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to make up for the picture of harvey kietel


I hope that helps.

[stolen from here]

Oh, yea. As if Harvey wasn't bad enough, my favorite jackhole is back blogging and he wrote begging me for a link. Come over here and lick my boots like you promised, big boy.


He still doesn't answer the phone. And Bunn E. Carlos is still a better drummer.

Hmm, is that worse? Or better?!?!

The cuteness ... IT BURNS!!!

I lick and lick and lick and lick and....keep licking...

You're too kind. Always have been.



Bun E. Carlos is NOT better. Jesus, It's enough to make me stop drinking.

I like the sparkly sparkles.

WTF? Is that some sort of hyperlocal LI thing? Because my wife, a Garden City gal, has never thrown that one in my direction when I've done something massively dumb.

oh. my. god.

I made the mistake of clicking on the "stolen from here" link. I'll have to gouge my eyes out now.