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And that's a wrap

The tell-tale sign that summer is, for all intents and purposes, over:

We're going to Jets training camp tomorrow.

I'm just about ready to start talking about Halloween.


Damn straight Halloween. I've already started planning what the decorations are going to be...and the weather has been very fall-ish around here lately so that only makes it more exciting!

If you turn into a Chad retardo, I swear, I'll start burning things.

Halloween. Great. That means the 73 kids that swarm around the apartment across the hall are going to be smacking my door looking for psylocibin coated hard candies.


Man, I hate the holidays. OTOH, if we're done with this hot and muggy shit, that's ok.

THis is my favorite time of the year. The excitement and anticipation of another school year, football pre-season, baseball games take on extra meaning, and hockey pre-season isn't far off.

I probably spend way too much time watching sports. Did I tell you the Predators signed Paul Kariya? Should get interesting this year.

Yes, the boulder starts at the bottom of the hill again.