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Between the pain, the lack of sleep and the drugs, I am delerious. Every thing is making me laugh. Giddy little bouts of mostly inappropriate laughter that will not stop.

This, most of all. I have found the perfect Halloween costume for my 12 year old son.

It comes in INFANT!
I can't stop laughing. I should just go to bed before I hurt myself.

[via Dustbury]


For the "little fart!"

If you make your son wear that, he will have a complex forever. His wife will be like "why do you always have woopy cusions everywhere? and why do you fart all the time?" And he'll start crying, and say "It all started when my mom was on medication, and she made me wear this outfit on halloween..." :)

Your nut level is: cashew

At what age can kids sue parents over there ? :)

Somehow, I don't think she'd have to "make" DJ wear a costume that gives him the excuse to run around making farting noises...I'm just sayin'...

In other words: Like mother, like son.

Hey that WAS my Halloween costume last year!

As a friend said upon arriving at my party, "I thought I had seen it all until I saw a giant whoopie cushion have a casual conversation with a cop".

The police were real.

But be warned, it is a "warm" costume though I imagine late Oct in Long Island is alot different than late Oct here in San Diego.

These are truly the End Times.

I just showed my 11-year-old son the picture of the kid in the whoopie cushion costume, and his eyes lit up. "Cool! Can I get one of those? I wonder what would happen if I wore that and laid down under a sofa cushion and someone sat on me...do you think it would make a huge FART noise?!?" So now I think I have to order one just to see if, in fact, he could lay under a sofa cushion and get someone to sit on him to produce a huge fart noise. Apparently where my son is concerned, the fruit didn't fall far from the tree.