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Craziest Game Ever

I've got this thing for point and click games (one of the reasons I bought a C64 last year) - so when I found this game via Fark and I was midly pleased that I could point and click and fool around for a bit. Turns out it was much more complicated than I first realized. And weirder. And crazier.

You've got to click your way around. Experiment. Go back and forth. Choose options that seem crazy. And if all else fails, right click the flash and hit play.

[Note, there a few, split second NSFW scenes you may come upon]

There are a plethora of ways to "win" this game and even if you don't really win, you get to do some wild and wacky things:

  • I won by destroying the world AND finding a copy of Nintendo Castlevania, which is playable!
  • Became a shoe cobbler
  • Killed Shakespeare
  • Got eaten by a zombie
  • Had Hitler steal my time machine helmet
  • Destroyed capitalism
  • Won some corn bread
  • Was stalked through a good portion of the game by a hairy manticore
  • Erased earth
  • Went back in time to sleep with my mother (but didn't)
  • Joined the circus
  • Found the circus acrobat who shows me her boobies

Go and play, tell me what you find.


That is kinda of fun. It odd but fun.

This is disturbingly fun! I got eaten several times and got to see the acrobat's boobies!

Destropeyed capitalism two or three times, ate hobo beans, got eaten by a manticore (x2), ate some cafeteria food, found a new tax code.

i hate that manticore. asshole.

Ate fish sticks and hobo beans.

Got eaten by the manticore. A lot.

...As it turns out, Sega Games kill you. That's why i was always a Nintendo user.

Wait, the Manticore killed me IN the videogame? What is he, Freddy Krueger? Damn.

Got drunk...by a spider.

[Is there any way to stop being a cobbler? I couldn't even find the manticore in that shop...]

Heheh, I found the legal secretary and got her down to her bra and panties. Before I got eaten by the manticore.

Anybody figure out how to avoid the manticore by watching for "the right clues"?

I also saw Pi to 199 decimal places.

I found a fairy and got wrapped up in a cocoon.

i got stuck as the tax accountant's apprentice, then restarted and sailed the ship. that was after being devoured by the manticore and harpy like a billion times.