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Let's Discuss....

A new feature here at ASV.

Today, I offer you this quote from a male person on a message board I frequent (in response to my saying I'm not a big fan of Nirvana):

Yea, Nirvana can be a bit rough for chicks. Pearl Jam is the girly version of nirvana

Let's discuss.

Update: This wasn't meant so much to be a Nirvan v. Pearl Jam discussion, but more like, wtf does this person mean by a bit rough for chicks?

But carry on, as it's an interesting discussion nonetheless. And be sure to check out Dave's link in the comments.


Both suck dead mules.


Agreed, though the state of decomposition for said mules is certainly up for debate.

Pearl Jam is music on depressants. Nirvana is music on depressants and amphetamines at the same time.

I believe I've addressed this question before.


Back in college, a friend loaned me her Elastica CD telling me I just had to listen to it. After I did (most of it...), she asked what I thought. I said it was "meh" at best. She looked at me and said, "Ah. It was the strong woman lyrics, huh?" Apparently not liking Elastica makes you a misogynist.

"...a bit rough for chicks..."

Perhaps he's speaking of the tiny, fuzzy yellow kind of chicks... Frankly, I find the roughest thing about a Nirvana song is deciding which station to turn the radio to when one comes on.

Hahah. I told him that I always found Nirvana too whiny and angsty for my taste.

Clearly somebody was trying to push your buttons but lacked the mental dexterity to do anything but mash the keypad with their fist.

I agree with the man. Why are you commenting on anything outside of the forums you're meant to inhabit? Get thee back to the "Bangles vs. Go-Go's" thread, little lady.

Aside from the strange but oh-so-predictable "chicks" characterization, Nirvana wasn't rough. I listened to Nevermind recently after a long lapse, and it shocked me to hear how slickly produced it was. It was really a (good) kinda-pop album.

Bangles totally rule. Suzanna Hoffs kicks Belinda Carliles' ass any day.

I liked Nirvana if only for their hastening the exit of hair bands. Pearl Jam seemed played when they got to the main stage and got worse from there.

Nirvana was a pop band that had a grunge flair - NOT the other way around. Whenever someone says "Cobain" and "Genius" together, I know I'm in the presence of someone who reads Rolling Stone, and quietly change the subject.

BTW, I went to an autograph event at Tower in Nashville that featured the Bangles. Although I can agree with most that Suzanna Hoffs is attractive, I must say that I was quite smitten with the lead guitarist, Vicki Peterson. In fact, it's the only time I've ever been so taken aback by beauty that I fell speechless.

My (now) wife was with me that day. It's a wonder she still married me after I "Ogled the Bangle", as she called it.

BTW She still looks good, for an "old" lady.

I think both bands did one good album (Nevermind and Ten). Although, I think Eddie Vedder is a bigger tool than Cobain, but that's splitting hairs. Neither were "geniuses" in my book.

I don't know about the whole "chick" thing. Sounds like a flame-bait theory to me. Michele, for example, listens to that grunty, hardcore metal stuff, which is generally too testosterony and WWF for me. Nirvana was pretty mild fare by comparison. It's not like they were GG Allin or anything.

NO WAY the Bangles beat the Go-Go's. That Go-Go bass player could probably beat the Bangles single-handedly.

As for Nirvana/Pearl Jam, I'm more impressed with the staying power of Pearl Jam, who at least seems to put out an album now and then. Kurt Cobain married Courtney Love.

How's that workin' out for ya?

Lord, don't bring Courtney Hole into this.

I'm not sure what that guy was talking about, but I don't really mind Nirvana that much. For some reason I hate most of the bands that sound like Nirvana, but I can tolerate them. Just seems weird.

//For the record, I did know that the tag line for your site came from Clutch
///I guess that makes 3 people who knew.

I love when my fellow TFers chime in :)



Soundgarden was kinda OK I guess. What gender does Soundgarden appeal to?

What gender does Soundgarden appeal to?

I dunno, but Cornell's voice was almost enough to make me consider gaying up.

Does it really matter between Nirvana and Pearl Jam when everyone can admit that Soundgarden was better than both?

Used to be just hearing Cornell's voice would make me have to change my panties. Not so much anymore.

Rob M: AfuckingMen.

I used to have to change MY panties when Cornell hit that note at the end of Jesus Christ Pose.

Anyway...rough for chicks? Why? I don't get it.

PJ shifted gears after Ten to try to be more like Nirvana...and they lost me. I still worship Ten as one of the greats of the grunge era, not to mention VERU definitively representative of all eras of the Seattle Sound (and Citizen Dick's place in it!), but every record after that gets progressively worse and worse to my ears. Bad Nirvana wannabe punk-esque without the soul. If that's chick-ish...well, whatever to that guy.

I liked Pearl jam precursor Mother Love Bone.

i'm sorry, but the only Soundgarden song that was good (as far as I'm concerned) is "Outshined."

You blaspheme, sir!

Just kidding, taste is subjective. No love for Alice in Chains either?

Temple of the Dog, anyone?

I like Nirvana and Pearl Jam both precisely because I can't understand what the hell they're saying- it's just some guy trying to clear his lungs along to some cool guitar music. Good background stuff for when I'm driving or otherwise primarily concentrating on something else.

Why Nirvana might be "rough for chicks" is a complete mystery to me, but maybe if I read the lyrics I'd faint away dead.

For that matter, I'm a big fan of Elastica, and it's news to me that they have "strong woman lyrics". I just like them because they sound damn good to me.

...I'm a complete philistine, really.

Yes, Dr. Funk. Good stuff. "Say Hello to Heaven" blows me away every time.

"Hunger Strike"

Which for some reason also reminded me of the Chris Cornell solo song on the Singles soundtrack: "Seasons"

Ohmygod. Seasons.

Ohhhhhhhh panty change.

I'm sorry, but you are all nuts. :) Pearl Jam was and still is an incredible band. The music and lyrics are both great. If you haven't listened past Ten, then you really can't comment. IMHO.

Stone Gossard is a genius, and his side band Brad is amazing...

I actually own a Brad CD. It's pretty good.

Waitasecond...I own all the PJ catalog of studio albums. I just don't like most of it past Ten. A song here, a song there...when they return to the layered, seattle-y production that you find throughout Ten, I love it. When it's the pseudo-Nirnava'd punk wannabe stuff...not so much love. ;)

I actually love both Pearl Jam and Nirvana, but Nirvana means so much more to me. Eddie seems to have lost his way (or maybe he's gotten older and is a lot less angrier).

Being a Nirvana fan is a personal thing and cannot be expressed in the words of "Rolling Stone". Real Nirvana fans should be able to look at each other in the eye and understand without words being required.

As for Hole, I would call Courtney Love a waste of humanity if it wasn't for two gems called "Live Like This" and "Pretty On The Inside". I suggest you listen to them.

The "chick" comment is completely uncalled for.

As far as qualifying as chick music, both are a little too angsty and not nearly pissed off enough for this chick. "Oh I hate being famous." "Yes, I know we're on the top 40, but ticket sales are so commercialized."


Well, between Nirvana and PJ, I'd have to go with Beethoven.

Yeah, ok, so I need to contribute more to this discussion like Kurt Cobain needs another hole in the head.

Nancy, I'm with you: I don't like Nirvana's attitude of "Oh I hate being famous." Maybe that's why what's-his-name said Nirvana was "rough for chicks." Nirvana had that whole "don't fawn over me, you can't possibly understand me" thing. Pearl Jam more overtly WANTED people (er, chicks) to like them.

I dislike Nirvana, mostly for the above reasons. Pearl Jam I haven't heard in years, but I recently saw a friend cover "Black" and reduce a barroom to a hush, and then to tears. And I liked "Vitalogy" okay, when I was in high school.

Michele: RE Cornell: "When I'm Down." ??

While realizing this wasn't intended to be a Nirvana vs. Pearl Jam discussion, I'll have to say, limited to the two bands, Nirvana totally kicks Pearl Jam's ass. To wit
Unlike Pearl Jam, Cobain didn’t sit down and say, “I want to write about being angry, so here’s a song about a guy who’s angry.” Instead, the anger just sort of poured out of him more naturally through the medium of nonsense lyrics. The emotion is therefore more im-mediate. In some Nirvana songs, listening to him makes you feel viscerally shaken (“Rape Me”), whereas listening to “Better Man” makes you think, “Golly, that girl is in a bad relationship.”

For myself though, I'll take Alice in Chains over any of the rest.

Both are music for people most likely to top themselves. Pearl Jam had one decent album and Nirvana had one decent song...

fuck it all. Citizen Dick is the best grunge band ever.

they're big in Belguim and in Italy! this band cannot stopped, and tonight, we rock Portland!