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100 words out of context

A 100 word story. Can you figure out what this is about without going here first?

“That’s my third broken heart this century. I’m such a loser.”

“Aww, you’re a great guy...”

“I’m a flying monkey in a fez.”

“Need I remind you she’s got no arms?”

“But she’s got that face.”

“I’ve seen better.”

“You’re a bird. What would you know?”

“I know beautiful. I used to crap on the most gorgeous statues when I was alive.”


“So, you going to Apollo’s party?”

“So I can watch her stare at his package all night?”

“Man, you’re really pining.”

“Can’t even kill myself.”

“It’s called eternal punishment for a reason, bud.”

“Thanks for the reminder.”


Without clicking on the link, it could be a discussion among ancient gods.

I thought the same thing as ScottC. But I like that idea better


Don't worry don't worry it happens to all gargoyles at some point in their life. It doens't mean you are less of a gargoyle and NO I do Not think it's time to call Bob Dole!

Battlestar Galactica sure is a great show.

Statues at a party given by Medusa with the Venus de Milo as guest of honor? Yeah I know, Greek and Roamn myths mixed together.

Venus di Milo actually had arms, they were just destroyed somehow or another. Peices of them were actually found near the statue's original location, just not enough to reconstruct her.

Thanks for the history lesson, Shank.

The story deals with the statue as is, not as was.

Super site!