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Worst. Food. Ever.

We're talking fast food here.

My choice:


Mmmm...processed cardboard with pressed chicken innards flavoring.

[Jeff the Baptist agrees! And would a guy named Jeff the Baptist lie to you?]


This will be controversial, but I gotta nominate the McRib. It's got that Napolean Dynamite thing going on; you either love it or hate it. I don't think I could hate it more.

I can't deny that I'm disappointed. I hadn't tried them yet, but was looking forward to them. Burger King built credibility with me when they reworked their fry formula in 1996, leading to a greasier/crunchier coating.

I was hoping this would be another brilliant but ne'er before imagined combination, much like when a seventeenth-century French noble accidentally got peanut butter on his chocolate (or chocolate on his peanut butter, historical accounts vary) and invented Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

ugh...chicken fries...fingers...blech...

I swear I thought burger queen couldn't go any lower after convincing Hootie to prostitute himself out as a Bob Wills wannabe chicken sammich hawker...

...and since we're on worst.food.ever...

The McRib sandwich...I've worked in a slaughter house growing up and in kitchens half of my life and I still can't figure out what kind of f***in' meat is in that thing...

White Castle sliders. Awful, awful, awful. Gross. Disgusting.

Why on earth do people love White Castle so much? The food is hideous.

As for chicken fries, meh. They're just long McNuggets. I'm fine with them, but not exactly excited. The point of them is the sauce.

are you from the south? If not, come down here and try a Krystal. They're like White Castles, except they taste good.

The best thing about Krystal is getting to say "I'd like a Sackful."

By the way, Jeff. You are so right about the Crunch Wrap Supreme. I want it to have my baby.

But I digress. The topic is worst, not best. So let me add the Tacos and egg rolls at Jack In the Box. What a waste! Stick with burgers, you ball-headed freakazoid, Jack!

I still want to try it, just to know how bad it is.

My taste in food is a little eccentric (I can't stand cheese, for example). But if we include beverages here, I can nominate easily the worst thing I have ever consumed: Cool Colt Mint-Flavored Malt Liquor. Imagine taking a can of beer and pouring an entire tube of toothpaste into it, and you get the concept. And there's nearly nothing you could eat or drink that would wash away that taste.

Mint flavored malt liquor.

There's something inherently wrong with that phrase.

My skepticism prevents me from believing you about Krystal. It's like the "you haven't tried liver the way I make it" people. No, I haven't tried liver your way. But I still won't like it.

Just say no to sliders.

I love overly processed mechanically separated chicken parts that have been pressed back together in nugget or fry sizes. It reminds me of childhood and the chicken nuggets and sandwiches they had at the school cafeteria.

Don't be hatin' on the McRib. Mmmm mystery rubber meat.

Mmmmm... McRib....

Of course, now I always think of it as a Ribwich (with Krusty's ringing endorsement - "I don't mind the taste!")

And when they were trying to figure out the animal in the Krusty Rib (or whatever the hell it was called) and someone said pig, and Krusty said "No, think smaller, more legs."

I don't know - as much as the concept of chicken fries scares me (when I first heard "chicken fries" I thought of "lamb fries" and thought "wait....do roosters even HAVE balls?"), I have to go with the McRib for Worst Fast Food Ever.

"Mint flavored malt liquor."

But Mint Mickey's has such a ring to it. :)

Man, you people need to have a butter burger...and no, it's not actually made out of butter.

Funny that the McRib comes up in this thread. I included it as evidence that the 20th century would be remembered as the Era of Nonsense, and actually got two demented commenters (whose blogs I read regularly, so it figures) defending the thing!

Menudo, the food and the band.

Seriously, Cow Tongue

Slartibartfast, McGehee:

I'm a vegetarian now, but if they made a vegetarian McRib, I'd eat at least one a week.

That stuff is delicious. It's so delicious that The Simpsons referenced it as the KrustyBurger 'Ribwich' ... mmmm.


That stuff is delicious.

So is Soylent Green, or so I've read. ;-)

The McRib was foul, foul... but did anyone ever try their lobster sandwich? If I didn't despise lobster fiercely (not a good thing for where I live in the Northeast), I would try it.

Are we counting Chinese food here in the mystery meat dept? cuz my favorite Chinese place is called The Unlucky Cat.