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house of pain

Of all the pain I've experienced in my nearlly 43 years on this plante, Dry Socket is by far the worst.

That includes childbirth.

And heartbreak.

And Dry Socket sounds like something that could be cured with a little KY Jelly and a bit of gentleness.

If only.

Update: So they packed the tooth with some medicine made of anbesol and cloves. My mouth tastes like a fucking medicine cabinet on Christmas Eve.

I need some heroin. Where can I score some? Crack? Death?


Michele - didn't I tell you NOT to get dry socket? Ugh. I just recovered from it. You need major drugs. That clove thing (mentioned last week) - temporary. You need DRUGS woman.

The clove thing is horrible. It's like having a constant drip of anbesol and cloves running into my mouth.

I have Tylenol with codeine, which is fine. But Excedrin Migraine works the best out of any narcotic I've ever been given.

I swear, I thought I was going to OD on Tylenol. I kept trying to "go without" - only to return to the bottle. It was just insane how long the pain lasted. I had to go back, and get it packed - and some bitch with a pick was scraping GODONLYKNOWSWHAT - my jaw? Oye. Next time, I'll opt for the root canal. Children's college fund be damned.

"Crack or Death?"
"Crack for me, please."
"We're gonna run out of Crack at this rate."

HAH! I was just listening to Eddie to ease the pain!!

After two days of dry socket WHICH MY DENTIST NEVER WARNED ME ABOUT, the clove stuff WAS crack. I've never felt anything like that sweet, sweet pain relief.

Did I just hear someone say they got their socket packed?

I had a root canal just last week to fix a filling that fell out. Before that the pain was bad and I bought some clove oil from the drug store. That stuff is harsh. The skin on my gums and inner cheek peeled off and became totally inflamed after using it.

One word: Precocet!!!

Of course, Demerol also works too.

Oh, my God, you're not kidding! Dry socket is the WORST! Personally, I thought the oil of cloves worked really well. I got a tooth removed on a Friday afternoon (stupid, stupid me...no oral surgeon is going to want to see a patient over the weekend, no matter how much pain said patient is in!) and suffered through an entire weekend of agony. My medical doctor, whom I called in despair when I couldn't get hold of the oral surgeon, told me I could take as many as four ibuprofen to help dull the pain. Four didn't help. Didn't even touch the edges of the pain. But bright and early Monday morning, I was back in the oral surgeon's office getting the socket packed with oil of cloves-laden gauze, and it was like a miracle. A nasty tasting miracle, but a miracle nonetheless. That was 10 years ago...now I would know to ask for some Vicodan. But I still thought the oil of cloves worked pretty well. You have my deepest sympathy for your suffering. (Now I'm wondering whether oil of cloves would have helped with labor pains...)

I had to go in for packing on my way to work and on my way home for almost an entire week. The taste is far better than the pain.

And for those of you suggesting pain killers they really didnt even touch the pain after a couple of days. The only thing that worked was the clove packing. It was like heroin every morning and evening because it instantly gets rid of the mind numbing pain.

I feel for you Michele. Another thing they did was gave me a syringe with some goop in it that had some numbing type agent in it. That worked good too when I couldnt get to the dentist in time.

Good luck. Hopefully it doesnt take too long to heal.

Yeah, dry socket sucks. But not as bad as having some half assed bastard pull one of your wisdom teeth, go through a round of dry socket, then a month or so later, realize on Thanksgiving day, when you're stuck alone in the barracks and nobody is around to drive you to the only place open, the Navy hospital, to have it looked at, and you spend most of the day working the tooth sliver with your tongue, an exercise that sends a jolt of searing pain through your jaw every time you do it.

On a positive note, the jagged chunk of tooth root finally popped out in time for me to make dinner at the chow hall across the street before they closed for the evening. The turkey wasn't too dry, and the stuffing was ok with some salt and gravy.

Leave it to Windy. Always has to one up the pain.

Wind Rider:

My dad has a very similar story. His involves a chisel.

Oh gosh, Michele, I am so sorry you are going through this. I hope the pain goes away soon.