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Waste my days [updated]

Taking some time off. I'll be headed to Roscoe, NY for a few days of rest, relaxation, family fun, fishing, lizard hunting, frog catching, picture taking, nature appreciating, star watching, hiking and peace in a no-internet zone. I've got five novels, two empty notebooks, my camera, some board games, a couple of bottles of wine, my husband, kids, parents, sisters, brothers in law and nephew to make the vacation complete. I can't even begin to tell you how much I need this.

Back around August 9th.

I've just added somefiction here and don't forget to check in/contribute to t 100 words every day.

Also, I will be missing the Blogathon this year, but Laurence will be participating again.
If you're feeling generous and altruistic, you can donate to Moody Mama's Light the Night Walk or Joelle's Rock Walk.

Vacation/random photos will be added here:


Update: Just to stave off the amount of email I've been getting on the subject, as I am leaving for vacation this evening and won't be answering mail until next week:

Yes, I received an offer from Pajamas Media, last week in fact. I turned it down for numerous reasons, the least of which being that the contract would call for me to be blogging much longer than I anticipate continuing to do so.

If I owe you an email, I will get back to you some time next week. I've been mostly away from the computer and, for the next five days or so, will be, blessedly, without an internet connection.

See you all next Tuesday or Wednesday, when I will bombard you with vacation pics.



Take plenty of books and beer.
Have a great time.

You need to add audio. The whistler from The Andy Griffith Show would be perfect. ;-)

Enjoy yourself.

Got to agree about the whistling... have fun!

If you see any kitty cats, be sure to give them some of the fish you catch.

Rich? I think you got that backwards.

Spent a lot of time in Neversink over the years (mostly in the summer, thank God). Enoy, it's truly one of the most beautiful areas on earth!

backwards ?

Love the pic, love family guy more... Can imagine you with Bryan lounging on the shore with a martini.....LOL


OT - Michele, the new banner makes me happy. I think it's the color, but also knowing it's a pool (the Mecca of sumeretime activities during my more youthful days)makes it all the more pleasing. I could sit there looking at it and wallowing in the memories for quite some time. Thanks.

Thanks for the link, Michele! :)

wow, your nephew is getting big. SO CUTE.

Hope you are having a fun summer!

Nice pictures!

Okay ... we're sorry. Come back already.

Thanks for the link hon.

Hope you enjoyed your break.