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smoke gets in your mind

I want a cigarette in the worst way. Out of nowhere, almost seven months to the day I quit, this craving smacks me upside the head.

Oh, to feel the pull of nicotine as I suck one down. To blow smoke rings. To feel that first burn in my throat in lungs as I light up...

No, I won't.

But it's driving me crazy. Where the hell this came from, I don't know.

I would kill someone for a Marlboro Menthol Light right now. Kill. With no remorse.


I know it won't make you feel any better, but this is normal. 5 years after I quit, I was having dreams about smoking. I would wake up feeling guilty because I "smoked" in my dream life.

You've come this far, so I know you'll be fine. But I pity the poor fool that posts a smartass remark. I'm a "good Christian man", and I can tell you when I went through one of these I could have punched a hole through concrete.

Being a man, sex or food always made it better, though. Maybe, chocolate?

Hang in there.

Oh the cravings ... they come and they go, mostly staying gone, but every once in a while they're back. Hang in there. Sex, chocolate, or a good single malt.

I can so relate.

Menthol? Well, you should give those up.

I want a cigarette in the worst way.
Let's see...
Light the filter and put the lit end in a body orifice below the waist?

That is the worst way I can think up.

Hang in there. You have a lot of people pulling for you.

I was with you, right up until the word "menthol".

Tis I, Vincent, with a rambling late night missive.

Nine months ago, I was a chain smoking middle-aged homosexual. Now, I am a fat middle-aged non-smoking homo.

Be that as it may, for the most part, I'm happy I'm not smoking. I'll loose the weight. I want this (not smoking) more than I want that (smoking). I guess when that changes, well...

An incentive for me to stay quit is that it is just so inconvenient to be a smoker in this society. It certainly doesn't make employers happy.

I still tell myself that I am staying smoke free for this period in my life, when I get cravings, which I did a few days ago. Feelings change though.
In a sense, it's damned if you do, damned if you don't. If I smoke, I'll still get cravings; they'll just increase to about one every 20 minutes.

This way is easier, and it's not all doom and gloom. There are days when I want, want, want to smoke, but there are entire days and succession of days where I don't even think about it. That's pretty good. That really is doable.

Yesterday, I hung out with my friend who has stage II breast cancer, and she is still smoking :-(
Addictions really are a bear.

It's hard for me to believe that anyone could have loved cigarettes more than I. I mean other peoples cigs are starting to repulse me now, but I also know that this is no guarantee to staying away.

I don't think that scientists know everything there is to know about nicotine. It really is a lovely drug. It takes the edge off, helps modulate emotions, and cushions the blows of life a bit. It's not just a mere habit. Still, I've concluded the the price to pay for the pleasure is too high. I don't have to go to the bitter end with a cigarette butt dangling out of my mouth, in a mobility scooter with an oxygen tank strapped to the back!

would you kill Tom Cruise? i'd buy you a whole carton of menthols.

Another "?!menthol?!" here. Nothing quite like taking a great big drag off of someone else's cig thinking it's a Marlboro Red and finding out too late that it's actually a Kool. Ahhh, school memories...

Damn, girl, that's my old brand too! Those were some tasty smokes, no? I especially liked them after a good lay, lying there curled up with my woman, the two embers glowing dimly in the darkened room, the nicotine enhancing the afterglow...

Of course I miss that. But I can breathe easier now, my clothes (and house) don't reek of stale smoke, and I'm not spending $50/week on carcinogens.

Cravings are like the moon: they're always going to be there, sometimes hidden, sometimes very prominent. Roll with 'em as best as you can, and don't give up.

Michele, I feel the exact same way sometimes about a nice stiff drink. It's all about impulse control.

Two weeks since my last cigarette, a few days ago I've experienced the worse impulse to do so in my life. Only, last week when I did have that last cigarette, it didn't feel good anymore. I've smoked for almost 10 years, and I didn't know how much I disliked smoking until I picked it up again. I don't know if I'll smoke again when I drink with my buddies; in all likelihood I won't.

But you'll never know for sure until you get that drag and feel that awful, smelly, lung-clogging smoke fill your chest.

Was it your New Year's resolution too? It has been seven months for me as well and I still get the occassional craving to light one up. I just remind myself that I never want to go through quitting again and find something else to occupy my mind. :)

Craving? Bullshit. Bull effing shit. Can't be a real craving. People only have real cravings when I'm around for them to try and bum cigs off of just so they can claim it was my fault they fell off the wagon, and point at me as 'the pusher man'.

And since I'm not there to be 'the pusher man' it can't be a real craving. No way. No how. Your brain is faking it.

Wanna go on a picnic?

i quit smoking yesterday and i am already considering breaking into the co-op and raiding the shelfs, i dont get the MALBORO thing but mayfair smooth all the way!

i quit smoking yesterday and i am already considering breaking into the co-op and raiding the shelfs, i dont get the MALBORO thing but mayfair smooth all the way!