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National Underwear Day: Show Your Stuff/Survey

In keeping with my reputation as a blogger of taste, maturity and intellect, it is my duty to not only inform you that today is National Underwear Day, but to entice you take part in it by showing me your goods.

There are many words for underwear, you know. Panties, bloomers, thongs, tighty whities, boxers, lingerie, drawers, underpants, etc.

Some people go without (commando, free-ball), some people like to show their panties by wearing pants that go down to their buttcrack, some people even like to wear their underwear over their pants. Undies are quite the versatile piece of clothing. I've even seen people wear panties on their head (I can't believe I gave my panties to a geek!).

I don't have one particular type of panties I wear. It depends on the situation, the day of the month or how fat/thin I'm feeling that day. My underwear ranges from Cookie Monster thong to silky, lacy black numbers to plain old white Hanes to these:


Let's show our support for this day. It's early morning, which leaves you plenty of time to get into the spirit of things by letting your undies peek out of your pants a bit or flashing a complete stranger so you can show off that multi-colored bra. I mean, Sponge Bob walks around in his tighty whities, so why can't we be as proud of our undergarments?

Let's see those unmentionables! Send me (or post in the comments) a safe for work picture of your boxers emerging from your waistband or your bra strap slipping down your shoulder. Pull that thong up a bit and show us what you're made of. Take those Spiderman underoos out of your drawer and snap a shot of them.

Ok, if you're camera shy you can just take part in the great debate. Boxers, briefs or commando, guys? Panties, thongs or grandma-style bloomers, ladies? What's under your clothes today?


I'm a boxer-briefs guy. I, umm.. need support that boxers just can't provide. And I think Whitey-Tighties are nasty looking, even if they come in a variety of colors.

Being at work and without my own camera phone, you're just going to have to imagine the grey Fruit of the Loom band poking up slightly above the waist line.

And I refuse to wear a bra. I encourage you to do the same.


I'm a panties-type chick. Too fat for thongs or g-strings, but I will wear a thong if it comes with a sexy nightie outfit. My husband kinda likes that.

On guys...hubby wears boxer briefs. To quote him, "It's like a gentle hug, all day long!"

You just know I'm going to snap a picture of a cat with my underwear.

Boxer-briefs. Target. Snug, but not too much so.

Definitely thongs, or cheekies. Course, the briefs come in handy a few days a month. Would love to flash a little cotton, but alas, hubby would protest!

Boxers or boxer briefs.

Depends on whether or not I'm worried about falling out ;)


I love my muppet panties. Boy briefs make the best underwear.

Boxer-briefs. They're the best ever. Nice long legs to prevent chafing, and plenty of support for the important bits.

My husband favors string bikinis. He looks hot in 'em. :-)

A saleswoman at a flea market was selling mens boxers with matching hankerchiefs. I marvelled at such a combo, and she informed me that she always feels her best when her bra and panties match. This begged me to ask 'So how do you feel today??'

Strangely, she seemed insulted at that inquiry (she brought it up!).

Since I don't wear undershirts, I can't fathom the need to 'match', but I am obviously in the minority. Briefs are routine, but I do own a few boxer-briefs. Haven't gone commando in a few years, but that's another story...

I love the summer when the women's undies (particularly the thongs) are exposed by their low cut jeans. Is this done intentionally?

I'm a boxer/freeballer. With most pants, freeballing feels awesome. It's comfy, it's sexy. But with some suit pants (esp. the 'wrinkle free' types) the cloth is a tiny bit rougher, and then I'll opt for boxers. I've worn boxer briefs before, but they just didn't do it for me. I felt like my gear was in a straight jacket.

I'm wearing a thong today, because anything else shows a panty line through my linen pants (and I HATE panty lines!). Otherwise, I usually go with the standard Victoria's Secret cotton bikinis (string or low-rise, depending on my outfit). My husband wears boxers, which I love...although I have fond memories of him wearing tighty-whities in college when all of his boxers were dirty (which doesn't happen anymore, since I do his laundry). There was just something boyish and cute about them. I'd probably hate them if he wore them every day, though :-P

Am I the only woman whose man wears tighty whities?

Damn, I hate them. Boxer briefs all the way! But my guy is wonderful in all other ways. I can deal with the underwear. Sigh.

I usually do colored string bikinis. It used to be thongs, but having your underwear up your butt gets tiresome. Though I will still throw a thong on if my outfit calls for no pantylines.

Bras. I loathe bras and wear them as infrequently as possible. They're like prison for my tits. But I can get away with it - I'm an A cup.

Boxers, definitely! I can't stand to have my package wrapped up too tight.

Jason and I are of the same mind -- boxers only; my wife prefers them.

I am showing mine off today.

I prefer no unders at all. But I have a whole range of varieties for when I "must".

Got a bunch of really cute one's just last night - I'll show you later.... ;)

Umm. Just a quick history refreshment from your local know it all :p
"Unmentionables" date back to the victorian era, where in fact, unmentionables were trousers, wearing them in public was viewed as say, jerking off in the main street today.


In leather trousers or a kilt: commando
Everything else: briefs never ever boxers, esp high leg cut ones: black naturally...ugh I hate boxers too much swingage..

Said kilt sans underwear:

UPDATE: My cats refused to pose with underwear.

I love spandex briefs! The tighter the better!