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Marking the Calendar

November 1st.


In the words of Darth Vader:

Any bets on how long it takes someone to accuse you of being a Lucas stooge? Cuz you know it's gonna happen. You attract all the asshats. ;)

Or for $10 you can pick up here in NYC.

So, do you think they'll market the box set so that we watch the movies in narrative chron or in the order in which they were made?

thanks for reminding me... i wanna see it in the theaters at least one more time.

come on, don't you?

I've already had ROTS on my Netflix waiting list for over a year...

I believe November is also the release date for Part Two of the Clone Wars series on DVD, and a novelization following Darth Vader immediately after Ep III. AND it's the release month for the fourth Harry Potter film. My dorkitude will know no bounds.