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leaving negativland

Ah yes, that's me. Miss Negativity. Miss I Hate Everything. Miss Bitch Bitch Bitch. Miss Blackened Aura.

Well this little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine. We're going to put on a happy face, surrender to the love that flows from the hearts of mankind, drink the milk of human kindness, buy the world a Coke and teach it to sing.

Put on your happy shoes kids, we're gonna dance.

Things that make me happy ("family, friends, laughter of small children, world peace and strolls on the beach at sunset notwithstanding):

  • Bugs Bunny in drag
  • the sound of a needle landing on a record
  • Mary Jane jokes
  • "Space. It seems to go on and on forever. But then you get to the end and a gorilla starts throwing barrels at you."
  • "Cake or Death"
  • crushed ice
  • Guinness
  • Cassidy, Tulip and Preacher
  • a brand new black and white marble notebook
  • pictures of the northern lights
  • a shape shifting ball of meat
  • fairy tales
  • opening day
  • "Multipass"
  • "Angel Dust"
  • the strawberry shortcake sundae at Ruby Tuesday's
  • macro photographs
  • hockey
  • "burnination"
  • halloween
  • the smell of sharpies
  • rainy saturdays in summer
  • clouds
  • legend of zelda
  • movie trailers
  • Gary Oldman
  • Wikipedia on random
  • peanut butter sauce on ice cream
  • fart jokes
  • jigsaw puzzles
  • "the dude abides"
  • Matilda
  • Snapple apple pie
  • Penny Arcade
  • the opening crawl to any Star Wars movie
  • the color orange
  • sleep
  • the first snowfall of winter
  • Simpsons season 4

Happy, happy, joy, joy.

That should help with my black aura of death problem.


Women in mink
7 p.m. on the beach
the perfect heel and toe shift
running the rack
quiet faces in wan light
the smell of fresh mulch
black and white photos

My new pool float
my garden

What is Peanut Butter Sauce ???
And you put it on Ice Cream ????

I don't see comic books on that list.
Add Woody Allen films, De Biro films, Pacino Films, Tarantino films, PC games, The internet, Talking Heads, Radiohead, Cricket, Soccer, Soccer, Soccer & Soccer

You make me happy. Occasionally.

Simpsons season six is coming out in a couple of weeks. The thought of that makes me happy.

And Pho. I love Pho in the summer. It just seems right.

- First kisses
- Sleeping in on rainy Sundays
- Chocolate!

"Cake or death?"

"Death. Oh wait! I meant cake!"

"But you said death!"

"I didn't mean it!"

"Oh all right, cake it is."

/own every single album

puppy breath

Please go back before all this sweetness makes me sick.

Well I believe in the soul... the cock...the pussy... the small of a woman's back... the hangin' curveball... high fiber... good scotch...

Well you all know the rest.

If anyone starts singing "Kumbayah" I'm outta here.

These list are becoming annoying like Hell

Then, me and Hell have already worked out that crap.

(You really gotta come over to the Yankee)

PA makes me happy too: "Hell yea, bitches! Jesus brings the blue sparks!"

The first kickoff of football season
Leveling up
A woman laughing
Surviving a round of CounterStrike with 4 health and 5 kills
Women's butts
Sunny days in winter
Freshly showered, lotion scented boobies
Cracking jokes with my kids
Picking on Catalano

You bitch.

We're gonna run out of cake at this rate.

Sacrifice bunts
Crushing blocks by the fullback
Hail Mary's
My baby nephew
Driving a little too fast
Riding in a plane at takeoff
Roller coasters
Family gatherings involving 4 generations
Zombie Flicks
Sweet slow smoked ribs

Books that make me happy (in no particular order):

"Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys"
"Dave Barry Does Japan "
"Dave Barry's Only Travel Guide You'll Ever Need"
"Dave Barry Turns 40"
"Dave Barry's Guide to Marriage And/or Sex "
"Dave Barry's Bad Habits"
"Dave Barry Slept Here"
"Dave Barry Talks Back"
"Dave Barry in Cyberspace"
"Dave Barry's Book of Bad Songs "
"Dave Barry Turns 50"
"Dave Barry Is Not Taking This Sitting Down"
"Dave Barry Hits Below the Beltway"
"Boogers Are My Beat"

looking at this list, I can tell that you're motorin'. what's your price for flight?

Getting review CDs in the post
A damn fine live gig /w a mate
Hearing my music come to life
Backstage passes
A beer festival
Full moons
Seeing my dog Vera
Singing my own lyrics

"Yes, she KNOWS it's a multipass. Anyway, we're in love."

lists make me happy (see the Pillow Book)

cool site

Dear, the wiki link is broken.

And there's a spammer in our midst, I think.

The expression, "You do the math."

thanks for Angel Dust, Burnination, and needle-on-record.