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Let's Discuss, Part III: Worst Band Ever

Just to get things going on a lighter note, as I didn't mean to start the day off with that rant.

Andrew, who is part of the music ring I joined last night, has a post up asking his readers for the Worst Band Ever.

I just know you guys and gals can give him an earful. I'm sure we've discussed this before (in the guise of overrated bands) but let's have it. No rules, either. Any era, any genre, even solo musicians allowed.

Feel free to rant about your choices as well. I'll give mine later on in the morning.


I'm not sure if you could even call the Monkees a band since only two of the members (Tork and Nesmith) had any musical training at all. But any group that has to have session men to handle most of the intrumentals and that has to rely on the likes of Neil Diamond for their songs must be pretty bad.
Maybe they were more of an act than a band.

Ha-ha! First!

I give you two...

Nine Inch Nails.

Both of these bands started in the trenches with the rest of the genre and have now become the biggest jokes. Trent was a huge part of WaxTrax's growing up but his solo trash (NIN) almost makes a mockery of the industrial he owes his living to. Metallica... need I say more, really?


Worst bands...like shooting fish in a barrel:

Air Supply
Culture Club
Wilson Phillips
Kid Rock

If the mere mention (let alone a few bars of their music) of those bands doesn't make you cringe, then you're beyond help.

Kenny G.

Read Pat Metheny's article and ask yourself if there's anything about it you can disagree with.

Oasis. Before ducking and running, can anyone explain what a "wonder wall" is?

Well, duh! It's a wall that you wonder about. Sheesh!

Poison. I don't think I need to say anymore.

My work here is done.

can anyone explain what a "wonder wall" is?

A vagina?

I think Radiohead are the worst band ever. There are other bands that I don't rate because I don't listen to that type of music or I am indifferent to them but I have come to detest Radiohead. I have no idea how OK Computer has achieved the stature that it has, whenever I hear that album it slowly drains the life out of me until I want to give up and die.

And on top of that, there is Thom Yorke, the extreme lefty who feels he should tell us all how to live our lives. What a prat. Radiohead in general, and TY in particular, are diabolical and I hope to never hear another song of theirs again.

Poison was the first one that came to mind for me. The trouble is, for a band to be really excremental, it has to be not only really bad, but reasonably popular. Nobody's going to bother to bag on Firehouse or Skid Row too much, by the simple expedient that we tend to forget bands that die quickly.

Wonderwall was a movie released in the late sixties, whose score was written solely by George Harrison. Harrison was a little wary of being responsible or the movie soundtrack since he had never written one, but the director said he'd use whatever Harrison wrote no matter what. I'm sure this unleashed Harrison's creativity, and relieved much of the stress of writing his first soundtrack.

Of course, this leads to the question, "Well, what the hell was Oasis trying to get at?" I'd guess it was some metaphor for first love or something, the girl takes him in no matter what, with no preconceptions; and the boy exclaims "You are my Wonderwall!" Or something.

I really, really hate The Who. But I'm going to have to go with Creed.

The who?? Oh come on, there are way worse bands than The Who. Personally, I think Elton John is a tragedy. Many people may not agree with that, but UGH, he makes me want to go out back and put myself out of my own misery. Not to mention Fleetwood Mac, who also does for suicide what Tim Leary did for LSD. Barfaroo.

Thanks, Michele, for the props. My original five:

1. Journey.

2. Air Supply.

3. Anne Murray.

4. The Doobie Brothers (Michael McDonald incarnation).

5. Terry Jacks.

There's more where that came from.


P.S. - Looking forward to your participation in Tesco's musicblogring.

For the record: I did not claim Rush as one of my worst band ever picks. That was a comment from my friend KJo, which started it all.


I don't know if you would call them a band, but I really hate Hall and Oates.
Also, anyone who doesn't think The Who is one of the greatest bands ever has no taste in music.

Are we talking well known? Cause I have heard a hell of lot of complete shite as a reviewer.

One band stands above the heaping pile of excrement that are crap bands: REM...

Coldplay come a close second.

Cyndi Lauper
The entire genre that was early 90's hip-pop/R&B
Tears for Fears
Simply Red
God, I'm going to be sick.

U2 is right up there on the list... I'm so sick and tires of hearing how many wonderfull things Bono is doing for the world... and they haven't made a decent record since Achtung Baby...

Smashmouth - no talnet ass clowns

Pink Floyd - what is all the hoopla about?

Starship - I can't believe nobody mention this absolute turd if an act.

Any boy band, or lame ass pop queen, ex. Ashlee Simpson.

Just the worst from California; The Eagles, The Grateful Dead, The Germs, Green Day, and an oldie The Hollywood Argyles.

The Shaggs have got to be up there; their music is so bad that it's funny.

Ah, the Shaggs. What a sad story that is.


I'm gonna pretend that I never opened this comment block, and that I never read that The Who, Radiohead and Pink Floyd were included as worst bands... that's what I'm gonna do... before i completely loose faith.

Some people have selective hearing, I have selective reading.

I pretend I did not see the comments about Floyd and Radiohead.

Oh yeah, Starship. They earn a special place, becasue they were once Jefferson Airplane and thsy should fucking know better.

No contest. U2. They sealed the deal for me when they played the Superbowl halftime show after 9/11 and turned one of their old songs--not even a new one--into a "tribute," scrolling the names of the victims, but stopping somewhere around the Fs or the Gs when the song ended. The pretentious sunglasses-at-night era after Achtung Baby and ZooTV was pretty fucking annoying too.

Michele, edit that Radiohead comment out of there....replace with the words "all boybands since 1980".

They aren't bands, but added to the list should be "anything/anyone wearing bling".

The Sex Pistols..