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Back to civilization


420 miles and 555 photos later, we're back. And it's so damn good to be home in my own house with my own bed and my own shower and my 500 channels. Not that I didn't love the vacation; it was a great experience as always. It's just always good to come back home.

I've started uploading the 500+ pictures I took, if you care to look. It's going to take a while, as I'm doing them in batches so I can put up descriptions and whatnot. I'm kind of pleased with a lot of the photos, so I hope you take a look.

I'm going to spend most of the evening getting the rest of the pictures up and then I'll probably do a photessay in the morning for anyone who's interested in reading/seeing.

It was really nice being disconnected from everything for a while, but I think I missed this place a bit.


Great to have you back! I was checking every day to see if you had updated the blog.

Welcome back! We missed you.

yeah, we missed you too. (:


Welcome back. We missed you, and are glad that you're okay (saw your more recent posting about your health scare).

I checked out some of your vacation photos and thought your sunset shots were just great. You definitely caught a few magic moments there.