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Is it cool? is it cool?

Twas a family function day. Odd things, they are. You spend half your time laughing with people you hardly you see and the other half hiding from people you wish you didn't have to see. Or kiss.

Well, the wine was good. And free. Here's hoping I can stay awake until Family Guy goes on.

So, last week when I mentioned the Brothers Johnson's Strawberry Letter #22, I was pleasantly surprised to see how many of you are fellow lovers of that song. So here's a treat for you.

Download - Strawberry Letter.

And now, the Sunday evening "Here's what I'm listening to, what are YOU listening to right now?" thang.


I'm too embarrassed to tell you what I've been listening to (obsessively) all weekend. Andrew Lloyd Webber is all I'm gonna say.

Hey, I love me some Andrew Lloyd. Well, it depends which....if it's Phantom or JCS I won't laugh.

Or, as my sons says, Joseph and the Amazing Techincal Difficulties.

It's ... Phantom. In MY DEFENSE, though - it came our in the 80's - I was a poor college student. Go directly to poor, pregnant, married bartender. I haven't seen ANYTHING "theater-ish" since Evita.

I finally saw Bad Santa last night. You were totally right, I fucking LOVED it.


what are YOU listening to right now?

Hanson covering Zepplin tunes and
Zeppelin covering Hanson tunes...

Right now? Bad Company's whole damn songbook, played by a pack of blithering idiots.

(that would be me and my friends, and Oh Man, are we gonna get yelled at by our wives tomorrow morning, because, based on this cassette tape (yes, casette), we were out there scouting homesteads on Mars. The fact i'm still able to type totally belies the notion that booze slows you down.)

I've been spending an awful lot of time listening to ol' skool punk lately. There was a documentary on the Independant Film Channel that outlined punk from its early days and I've been on a bender ever since. Nothing like a morning cocktail of Buzzcocks, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Dead Kennedys and Agnostic Front to get me going.

Yup, my kids just shake their heads and smile. "There goes mom again, reliving her college DJ days."

Just purchased Danzigs "Circle of Snakes". Aside from the opening track "Wotans Procession", I am dissapointed. :(

Not a big fan of Circle of Snakes. Danzig 4 was absolutely his pinnacle, if you ask me.