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So I'm taking a lot of flack (especially at Blogcritics) for my WORST OF stuff. Too negative. Too critical. Too subjective. Too uppity. Whatever, people. You try walking around with unrelieved pain for a week straight and we'll see just how fucking charming you turn out to be. I'm all about the negativity right now. Who wants to make a feel-good, wishy washy, BEST OF list when they are in a MOOD? No one. I'm cranky, irritable and ready to strangle the living daylights out of a cute, fuzzy bunny just to relieve myself of the darkness running through my soul right now. Tis much better to write a stupid, subjective list then kill bunnies, right? RIGHT?

So join me in my Friday Festival of Feistiness. Dig up the worst of everything you can imagine. Open a can of Hatorade. Let those negative feelings wash over you like a lake filled with piranhas. Purge yourself of all the biting commentary just building up inside you, vomit your disgust in my comments section.

I'll take the worst of whatever you can throw at me. Movies, songs (we already did bands), books, tv shows, food, restaurants, rest stops on the Jersey Turnpike, websites, cities, siblings, whatever. Anything. Let's all be Captain Negativity today, because my molar misery loves bitter, nasty company.


Perks michele. That'll make it go away.

How about the worst assbag boss you have ever had. Nothing like tearing up your former/current supervisor on a friday. Woohoo!

In laws.

I bet if you just did Worst President ever over and over again, you wouldn't be getting those complaints...

How about worst male or female nude scene...

I nominate Harvey Keitel and Amanda Plummer in ANY movie they get nekkid in...*shudder*

Oh geez...worst movie scene EVER: Harvey Keitel rubbing one out in Bad Lieutenant.


Yeah...I pretty much stopped referring to Keitel as The Wolf after seeing him buck nekkid and crying in that flick...

Worst job, working for the city of ABQ. Worst boss, all 27 of mine.
Worst attitude developed by said bosses? Mine.

Wait... so they criticize you for being negative and critical?

Hello, pot. Meet kettle. :P

According to my uncle it was watching unbeaten Oklahoma lose to Notre Dame by one touchdown in 1957. All of his nieces and nephews were ushered outside to play , we though someone had died. He's still upset.

worst movies ever...
out of africa
Lost in translation

worst group

worst band
twister sister

most boring/self impressed people
northern virginians

most over rated designer
michael kors

worst cars

most disgusting food

worst drivers
people from new jersey and maryland

worst foreign companies to work for
the french and the canadians

worst book
anything on oprahs book list

worst celebrity
? I can't choose! they all suck

( hey, this was fun! thanks Michele)

Oh, so you're not being a "proper girl" full of sunshine and gumdrop similes and unicorns flying out of your ass 24/7? Shame on you! ;)

I like your "worst of", and they'd like it too if it were written by a male blogger. So ignore them.