give the ending away, I'll just say they did too much in 5 minutes while the viewer spent time going "who was that"?

only watched maybe a total of about 35 minutes of a few episodes - it never really hooked me. Did notice that it was the season finale last night...and the only thought was - good, that crap's done...bring on ROME!

I felt the episode was schizophrenic. One minute everyone is in crisis mode - as they were for the entire season, which made the season a burden to endure rather than something fun to watch - and then boom everyone is happy and peppy and bursting with love. The NYT gave a thumbs down on the closing wrap-up, but I thought it was interesting to see when and how everyone died.

Alas, I don't have HBO. Wait. Let me try again. Hurray, I don't have HBO!

Seriously, I have never been able to watch any of their shows without getting restless. Even the hot mantastic sex of Oz wasn't worth the irritation of watching the show itself. Way too damaging, what with the torture, imtimidation, etc.

I cannot STAND Curb Your Enthusiasm either. And I never saw any of Six Feet Under.

Hmmm. I guess I have nothing to add to this thread. Shut up, Keith.

veryone is happy and peppy and bursting with love


Haven't seen the finale yet. I always had mixed feelings towards the show in general. To slow moving and melodramatic for my usual tastes, but then they did rent an awful lot of props and set piece from my own site http://www.bjwinslow.com and the Post Mortem prop house, http://www.postmortemstudiorental.com, so I feel obligated not to bite the hand that feeds. I love their green hearse though.

Wow, BJ that is some awesome work you have there. I'm a big fan of gore.

Oh, if only I were rich. I'd have the most amazing Halloween decorations this year.

I only saw the last 10 minutes of the episode. I haven't watched the show since fisrt season. I hate Rachel Griffiths (sp?? Brenda) so when she was always on... I stopped watching.

It took a while to figure out who was who. Who did Claire end up marrying? Never mind - don't care enough.

This is some sort of televised dramatic production, yes?


If you'd only grown up in the same house as Jon, you'd recognize the true justice of that question.

Any rumors you might have heard about me being the female equivalent of Oscar are grossly exaggerated. I never had a sandwich under my bed.

So let's get this straight, Bob rolls over and says to Suzanne Pleshette something about this weird dream he's had about working in a funeral home?

Damn right I'm pissed.

I thought it was amazing. I'm not very emotional but I've been basically crying for two days. It was original and inspired. I'm surprised you didn't like it Michelle, I generally agree with you on all things pop culture.

Urg, sorry to misspell your name. I hate when people misspell mine.

I loved SFU and loved the last one just as much. Hated that it was the last one. The show was wonderful, beautiful and inspired. ..but then, I'm hugely melodramatic, myself.

I agree with previous commenters that in total it felt "schizophrenic" and like a 2 hour show edited down to 75 minutes, but it was enjoyable overall. I liked the montage at the end. How did it manupulate? (That's not a smart-ass rhetorical, btw, just a curious interrogative)

I happened to love it, but I suppose it largely depends on the mood you are in when you watch it. The quick redecoration of the Fisher house left me kinda "whaaa?" but the ending montage to me was beautiful.

But I watched it after a long day at work and after drinking two beers, so I was ready to get mushy over anything. :)

I was trying to see if there were going to be any flying cars or laser guns in the future. Keith should have got it in the gut with a laser gun. Rico should have keeled over on a Space Station instead of a cruise ship. Of course, the station would have to be under spin for Rico to fall to the floor. Unless they have artificial gravity in the future. That would be cool. I was a little disappointed to see that people still have glaucoma in the future, especially in the late 21st century, when I would hope to have warp drive. Claire should have had electromechanical sensors instead of eyes. They could have ended the series with the sensor-eye covers closing, like iris valves.

I really liked the series and the Bladerunner ending.

I saw the ending as Claire's personal fantasia and, consequently, accepted it as her personal take on each of the characters: which is why we don't get a close-up of Rico, for instance - a character who she barely interacted with - when he buys it. The sequence is less an American Grafitti "here's what happens to 'em next" moment and more about Clarie saying goodbye to a major part of her young life. . .

HBO's Six Feet Under was, in my opinion, one of the most well crafted and powerful program ever to air on American Television. It took me awhile to get into it, but once hooked I became deeply involved in the lives of each of its well developed and impeccably acted characters. I was completely devastated to have to say good bye to them all in the final episode. The last 10 minute montage, with its typically powerful use of music and images, absolutely blew me away leaving me stunned and crying on my couch for a good hour after it ended. I have nothing but praise and admiration for the creators of this truly FIRST CLASS program, the depth and quality of which, unfortunately, is rarely seen on American television.