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I am looking for an mp3 of the Choking Victim song 500 Channels. Anyone? Please? Help?


Well, I can't give the answer. Because I just received an email that said "Can I ask you a question?" in both the header and the body of the email. But there was no question. And when I replied to the author the email, it bounced.

So if anyone wants to ask me a question, now's the time, as I'm feeling answerable. Go ahead. Ask me anything. If I can't answer honestly, I'll make something up.


If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can't I paint you?

oh, and
What is it, is it?

Is Marty going to win on rock star?

Why do dogs have black lips?

Why is there air?

hey, i know the answer to that last one... there's air because there are plants... and plants exhale air.

my question? hm.

When I get approached to host Match Game 2006, will you be my Brett Somers?

Why don't you like Sammy Hagar? I think he's great. Is it because he took Dave's place? If Dave never existed, what would you think of Sammy?

There's air to fill footballs, and basketballs.....(according to the classic Bill Cosby comedy album Why Is There Air?)

What current videogame do you enjoy playing? Hasn't all the raving on World of Warcraft at Penny Arcade tempted you any?