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drinking the simpsons hatorade.

Revelation of the evening: Marge Simpson is a C U Next Tuesday. Seriously. She is a bitter, jealous, mean hag who belittles everything Homer does and then goes insane with jealousy when he does something right. The woman is never happy. All she does is bitch, bitch, bitch. She's a pretentious, righteous, holier-than-thou know-it-all.

No wonder Homer never really amounts to anything. What for? What's his incentive? So he can make more money and Marge will still bitch that it's not enough? So he can buy her nice things and she'll complain that they're not nice enough? Why would he try to improve himself when all his wife is going to is make fun of his efforts or ridicule him in the end?

It's not just Homer she's a bitch to. Why doesn't the whole town hate her? She's always preaching and carrying on about morals and what's right and wrong in the eyes of Marge, expecting everyone to live according to her standards and beliefs. Even when she tries to encourage her kids, she does little more than condescend to them or brush them off. She doesn't listen to their problems, their wants or nees, she just assumes that she knows exactly what they need or want without really hearing them out. And she's an awful parent to Maggie.

And my god, is that woman judgmental. And jealous. Did I mention jealous and petty? Good.

I hate Marge Simpson.


[the only thing I can say in defense of this post is that I clocked my sleep at one hour and forty three minutes last night. That's about average for the past three weeks. I am clearly not operating with full faculties here]

Update: I was watching an old episode, by the way. Not a new one.




Havn't seen the Simpsons in about 3 yrs - so maybe the show has taken a turn for the worse (I'd bet on it, there's a reason I stopped watching) - but what the hell are you talking about?

Not to mention that obnoxious raspy voice and that blue bee-hive hair-do. I wish she had run off with the French bowling instructor years ago.

And her sisters, too.

Not to mention her mother.

It's a drag. The show got really bad, and I can barely bring myself to watch it anymore. All the syndicated reruns are from recent seasons, too. Bah!

I've only watched a couple of eps this season. Horrible.

This show has gone downhill in the last few seasons and I haven't watched. Its clearly been surpassed by South Park and Family Guy.

Marge's family as a whole has few redeeming features.

Marge is a babe. Homer is a sociopath dick. Funny, but still a dick.

And she has a gambling problem too!

Marge wasn't like that the first few seasons; in fact, all the characters were, like, wholesome-er.

Michele, I think you have to factor in that the writing has driven Homer from a lovable lug to a hateful spiteful shit. Then again, just my 2 cents worth.

I can totally identify with a guy, trying to raise and provide for a family, feeling like you are failing. I can't identify with someone who strives for being a total f-up.

Really, something needs to be done about this insomnia. Personally, I find a flagon of Glennfiddich with a six pack chaser cannot help knocking my ass flat for a good, solid eight hours, and the REM sessions are in technicolor!

I second TC about the insomnia. Please get whatever help works for you. Don't listen to people who call you weak or drugged up! They've obviously never experienced this before. Chronic insomnia isn't just annoying, it's dangerous.

That being said - this post was quite therapeutic for me. Just reading it helped me release a lot of pent-up tension. Thanks!

Michele - I used to have terrible insomnia as a teenager - until I started running. It just disappeared. Now, I only get it if I stop working out for an extended time- a few weeks. I don't need to run - a nice long walk is enough. I had some bad tooth issues, so I hadn't been doing anything - and the sleepless night resumed.

You're all nuts. the Simpsons is and has always been the best television has ever offered. It really is the ONLY reason I turn the stupid brain sucking box on. It seems to be so damn cool to say 'I stopped watching years ago..blahh". How about this prospect: the Simpsons never were and never will be again...wipe your brain...it never happened.

C U Next Tuesday... pffffft hehehe