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now get in the bedroom and make me some children

Gather, ye childless, selfish heathens and hear what the man has to say:

Willful barrenness and chosen childlessness must be named as moral rebellion. To demand that marriage means sex -- but not children -- is to defraud the creator of His joy and pleasure in seeing the saints raising His children. That is just the way it is. No kidding.

Ah, yes. Childless couples by choice are evil beings who will bring ruination upon the land!!

I have no problem with people who choose not to reproduce. In fact, I admire those who admit they don't want children rather than go through something they view as a pre-ordained ritual of life and have kids even though they don't want them or don't think they would make good parents.

And it's kind of interesting that the author of the article worships a deity that had only one child and ended up killing him.

Besides, it's not the childless couples who are spreading evil. I mean, have you met my son?

they're coming to get you, barbara


When this photo was your header the tag was 'shoot it... shoot it in the head' which was verry funny I thought. It also sounded familiar like it was from some sci fi classic. I did a search and found nothing. Is the line from a specific movie or just a generic sci fi classic line that's found in my memories of sci fi classics?Did I miss this already being talked about?

by the way cute kid

Original Dawn of the Dead:

SWAT guy: Shoot it man! Shoot it in the head!

I don't have a dog in this fight - our barenness is not willful. But I do agree with you. People who don't want kids, but have kids anyway, are THE worst parents of all. Thank God I'm a Protestant. In fact, I could go today to Harry's drugstore , and say "Harry, I'd like a condom - in fact today, I'll have a french tickler, because I am a PROTESTANT..."

Of course, I'll just politely ignore this line:

And it's kind of interesting that the author of the article worships a deity that had only one child and ended up killing him.

OK Slartibartfast, I DID recognize the origin of that line.

One more confirmation - straight to hell, in a handbasket, as they say...! :)

frankly, I'm surprised he didn't call us "moral insurgents," so that we can be equated with terrorists.

and, once again, there's another religious zealot who thinks that everything is about them. I'm choosing not to have children simply because I choose not to. it's not a moral rebellion against God. I didn't make my decision to spite anybody or as a "rebellion"; it's just how I want to live.

It depends on which country you live in. In, say, Japan, there is a shortage of newborn, so clearly any couple that remains childless there is not doing Japanese society a favor.

Meanwhile in the USA, there is no serious concern about population levels. So relax...

Damn, now I'm confused. I just got snipped. But I have 2 kids. Does that make me only quasi-evil? Evil-Lite?

Whatever happened to the good old days when being rebellous meant a tattoo and a pack of menthols?

There are a way too many reasons why people decide not to have to children to make any sort of generalization. But, I must admit, I have rolled my eyes at the reasons some give for not having kids. Non-religious sneering, of course. Not that I would FORCE children on them - but that they are the type of person that thinks the way they do.

I'm not making sense, am I?

You're itching for a fight. I can tell.

My question is how many children does the author have? How many are in prison or therapy because of lousy parenting?

If one sperm is wasted, God gets quite irate.

Okay, seriously:

Yes, the woman is slightly wacko, but the couples that choose to be childless shouldn't make their decision a public badge of honor. Just remember, there are a lot of parents that would do anything for a child.

I look at my two kids and pictures of Michele's nephew, each the result of different non-traditional methods of making us parents, and I say, "Thank God!"

Fuck that asshole. We can't have children. If we could? We wouldn't. We're not financially or emotionally equipped to steward a child into adulthood. And I don't do things I can't do properly.

Besides...what if it's genetic? I can't risk it.

"but the couples that choose to be childless shouldn't make their decision a public badge of honor. Just remember, there are a lot of parents that would do anything for a child."

So? That's the beauty of free will. One does not have to live one's live based on the circumstances of others. Sorry...If a childless couple were to act proudly about their choice I see them as having that right.

Boy, M. Good thing you had your kids already. Me, well, my girlfriend has a very low sperm count so I doubt I'll be conceiving anytime soon, but that's a whole 'nother handbasket.

What the hell is wrong with the Courier-Journal that it's running a 2-year-old extremist Christian position paper on its commentary page? Nothing available from the Salem Witch Trial transcripts?

Me, well, my girlfriend has a very low sperm count

hahaha you have no idea how much that cracked me up.

thank god not all churches and christians are like that. if i walked into a church that preached like that, i'd get up & walk out. in the middle of the service.

i've been in churches that felt the woman's ONLY place was in the home. fuck. that. shit. everyone has their talents - i'm damn good @ what i do. that's why i work outside the home. and whether or not my husband & i choose to have children together? that's between my husband, me & god.

i am so sick of men that use religion to oppress women. that's bullshit. if god wanted women to be inferior... oh hell i don't even want to go there.

that guy is a misguided idiot.

I mean, have you met my son?

uh...yeah....and? Well, ok, just in passing. To say hi. He didn't, you know, like cast any spells or shoot any lightning bolts from his eyes or nothin. You saying I caught him on a slow day?

Were they home when you were there? Weren't' the kids out with their father?

If not, I wouldn't be too sure about the spell thing. Sometimes there's a waiting period for them to take affect.

This yahoo wants me procreating?

Hell, my own Mom is leery about that scenario.

I guess I'm evil, then.

Gee, that doesn't make me feel bad in the least!

My wife and I are apparently a Force of Evil, as we are childless by choice.

For me, it has a lot to do with not wanting to inflict my parents' parenting on another generation. People tell me that you can avoid that, but I haven't seen anybody successfully avoid being the parents that their parents were.

Bottom line - I had an unhappy childhood. I don't see any reason to bring little people into the world so that THEY can have an unhappy childhood as well.

I agree with the commenter who mentioned the people who don't want kids, and have them anyway (or, for that matter, the people who don't plan to have kids, get pregnant, and are spectacularly unprepared and unwilling to actually parent) are worse.

I know for a fact I'd make a lousy mother - I have a low snapping-point, I'm not patient, I could not deal with a child going "Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom? CanIhaveaboxofCap'nCrunch? Can I? Can I? Can I?" as I was trying to get through the grocery store with the minimal amount of psychic damage possible. How is it evil for me to decide not to have kids?

(Honestly? I think about half the people who have kids should have thought a lot longer before they spawned.)

I am a Christian (Baptist, in fact) and have three children and I find Mohler's piece to be problematic theologically and logically.

Noting Michelle's post led me to blog at length on the column here: http://www.poliblogger.com/?p=7892

I should stick up for Mohler in at least this respect: he seems to be speaking only to Christian believers here. Even then, as Dr. Taylor points out, he's going a bit far.

The poliblogger piece is an excellent, measured, theological response.