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The Final (Band) Countdown

Alan asks:

Is there a good band named after a location?


Bay City Rollers
LA Guns

You be the judge.

Any more?


Top three of the list ... Kansas, Boston, Asia.

Does Nirvana count?

Saigon Kick
Buffalo Springfield
Hanoi Rocks
Frankie Goes to Hollywood
John Denver
Gloria Estefan & the Miami Sound Machine
Manhattan Transfer
New York Dolls
The Ohio Players

... not looking promising.

Berlin? they were a good band, but then they jumped the shark with "Take My Breath Away."

When in Rome? one hit wonder, but everybody knows "The Promise."

does Skid Row count?

Berlin wasn't too bad...as far as 80s new wave music went...

Fountains Of Wayne

oh, duh. the Manhattans. they gave us "Shining Star" and "Let's Just Kiss and Say Goodbye." they can't be all that bad.

Manhattans are golden in my book.

I'll add all your suggestions to the list when I get back from dinner.

From what I understand, Dimmu Borgir is a place in Norway...er, somewhere.

Or maybe Kamelot, if fictional places count.

The Dresden Dolls.

Danzig, also.

Ok, I think I mentioned Portishead... ;)

Beach Boys?
San Jose?
Earth Wind and Fire?
Presidents of the United States of America?
Rick Springfield?
Whitney Houston?

Georgia Satellites

Eh...I got nothin'


Hey, I like Nazareth. The ultimate bar band.

The New Orleans Preservation Hall Jazz Band?
Memphis Slim?

I'm huge on the trip-hop (or downtempo or whatever the cool kids call it this minute) but I always found Portishead too whiny, kinda like Alanis Morisette with beats.

I like Nazareth too in a nostalgic sort of way. Dan MacCafferty had a great voice back in the day (still might for all I know). Portishead is good as well.

I would have to go with Ohio Players, isn't that "Jungle Boogie"? Soft spot for Ohio too!

Couple of LA related ones

Lousiana's Leroux

50 points to whomever can tell the one hit of the latter without going to google. Hint: It was a great junior high slow-dance song.

Yep Gdansk/Danzig is a little place that is Polish now but has always had a number of German's living there. It was traded a few times over the years.

Danzig did have some good stuff on the first 4 albums, and at best a couple songs of later stuff, but that was after he lost Chuck Biscuits, Eerie Von, John Christ. Incidentally I just checked out John Christ's Solo effort....holy crap is sucks.

Bands that suck that have something to do with Jesus should be another category.
Glenn Danzig is also a wee tiny little guy.

The E Street Band?


I know this one....
New orleans lady :-)

/friend from LA loves that song

95 South
The Blue Nile
Cypress Hill (OK, should be "hills")
Saint Etienne
Spandau Ballet
Underworld (sorry)
Utah Saints
Village People ("The Village", sure they qualify)

I vote for Saint Etienne.

The Macc Lads, from Macclesfield... natch ;^)

The Boston Pops?

Why are there no bands named after Gaza?

Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes

Lawrence Simon: Does 'The Teardrop Explodes' count?

If fictional rivers count,


The Detroit Cobras, The Detroit Wheels

Los Del Rio