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eye spy

head over heels

So I went to the block party.

The best thing about taking pictures is the camera acts as a buffer between you and everyone else. I don't have to look strangers in the eye, I don't even have to make converstation; everyone sees the camera and they smile, pose or theatrically turn their heads.

Also, taking photographs turns me into an observer, rather than an unwilling participant.

Ok, so I'm not that anti-social. I did mingle and make small talk and play with the kids. But holy hell, was it hot out there. Honestly, I don't remember a day this hot and oppressive since August 1977. Yes, I do keep track of things like that in my head.

I uploaded a couple of pictures here (I especially like this one). I'll do the rest later, after I stand naked in front of the air conditioner for an hour or so.

No, no camera.


This is what I hate about digital cameras. You push the button and by the time the camera processes the image the subject is long gone. Unless, of course, this is one of those "Art" photos.

I posted the picture because I like the way it came out.

Clark, there are solutions. You could do like me and purchase a $3200 camera body (no lenses) that takes the shot in 32ms after shutter press (faster than most film cameras!). 'Course I'd recommend you be a professional photographer with your own business so you can write it off on your taxes first.

And michele, that's one of the reasons I love shooting weddings. I get to people watch and get paid for it. And everyone realizes that I'm not supposed to be interacting with them.

This is also the reason I refuse to shoot friends or family weddings. People get huffy when I tune them out, but I'm like a fucking robot when I shoot because I have to pay attention to events and capture them as they happen.

Which, by the way, the water spray in the ass shot is perfect. At least I think that's an ass. I could be wrong.

I wish we had air conditioning. It's right around 90 degrees and I'm 8 months pregnant. Somebody is going to die soon.....probably my husband, just because he's closest.

is this one of dem draws in da fart compematitions? wats da prize y'all?

I like the picture also: its a visual essay on the transitory nature of life.

That photo is great.