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Worst Food Product Ever

Continuing with the theme.

Really, does it get much worse than pork brains in milk gravy?

Ok, maybe sheep tongues.

Or Southern Surprise "Road Wear" Potted Possum Sauce.

If you've got worse, I'd like to see it.


Head cheese (tastes great at room temperature!) always made me puke in my mouth a little bit as I walked down the meat aisle. That said, the "milk gravy" puts Pork Brains over the top.

I grew up in West Virginia, and the eating of squirrel meat (and brains) was more than a tad gross.

Thank you for posting this AFTER lunch and at a reasonable time before dinner.

check out the second item:

TN Wildlife Resources

I grew up in WV too Hubris, and love squirrel, in fact craved squirrel when I was pregnant, and my dad went out and shot a couple for me so the craving would go away. This is why my kid is nuts I guess huh? LOL.
Worst food product? Cow tongue. I just can't eat anything that could be tasting me back. Pigs feet, running a close second. (I really didn't intend the pun, sorry!)


No worries--there are pictures of me playing with post-hunt dead squirrels when I was little, and I came out fine, right?

Maybe it was seeing them skinned and floating around in the pot in the fridge that got me.

I can just hear the conversation inside the Armour marketing guru's head...

"Man, what can we do to make our Pork Brains more popular? Wait! I've got it! Milk Gravy!! Why didn't I think of that before? I'm so getting a raise for this..."

check this out:

Steve, Don't Eat It! Vol. 1

For an alternate spin, there's this:

For truly disgusting, there's this:

For that shuddering effect, there's this:

And for the downright horrifying, there's this:

Oh, so many ways to eat things that make most of us sick.

And Dan is right on the money. The "Steve, don't eat it!" series is some of the funniest (and most disgusting) stuff I've ever seen on the Intarweb.

Michele - I did a post on pork brains in milk gravy like a year ago. I mean really, how about something new.

I must say, I'm a little disappointed.

On the other hand, I can't prove that I posted about pork brains in milk gravy because my dog ate my archives. You'll just have to trust me on this.

You didn't miss a beat, jackhole.

Personally I think anything with the word "loaf" in it qualifies as the worst (i.e. pimento loaf, ham loaf, etc.)

Possum Loaf would just take it to a whole new level.

God, between Harvey Keitel's penis, memories of the rape scene in The Accused (had to leave the theater to puke, literally), and the worst food products, I'm skipping dinner.

In the future, I may have to impose a waiting period after eating before I visit ASV, just in case ... kind of like waiting after you eat before you go swimming, only backwards (?).

Thanks for making me puke a little bit in my mouth (and sorry to Hubris for the line but there is no other way to describe what just happened to me ...) bleeccch ... even saying puke now, ugh ... and I can't STOP saying it! Y'all are just not right!

I think I can beat yours, Michele: Mr. Brain's Pork Faggots. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure the blog post where I found it is no longer where it should be, and I didn't link to the actual Mr. Brain's website 'cause I was googlebombing the other blogger. This is the best I found with a quick search.

I think that I can do you one better, mackerel chunks in tomato paste. I found it in a dollar store, I love to go into a dollar store, simply to walk down the "food" isle. There are a number of things that I look for, the worst, least edible type of food. Then I look where it's from, one time I found sardines from Russia. Then I try to read the packaging, usually I find a Spam like product where the ingredients were mechanically rendered pork by-products. Needless to say, I've never eaten any of this stuff, in fact I don't even open it for fear of some sort of hazardous contamination.

Brussel Sprouts and Asparagus.

Marmite/Vegamite. It's rotten yeast culture.

i work with a lot of asian people. so as not to offend them, i always taste whatever they give me. sometimes it's good. then there was the cow stomach. and pork stomach. it's strange, white, feathery, with little bumps on it. like this:
that is, a piece with many small pieces feathering off of it.

each featherpiece tastes rubbery and ... er... stomachlike. and yet one must smile politely!

My oldest daughter's boyfriend will eat balut. Which I wouldn't touch. However, I think lutefisk is a delicasse and I know a lot of people that don't think too fondly of that.

Rodney wins. Balut. Fermented/pickled/semi-rotted partially developed duck/chicken eggs. According to balut gormands, a critical aspect is the texture of crispiness/crunchiness/rubberyness of the bones, beak and claws.

Pass, thankyewvehrymuch.

Never saw a sober person buy/eat one. There has not been enough alcohol produced on this planet to get me to willingly try one.

"Pass" -- starting with "...out" and going on from there -- is precisely what I would do if I ate balut (thanks so much for the description, WR) rather than, er, passing.

Scramble the pork brains with eggs and you can't really tell they're there.

Pickled pig's feet from the big red jar at a gas station. Hands down, as far as American food products.

My mother used to slice up eggplant and pan fry it in lard. No other spices or sauces. It was DIS-F@CKING-GUSTING.
And my father liked eating tripe.(beef chitlins)
And I like beef tongue, sliced and on whole wheat toast with mayo and lettuce.....and I'm the normal member of the family.....LOL.