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Let's Discuss, Part II

Born out of the previous Let's Discuss:

Bangles v. Go Go's

(You may bring other girl bands into the battle)


Musically, the Bangles were probably better than the Go-Go's. However, woman-for-woman, I think the Go-Go girls could have kicked the shit out of the Bangles.

That's why I'm a Runaways fan.

This is even a debate? Go-Gos all the way. Sooo many more n' better songs.

This is no contest. Let's begin, shall we?

Round 1: Hawtness
Number of hot Bangles: 1
Number of non-hot Go-Gos: 0
GG's win

Round 2:Homemade porn movies
GG's win, but just barely cause none of them are actually having sex in the one they made

Round 3: Music
Number of Mamas & Papas covers by the Go-Gos: 0
GG's win

Round 4: Fashion
Number of Go-Gos with Bay City Roller haircuts: 0

Looks like a landslide to me!

No question-the Bangles. Yeah, the Go-Go's could (and probably still can) out-party the Bangles, but still, the Bangles win musically hands-down.

Just a bit of trivia, Susanna Hoffs sang backup for Belinda Carlisle on Belinda's first solo album, and Vicky Peterson filled in for Charlotte Caffey on a Go-Go's tour. Oh, and Jane Wiedlin was in Star Trek IV.

The Bangles, without a doubt - and they're still great, too. Their recent album, Doll Revolution, is very well done, and not some dashed-off "'80s nostalgia" thing, like you might imagine.

My favorite's Vicky, actually....

The Bangles were better musically than the Go-Go's. Susanna Hoffs is a stronger singer than Belinda Carlisle, although Carlisle makes the most of her voice.

I'll always carry a torch for L7, though. While all the pleasant, nonthreatening Lillith Fair artists were in vogue, there was L7: snarling, ass-kicking and nasty. If they developed their songwriting some more they could've gone through the roof.

Now that I think of it, Kim Shattuck tops my list of female rockers. I ought to check and see what projects she has in the offing.

Susana Hoffs is a Bangle.

The Bangles win.

I always hated the Walk Like an Egyptian video in which people were shown walking around with one arm crooked one way and the other arm crooked back the other way; so, demerits for the Bangles. The Go-Go's on the other hand had a video in which they all got soaking wet; bonus points for them.

the Go Go's when they were coked up, once the sobered up they sucked.

Look I'm not gonna take sides, but I would like to comment on the lead singers. Belinda Carlisle didn't look "super-hot" until she went solo, whereas who could forget the famous "sideways glance" of Susana Hoffs in the "Walk Like an Egyptian" video.

Bands I wanted to fuck, at least in part: The Bangles

Bands I actually listened to: The Go-Gos.

One oddity about the Bangles is that their biggest hit songs were somewhat unrepresentative of their total output. "Manic Monday," written by Prince, and "Walk Like an Egyptian," a novelty song, are their best-known songs, but they wrote the vast majority of their own stuff. And a disproportionate number of their Top 40 songs have Susanna Hoffs as the lead singer, but the lead vocals are distributed more or less equally over their entire output.

Their record company tended to promote them as if they were "Susanna Hoffs and the Bangles," which I don't think did anybody any favors.

Yea, the Go-Go's can be a bit rough for geeks. The Bangles are the dorky version of the Go-Go's.

Well, the Go-Go's, of course, but really, Luscious Jackson.

please, how is this even a discussion? the Go-Go's all the way!

are there any current all-girl bands besides the Donnas? not that there needs to be any... me loves me some Donnas.

well, Torry Castellano, anyway.

are there any current all-girl bands besides the Donnas?

All Girl Summer Fun Band

I believe The Soviettes are an all girl band and I'm quite enjoying them.

Susanna Hoff's eye's versus Jane Wiedlin's general cuteness. Tough call.

However, I've seen them both live and the Go Go's win hands down.

The Soviettes are not. They're 50-50.

How about Sleater-Kinney?

Little known Go-Go's factoid:

When I first heard "Our Lips Are Sealed," I thought the words were "Alex, I'll See You." Listen to the song again, and you'll know what I mean.

PS—A Google search has confirmed I'm not crazy.

Keyword: Mondegreen.

Hmm. Well there's always TaTu or Spice Girls!

I have to go with L7. Just for the sheer gross out factor of the famous incident at the Reading Festival.
And what about Le Tigre? (Don't tell me there's a guy in the band, I refuse to believe that that's a man....)

Ditto Sleater-Kinney, who are actually pretty good. There's also Bikini Kill, who have flash and fire and spirit and authenticity and are empowering and also, to be honest, kind of suck.

If it comes down to the Bangles and the Go-Gos I'll definitely take the Go-Gos, but I'd take Sleater-Kinney or L7 over either.

The Go-Gos were hotter, but "Hazy Shade of Winter" is one hell of a cover.

I still love The Go-Gos, way more fun.

Go-Go's (only because Belinda played for the Germs).

What about Hole, were they all girl? Sounds like it.

I saw the Go-Go's when they absolutely coudn't play their instruments, still they were more fun than The Bangles. What about The Runaways; Joan Jett, Lita Ford and Cherie Currie? The original jail bait band. Yikes, I forgot about The Germs, definitely The Go-Gos.

Go-Gos. By far.

And I'll second the Donnas. (And the Germs, but unless Darby Crash was a girl in some alternate universe, that vote doesn't count.)

Any band with a female bass player or drummer is cool (i.e Talking Heads or Velvet Underground).

Not really a "girl" band, but I'll take Blondie.

I'm going to vote for the Nolans, even though no one else is even going to know who they are unless they lived in the UK in the 70's.

And no discussion of girl bands would be complete without Wham!

The Bangles were hot, and "Hazy Shade of Winter" kicked major ass, which just made all of their other "hits" a disappointment. I get the feeling that the record company promoted as much cutesy girly crap as they could with the Bangles, adn tried to suppress the growly rocking side. Cause record companies are idiots. And Michelle Steele was always the one who carbonated my hormones. A hot redhead who can play the bass - Damn.

Muscially, I gotta go with Veruca Salt. "Eight Arms to Hold You" is still one of my favorite albums.

I like both of them and have good representation of each in my collection. However, choosing which one is better comes down to which band has more songs I can't stand. The Bangles only have one that makes my ears bleed (Egyptian), the Go-Go's have 3 or 4 that are just wretched.

The Bangles biggest hit was written by Prince. However they were probably better than the Go-Gos.

Wot no mention of Vixen or Girlschool? I would take Vixen over either the Bangles or the Go-Gos...they were were better musicians and better looking.

"I'd love to kiss the Bangles" myself.

What, no votes for Bananarama?

King of late to this.

Do The Corrs qualify?

Does anybody remember Birtha? early 70's.

Seen both live.

Go-Go's have very high energy sets, but problem - all their songs sound alike. Only can hear the same hook so many times before it becomes redundant. Carlisle's voice is weak and get's hoarse very quick.

Bangles have more variety. They rock harder. Bangles blew me away with their version of "Pushing too hard". Live, the band is nothing like on radio. They can master a hard psychedelic song. The Bangles bass player used to be in the Runaways too. Another cool thing.

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Hey, you forgot about Suzy Quatro. Remember, "Rock Hard"?