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random thought of the day

So you've probably heard of food porn, right?

I was strolling through Google Image Search, hunting for picturs of , a competitive eating champion.


And the phrase food bukkake came to mind.

Told you it was random.

Oh, and for the two or three of you not bored enough by my words, I'm back at 100 words.


heh. that Japanese food eating champ dude... i forget his name... anyways, he's on a new SportsCenter promo... it's in a lunchroom, and he calmly eats two hot dogs (and buns) in like, 10 seconds. it's funny.


fyi - comments aren't working for your "anyhow" post....

I was thinking zombies.


So, what's that woman really eating?

Anyone with Children can relate to Food Bukkake, or such joys as Mash Potato Mousse. Though the offending culprit in my case is now 21 and not so prone to such social faux pas.

I saw her outeat all comers at this Rib Eatin' Contest on Japanese TV, including two guys who must have weighted 350lbs each.
It wasn't even close, she totally owned those dudes.
IMHO, she's a space alien.

"Food porn" hits the nail on the head. I wrote a post about the ESPN2 broadcast of this year's Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest—it was weird. In particular, the announcers kept talking about how attractive the women were (while they were shoving the food in two-fisted). Example:

"Look at Sonya Thomas, huh? I mean, what an unbelievable vision in the sport and a beautiful woman—many of the eaters themselves attracted to Sonya. She loves hard boiled eggs."

Food bukkake

I had a worse image in mind, but I won't share it...it's just too gross.

Ew. I was thinking "Tub Girl Revealed!"