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link of the day

For parents of school age children, the most wonderful thing ever:


I just ordered two school "kits" for my kids - they contain all the basic supplies both my kids will need for the start of the school year. I'll have to spend very little time in Staples now, just getting teacher-specific supplies. Everything else will be delivered in two boxes to my house. All name brand stuff, at great prices, pre-packaged or you can make your own kit up.

There's no high school kit on the site, but I bought the 8th grade box for Nat because it has all the basics she would need, anyhow.

The little things in life make me happy. This is one of them. I just might avoid the angst and anger of back to school shopping this year.


My boys are starting kindergarten this year, so it'll be triple the fun with my daughter entering second grade. Thanks for the link.

Am I a revisionist, or am I remembering correctly when I think that when I was a kid we didn't have to buy/bring in shit? Seriously, I only remember taking in a notebook and a pencil.

Let's see.. fat crayons in cigar box for first grade. Note-book with paper and plastic pouch for pencils 2-12. Except, 9th grade (Geometry year) add ruler, compass and protractor. For some reason buying this stuff always excited me even though I hated school... eternal optimist I guess.

That's really cool. Nice timesaver, even for hippies like me who homeschool. Thanks for the link!

And btw, no we didn't have to buy this stuff when we were in school. I don't remember ever having to bring in things like paper towels or ziploc baggies. I guess it's just a sign of the changing times (and budgets).

It is a shame, with all the money spent on education, you have to ask yourself where is it all going? It is indeed arguable whether teachers are overpaid, and it is highly demonstrable that supplies aren't being provided to all.

So, if we accept that teachers aren't being paid enough, and we know things aren't being provided to kids, where is all that money going?

Am I the only one who enjoys Staples? The kits are cute, but that would eliminate my Staples orgy.

You should see how excited I get ordering my kids books - I home school.

I didn't have to buy my son anything and he just started second grade yesterday. I was actully looking forward to it, but everything was supplied. I had to buy three folders and some sharpies last year, this year nothing. Odd.

cool like though.

High school?

Heck, do these people make a one-stop package for a college freshman I'm going to be shoving into a dorm in 3 weeks??

(If I hear, "Mom, we need to do more shopping" again I'm gonna scream)

We do something like that at my kids'school through the PTA. We put together and sell the packs, and all the proceeds go to the PTA.

My kid is enrolled at a virtual charter school, all paid for with the school taxes I already pay. And you know? Everything comes via UPS at the beginning of the year. The school states that if anything is needed, it is commonly found around the house (dish soap for a science experiment, for example).

So again I ask: where does all the tax monies go in other schools?

Oh, my God, I think I love you!!! I just ordered the school supplies for all four of my children on SchoolKidz.com, and felt the weight of the world lift off my shoulders. I didn't realize how much I was truly dreading the annual school supply shopping ordeal until I don't have to face it. Our school system is one of the many that doesn't distribute school supply lists until the first day of classes, so I usually end up at Walmart or Target at 8:00 that evening trying frantically to find the 130 or so items my kids need. Thanks to you, this year I'll have to pick up at most a few composition books and a graphing calculator. Thanks so much for the recommendation. You've done a service to parents everywhere!