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random observance

The more magnetic ribbons on a car, the worse the driver.


gasp does this mean that you don't support the troops?!?!?

ok, seriously. i want one of these ribbons.

I was watching Discovery the other day, and they were talking about how electromagnetic fields interfere with navigation instruments aboard ships and airplanes in the bermuda Triangle, causing disorientation and disaster.

Is it possible that electromagnetic disturbances created by enough magnetic ribbons, could create the same resutls in automobiles??


Same goes for bumper stickers.

It's not just the magnetic stickers it's also the stainlees steel coffee mug. They need to be in close proximity to each other to get the right zen detachment from the traffic.

So true.

There are people who have more than one?

I like the two ribbons I saw on a site last week. They say:

"I support ribbons."
"I support more troops than you do."

Why do you hate our magnetic ribbons?

If I have to remove my magnetic ribbon, the terrorists have won.

Confession, I don't actually have one - just a bumper sticker that reads "Warning: unsocialized homeschoolers on board."

All your ribbons are belong to us


What? You don't want to wear de ree-bon. Why don't cho whant to wear de ree-bo? You think cho are to good for de reebon?

The more magnetic ribbons on a car, the farther Right the driver/owner is.

The more bumper stickers on a car, the farther Left the driver/owner is.

The best ribbon I've seen on any car:

"My ribbon is more important than your ribbon."

My favorite I've seen was one that just said "Soccer".
Just Soccer. I don't get it. I mean, sure, those ribbons were nice at first, but now they're just like any other sticker. Quit it, like really.

I'm waiting for this one:
"My ribbon can kick your ribbon's ass".

It could happen.

Actually, where I live, there are THREE groups of people who are likely to have masses of bumper stickers on their cars:

hard-right folks (with anti-abortion, prayer-back-in-the-schools, Bible verse stickers)

hard-left folks (with the anti-Bush, anti-war, etc. stickers. A subset are the Gay Pride folks with the rainbow stickers, the "I can't even think straight" stickers [I know, there are conservative/right gay people, but the few I know don't feel the need to advertise their life choice on their car])

stoners, who just think it's cool to have bumper stickers from all the bands they skipped work/school to go see.

The ribbons-on-the-car seems to be mainly the over 50 set here. (I saw a white Pope John Paul II ribbon the other day - not sure what that was supposed to indicate.)