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QOD: Birthday Edition

Running late, got nothing original or interesting stewing in my head today, so I'll cop-out with a question.

My birthday is next week. I've gotten into the habit of buying myself a present each year (ever since the fiasco of the Worst Birthday Ever, 1996). I think this year I'm going to splurge on a jump drive, not sure yet. But that's another question for another day.

For now, I'd like to hear about your birthdays (see, what you do when you have nothing to blog about is get your readers to provide content for you!)

What's the best birthday present you ever received? Worst?

Best birthday memory? Horrible birthday stories, anyone?

I'll share mine (I have three stories to tell) later.


I never get presents, birthday or not. Christmas, zip. Halloween, fughedaboudit.

Well, I did get a crane once for christmas, from the Sears Wish book. I got to play with it for 5 minutes, then my dad and uncle took over and played with it the rest of the day. And they broke it.

When do we get to talk about baseball?

When you finally stop whining about your miserable life.

The best birthday present I ever received was a Pinocchio marionnette, while the worst was family forgetting my 21st. In their defense, Grandma had died three days earlier. Best birthday out was the 25th, nothing more than a girl's night out with romantic comedies and cheesecake. Worst birthday, see aforementioned 21st.

For the most part, the birthdays are good... I just wish they weren't over so quickly or brought me another year to my creeping age.

My 21st birthday, back when the drinking age was 18.

A dose of LSD, some north Georgia killer bud, a half-gallon of mescal and I ate the worm.

I would write more, but that's all I remember.

Happy b-day! I always have a jump drive and a couple of tampons in my purse for obviously completely separate emergencies.

In 2004, the blonde and I flew out to San Francisco and got married in City Hall on my birthday. It was beautiful and amazing and unforgettable.

Now we've each been married on our birthdays!

I'm such a dork. I forgot to mention that my bday is my anniversary, too. Which means it's been three years since I've seen you, Nancy. :(

I don't remember a best birthday gift someone else gave me, but I gave myself a PS2 one year with the birthday money I received from my parents.

I have received a lot of great Hanukkah gifts, though. The two best:

Fortress Maximus, the Autobot base transformer, the one that's three feet tall in robot mode, the one that takes like five full minutes to transform.

And a few years before we got married -- we were already engaged -- L. bought me a home theater system: a tuner/switcher, 5.1 speakers, and a 5-disc MP3/CD changer. The changer has broken, but the rest of it I still have and still use.

Unfortunately, I have no idea where Fortress Maximus has gotten off to. My mom probably donated him to Goodwill or something.

Best birthday present ever? Tarot Cards.
Worst? T-Shirts.
Best birthday memory? None.
Horrible birthday stories? None.

Gifts aren't that memorable to me, but I do have memories:

Best: the year in high school that my three best friends "kidnapped" me - we stayed at one girl's house, ate out, went shopping, watched lots of movies on her giant screen tv. It was totally unexpected (they did a really good job of planning ahead of time without twigging me to what was going on) which was partly why it was so cool.

Worst: a couple years ago, when I turned 35, I spent the ENTIRE day of my birthday (and the day before) in some "mandated" crap meetings where we were locked in a room and talked at by some "expert" (who made more money than any of us would ever see in our lives) for six hours at a go. The real kicker was, with all the cost of the "expert" and the site-rental and the keeping us overnight in a hotel, then they came back and told us there wasn't enough money in the budget for some of our day-to-day operations.

(I'm still a little bitter about one of my 'landmark' birthdays being spent in such a sucky way).

Yesterday was my birthday. This year's didn't really rate; it was just kinda there.

Obviously, the worst was my 13th: the day my birthday would forever be overshadowed by the death of Elvis.

The best is a tie. Last year's was almost perfect, or as perfect as you can get for turning 40. I spent the day at Epcot, wearing a self-indulgent "It's My Birthday" button. I must have gotten about 300 "Happy Birthday"'s, in many different languages. Had dinner at the German buffet in Epcot. Every kind of sausage known to man. Had a beer in a stein that was bigger than my head. Then the Chef let me and my kids go behind the buffet line and make my OWN birthday cake!

The other was my 19th (When 19 was the drinking age in TN). I had a platonic relationship with a lady who was a bartender at the dinner theater where I worked. She was 30, beautiful, and blonde (not that that matters...). She took me to the Jackson Browne concert, took me for my first legal beer, then we went back to the backroom of the dinner theater to play cards with the wait staff. We played all night.

At 19, I was still living with my parents. When the bartender took me home at 6 am, the look on my Dad's face was priceless. It was half "I'm pissed that you worried your mother all night" and, "Whoa, you spent the night with a beautiful blonde who drives a Trans Am!)

I came of age in my Dad's eyes that morning, I think.

Best Birthday Memory: My wife (she was just a girlfriend then) took me to a bed and breakfast for my birthday when we were in college.

You see, ever since about my 14th birthday I'd managed to have a huge fight with my parents on my birthday (see also my choice not to have children). My girlfriend/wife got to be a spectator for some of them.

So, she decided to take me away for my birthday.

However, both sets of parents disapproved of us "co-habitating" and refused to let us use a car. We were about to rent a wreck when her parents relented.

We had a great 3 days doing all sorts of things (not just sex).

Worst Birthday Memory: See above. As a result, I try as hard as I can to avoid all family on my birthday. I even try to avoid the "Happy Birthday" phone calls. A good day for me is a day at home with my wife and cats - maybe a special home-cooked dinner, maybe a cake.

My birthday always sucked when I was a kid. August 31. Right before school starts. So I always got school supplies. Yee haw.

When I was married to the ex, my birthdays seemed to consist of us moving to new apartments and when we were finally settled...nothing.

With the new hubby...AWESOME. Bright orange Chuck Taylor's last year to match all my Flyers gear and a Happy Bunny t-shirt. Doesn't get any better than that!

I spent my 20th in the hospital with my kidneys failing. Which sucked. My 21st was good. In Kiev with friends. Nothing really exciting, just roses and daffodils for presents, but it was totally awesome.

(Oh my gosh. Jill Matrix!)

Most memorable: My 21st. I was in college and my mother conspired with my best friend/roommate to hire a singing telegram which was arranged to find me in the middle of the student union! All of my friends knew about this and showed up; I was wondering why everybody happened to have lunch in the union that day!

Best Birthday memory : A few years ago, the wife and I took off and went to the humongous amusement park nearby (Great Adventure/Great America/Six Flags-whatever you want to call it). I rode all of the roller coasters, and she held my hat and sunglasses. We got matching painted fake tattoos on our biceps, and later used the photo of the tattos as our engagement photo in the newspaper. Great time all around

Worst : My 20th birthday was spent going to a movie and dinner with a girl that I liked that didn't like me. I paid for everything, and when we got back to campus, she spent the rest of the night with one of my fraternity brothers. He wasn't even one of the creepy womanizing fraternity brothers - he was a good friend and a good guy. So I couldn't even console myself that she was falling for a player's line. She just plain didn't like me that way. That birthday sucked.

My best birthday was a present from my grandmother when I was five. She had ordered me 10,000 ladybugs and three praying mantis egg cases from a farm catalogue. The container broke and the mailman had to leave his leather bag with us so we could scoop handfuls of ladybugs out. My birthday is in July, and we had ladybugs and praying mantises in the backyard for the rest of the summer.

My worst birthday was my 19th, when I had my jaw wired shut after a nasty car accident. I put pizza in the blender and tried to drink it through a straw.

My best birthday memory was also from my 5th. The Eagle had just landed on the Moon. I felt like it was for me.

My worst birthday memory...can't remember. Probably for the best.

My younger brother is the golden child. Brilliant (deciding which Ivy League school to attned for post grad work), Athletic (Only got sore once from working out, after being laid up for 6 weeks with a broken collar bone), Attractive, Successfull (Picked durring pledge to be the next president of his frat). Meanwhile, mom didn't stop smoking pot until she found out she was pregnant with me.

Back in highschool, Dad sees us every other week, but between a crappy part time job, and boy scouts, I see him mabye once every other month. My brother's birthday is late August, mine is late September. Dad takes out my brother for his birthday, get pizza, pop, a cd or book or dvd or whatever.

My only present that year was a tub of spackle and knife, that I had to buy myself, to patch the hole in the wall from where I put my fist when Dad forgot my birthday that year. 3 weeks after my brothers.

I never patched that hole. I hung a picture of a sail boat there. A week later a card comes in the mail with $20 bucks in it from my dad.

Worst birthday - my 16th. I was at school when I got a note summoning me to the counselor's office. I got there and found my parents waiting for me. Apparently, the police had shown up at my house with a warrant for my arrest.

A few months earlier, I had been the go-between for a guy I knew (not well) and an old boyfriend who sold lids. Unbeknownst to me and the old boyfriend, the guy was a narc. There was a grand jury investigation and the old boyfriend and I were both indicted; the police didn't bother finding out my age during the investigation - according to the indictment, they thought I was 18.

I spent the night in Juvenile Hall; went to court and ended up with a year's probation. The old boyfriend, who was just short of turning 18, spent a year at a CYC boy's camp.

I don't think any birthdays since then have sunk to that level, unless maybe you count all the ones where I received household appliances as gifts (my ex-husband's idea of being smarter than everyone else who bought stupid dumb gifts that actually took some thought and effort as to what the recipient would really love).

Hmm, I don't really count birthdays before my 40th ... they weren't really a big deal. Much angst, bitterness and disappointment, etc.

Happiest birthday memory? Last year, I had just started corresponding with someone a few days before my birthday and I mentioned it in passing. On my birthday, I had a birthday greeting in my email at work ... and that was when I knew this someone was special. (sorry, would that be a 'sappiest birthday memory'?)

This year, the same someone gave me a present that I really wanted ... that doesn't happen, ever. Not just the present but one I really wanted. I've always bought my own presents.

The way I see it, birthdays really start getting good at 40. Either that, or I'm just lucky.

Best Birthday Gift: 13th, a Colegovision and a colour tv to play it on. With Donkey Kong. Thanks to my brother.
Second Best: 19th, some sweet bootay, thanks to the lovely Di.
Worst Birthday gift: 18th, having the wheel stolen from my bicycle and not having money enough to replace it. Mum bought me a new wheel as my bday gift.

I don't have many birthday memories. When I turned 25, some friends decided to take me to a porn double-feature, since I'd never seen any. It didn't turn out well - I fell asleep. At least, I presume I fell asleep. I may have fainted from dehydration - a non-air-conditioned theater at the end of August can be damned hot.

My worst birthday was my 50th - my father was staying with me and died the day before the party.

We now buy ourselves whatever we want/tell the other person exactly what we want for Christmas and Birthdays within a price limit (usually $200 Aussie dollars = $4.63 U.S).

My birthday last month was very cool: high end Noise Cancelling Headphones worth $500 AUD bought for a staff price of $180 :)

Best birthday : yet to come :)

Worst memory: 30th birthday. All of my friends lived in other cities too far to drive or take the train for the night, my "work-friends" were busy, and I'd just dumped my girlfriend two days before. So I sat in front of the TV and watched "Law and Order" for a couple of hours after work and ate wonton eggdrop soup. Pathetic!

Best memory: 24th birthday. I went out with and was wined and dined by two girls in the same night!

Red Sugar! Baby!

I left out my worst birthday, my 21st. Removal of four impacted wisdom teeth with a local anesthetic. My mother insisted that the scheduling and the anesthesia thing was a matter of our dentist's availability and our insurance coverage. My therapist later insisted it was sadism.

Well, ok, since I got a scolding for whining about presents, a memorable birthday.

19. Just arrived at the Presidio of Monterey for language school. Drinking age on base was still 18 (21 off base). Spent the evening at the club (down the hill). Couldn't buy a drink. Left the club for the wobbly excursion up the 'Ho Chi Minh Trail' back to the dorms. Nice arrangement - I'd arrived off cycle and the only rooms available were on one of the female floors. Absolute confusion about the lack of enthusiasm for an extremely drunken birthday celebrant randomly knocking on doors at 1am on a weeknight offering to share the two bottles of cheap champagne I'd rescued from the club. Even further confusion over the absolute lack of interest in a drunken nude sweaty wrestling. Oh well. Hit the (spinning, clockwise) rack. oh boy. split second decision - handy window right by the bed, or trek down the hall, then down the stairs, down another hall, to the guys communal latrine. Think fast! Ok, hit the third floor window, aim, and.... laaaauuuunnnccch!

Ah. My own artistic addition to the amazing number of existing streaks on the side of the building. Whoo hoo!

The best birthdays are the ones where you can make a contribution...

Sorry, I was just surprised to see you there. I'm so glad you (and the Blonde) are still around the 'sphere. :o)

My weirdest birthday was 22nd and it also ties in with your Elvis post Michele. My nan and a couple aunts are English and live just outside London. I was over there on holidays with my new girlfriend visiting the family and touring around the country with the missus. My aunts are only 5 and 7 years older then me so we party a lot whenever I am visiting.

On my bday, I was at my nan's home with my nan, two aunties, girlfriend and no one else. Without me knowing my garndma, who enjoys her drink and is a bit nuts in a great way, had arranged for a stripper to come around . My aunties knew what was going on but not me or the missus.

My grandma has no sense of smell so my aunties and I occasionally smoke weed around my her and she has no idea. So on the night, my aunties rolled a joint just before stripper arrived. The door bell rung, I went to the door with the joint in my mouth thinking it was some friends, and at the door was a female cop. I nearly shat myslef. The stripper was cool as you like and totally went along it and started to give me a hard time about the rocket I was smoking.

She took me inside and continued to question me while my nan queitly went to put some music on. All of a sudden Elvis is blasting from the stereo and the cop is taking her clothes off. It took a minute to figure out what was happpening. My girlfriend had no idea what was going on either, she had no idea what my nan was like, until I explained. It turns out the misssus was extremely jealous type which I didn't really learn that for another few months. So there I was with a middle age stripper who looked her age dancing to Burning Love, a livid girlfriend who was getting angrier by the second and my drunk nan and aunties hollering 'take if off', 'show us your knockers' and the like. Memorable indeed.

Birthdays in general kinda suck for me... Never really celebrate them.

My birthday is just after New Year's. Being so close to the holidays most people are wiped out by the first week of January. Most people are just sick of going oput by that point and want to spend a night at home so whenever I've had a party, maybe 2 or 3 people show.

This year I just wanted to have a quiet dinner out or at home, I didn't really care. My wife kept saying she wanted to do something for my birthday this year, invite some people over, dinner, blah, blah, blah.

We have get togethers on a regualr basis and usually wind up with more than we invite. I BEGGED her not to invite anyone over. She said "No it will be fun"

Bunch of people who had said they were gonna come either didn't show or canceled last minute. About an hour or two after people failed to show, I felt like I was 10 again and no one came to my birthday party...

All I could say was "this is why I don't have birthday parties"... pretty pathetic.

Best? Last year, #30. Wife took me and a couple of friends of ours to Vegas.