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Let's Discuss, Part IV (The grunge thing)

My god, I won't shut up today. Well this is the last post for a while, I'm sure, as I'm headed back to the dentist for another dry socket treatment (why, oh why, do I keep wanting to call it dry rot?)

Anyhow, springing from yesterday's discussion on Pearl Jam, Nirvana and, by extension, Soundgarden, I just want to add one thing:

<strongAlice in Chains kicks all their asses and if I only had to listen to one band of that genre/era for the rest of my life, AIC would win hands down. No contest. None at all.


It would be a close run thing between Soundgarden and AIC for me but I could settle for only ever listening to AIC from that era.

Alice in Chains could not kick Soundgarden's Ass. They could probably take Nirvana, because they were all skinnyass addicts; and they might be able to get past Pearl Jam, because Vedder's politics probably wouldn't allow him to beat someone's brains in (pussy...) or he'd be afraid to hurt his pretty face; but I don't think Soundgarden would have that shit. Espeially if you're talking about the RATM/Soundgarden incarnation that exists now.

Besides, Alice in Chains - I mean didn't they get their AARP cards last year? I don't think folks with bones that brittle should be picking fights anyways.

Espeially if you're talking about the RATM/Soundgarden incarnation that exists now.

Audioslave? Pussy music. Have you heard the new single? Reminds me of that vaginal drippings of a song Cornell did for the Great Expectations Soundtrack. Sunshowers. Fucking SUNSHOWERS.

You'd never see AIC do something like that. Granted, Soundgarden kicked all kinds of ass on Badmotorfinger, back when Cornell knew how to sing like a rock god, but musically, lyrically, overall, AIC kicks their butt.

Oh, I was talking strictly cage match, no holds barred ass kicking. Muscially speaking...hmmm...I guess it would be a toss up. I'll have to do some thinking on that. But yeah, Audioslave would probably turn up somewhere near the bottom of that dogpile.

Of the three, I do only listen to AIC. There are Nirvana and Soundgarden songs that I liked, but never enough to plunk down the dough for the whole CD.

But, er, I do like Audioslave's first CD. Although that may just be my relief at being able to listen to the musicians from Rage without having to listen to Zack's horrible vocals.

I kinda like the first CD, too, Steve. Especially "I am the Highway" and the song that wasn't on a cd at all - err...We got the guns, something or other.

The first audioslave CD was half good, half shit; which by my math averages out to be...meh. It just didn't ROCK all the way through like RATM's music did.

I was gonna list all the songs by Alice in Chains I love, but then I realized it's almost every fucking song they ever made. I would be hard pressed to rank the songs.

Facelift? Play it through. Dirt? Play it through. I really liked the Sap EP too.

AIC wins. My favorite AIC song kicks my favorite Soundgarden's song ass.

I would say that the worst dry socket pain went away after two weeks - or two and a half. I kept asking - ' is it supposed to still hurt this much???'

I had a friend that called Pearl Jam a "mold band". The first time you listen to any album of theirs (even the beloved Ten), you like one, maybe two tracks. As you listen, the other tracks start growing on you. Next thing you know, you think the CD is awesome. He explained this after the second album was released. I couldn't listen to a new Pearl Jam album after that.

Oh, and Alice in Chains rules all, though I'm still surprised "Dirt" only got an honorable mention in your "Best Album" list.

AIC sucks outload, if I had to keep the whole Seattle thing (wasn't AIC from LA?), it would be Nirvana (but would have to add Soundgarden's Heretic)

I don't know michele... Mudhoney kinda tears all of them up. Soundgarden (before total sell-out) was pretty powerful as well.

I actually give a little more to grunge, although I'm not a big fan because its roots are similar to the roots of Punk. As with all genres related to Punk Rock, it took on a life of its own and that was the beginning of the end.

As far as Seattle goes... Jimi Hendrix and Les Claypool are from Seattle. That in itself is enough reason for me to give Seattle's music a chance

It isn't Nirvana's Nevermind album that I think keeps them on the high part of the list, but Incesticide.

I miss the Zack led "RATM"... Bad vocals or not.

What about STP?

Shit Talking Pimps?

I'm completely and totally bored by every single band listed here, with the exception of Audioslave. (I like the first album, but have no desire to hear anything else of theirs.)

Fer cryin' out loud, I get more enjoyment listening to the Xanadu soundtrack.

"Suddenly, the wheels are in motion..."

Please...listen to Green River..all seatle bands came from them..they invented grunge.

If I had only band in the world that I was allowed to listen to...and it was Bush...I would dig out my eardrums and Enjoy The Silence.

AIC were awesome and as someone already said it's hard to list a fave song and easier to list albums, however I think ones that I gravitate more to would be Bleed the Freak, God-Am, Would, Rotten Apple...ah F**k it, I can't call faves on AIC songs.

AIC wins. Soundgarden was a personal fave of mine as well. I had Louder Than Love within the week of it being released, and no one was into them. They were this little secret that I didn't want to share with the suddenly grunge. Then WTF Spoonman? Poopman ugh Audioslave? Look at me, I am Chris C, my mustache is groomed, I think I am cool. Someone beat him back to reality please.

In heavy rotation used to be AIC, Soundgarden, Faith No More, Various emerging Florida Death metal, Godflesh & Napalm Death...oh forgot Skinny Puppy and Ministry. (I am off topic already)

i have always identified with grunge and give high marks to alice in chains for sure. layne staley really tied that band together. well, until his death at least.

soundgarden had their hits, but i think they lost out on not having face to the band that the average music fan would recognize.

pearl jam, of course, had vedder, but part of the attention he got was due to some of the goings on between him and cobain. they put out two very good albums and have gone downhill ever since -- with the occassional noteworthy song here and there. i think vedder got his inspiration from the times not from himself (unlike cobain and staley).

and then there is nirvana. i'm bias. i think you either got it with nirvana or you didn't. not that one or the other is particularly bad. with nirvana it wasn't simply the sounds of their instruments or the lyrics, but the combination of the two and the vibe kurt, dave, and krist (ok, and pat) managed to produce from it.

one thing i think that is overlooked with nirvana was their ability to cover other artists and put a distinct mark on the song. i look at their "unplugged" title as being an excellent example. they let loose with some bowie, meat puppets, and even huddie ledbetter and in some way made them their own.

in an earlier thread a remark was made about whether kurt cobain was a musical genius. i'm not sure what that really means (i don't recall any examples of a musical genius), but i do think he had a way of expressing himself and his emotions through music in a way few other artists have been able to do. he made his mark on music, and you can see his influence in dave grohl's work with the foo fighters.

Oh hell yeah. AIC are the champions. Soundgarden was decent, and Nirvana rescued us from having an all-rap 90s (just look up the Top 40 from shortly before Nevermind hit), but there can be only one.

I think that AIC's music has dated worse that the others. Its good but you can really tell when it was made.

Please...listen to Green River..all seatle bands came from them..they invented grunge.

Please, listen to Husker Du and the Replacements, from whom everyone in Seattle stole their entire schtick - ask Dave Grohl.

Husker Du in the knockdown - "59 times the pain."

Definitely Alice in Chains from that era. Even though "Angry Chair" is one of the worst songs of all time. It's the exception that proves the rule.

What Bryan said

"Please, listen to Husker Du and the Replacements, from whom everyone in Seattle stole their entire schtick - ask Dave Grohl."

Ok then...the Minutemen were the best..go see

'We Jam Econo"