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imminent collapse

Against my better judgment, I listened to the tapes and read some of the quotes from the transcripts. I don't know why. I just did.

You think you've let go of something, turns out you haven't.

Imagine standing in a room in total, pitch black darkness. You know something is in the room with you. You're aware of it. You just can't see it. And then it kicks you in the gut.

Listening to the tapes was like that.

Bill at Pundit Guy has more.


There is NO WAY I can listen to those tapes, or read the transcripts. Isn't going to happen.

Didn't know what you were talking about til I clicked the link.

I wish you never had put that up. I wanted to stop. I wanted to make the all to remembered knot in my stomach go away.

At least I know that sooner or later it will.

You can never forget and you can never let go......
This is something that must always remain in our hearts and in our minds......

The people that died desire that.........

Deserve that........Is what I meant to say but maybe that is what they would desire, given the option!

I cannot and will not listen to it either. I kept seeing it splash across headlines yesterday and I just cannot take it. It's too raw, it's still too fresh and it will always hurt like it happened to me. And I live some 1000 miles away. I cannot imagine how it must feel for those only 10 miles away. Why must stuff like this be so sensationalized? This isn't Entertainment Tonight, these are people... real people.... ugh... I can't even fathom how the victim's families must feel.

There are a few bad things that stick forever. The Army pulling up to tell my neighbor's parents that their son had been killed in Vietnam. My brother calling to tell me my father had died. Those people jumping from the towers.

I won't listen to those tapes, because I know they would haunt me for the rest of my life. I don't need to listen to those tapes, because my desire to see those Islamic fanatics and their supporters dead and in hell will never lessen. I admire our president for his humanity in this war. I would be far more harsh were I in that position. There is simply no substitute for the annihilation of that hideous militant Islamic ideology and all its adherents.

I almost think the tapes should be mandatory fare. What better way to remind people what's really at stake here? "we have total blackness - we have no way out of here....."

Sort of puts being forced to listen to hip hop in your underwear into perspective, I think.

I listened "accidentally". That is, I listen to NPR all day, and they, as I'm sure all news media did when the tapes were released, were playing them.

I guess I agree with Michele. Kind of like being kicked in the gut.

No! You listen, and you read. These are OUR GUYS when it comes down to this kinda war.

You give them their due and you LISTEN.

I think we must listen.

Yes, it hurts. It hurts us a lot. But I'd rather live with the fresh memory of that pain, than to pretend that it didn't happen, or that things will eventually go back to "normal" as perceived in the last decade.

There is no more normal. Normal wasn't really normal, you see. This is normal, for history. We have to live with it. And we cannot forget.

If this kind of pain is what it takes to remind us of why we fight, then bear it we must.

I think everyone knows for themselves if they need to listen to it or not. I think I needed to listen a little.

I don't think some people do, though. I think some people still feel it all inside, and if they're having panic attacks all the time, I think they get a little break on having to relive it again, you know?

It was good for me. I was getting tired of sticking up for what I believe against people who make me nuts. But it reminded me what I needed to be reminded of.