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random thought of the day

Am I the only person who loathes Desperate Housewives?

Maybe it's just me. I hated Sex and the City as well.


No, I hate it too.

I forgot -- I had no use for Sex and the City either.

Never watched it,never will.Saw one ep of SITC, that was one too many.But,then, I am more of a "Reno 911" kind of guy.

No, and ditto.

D.H. falls within my general Jihad against ABC and Disney.

I tried watching both shows. Couldn't stomach either. I really don't know which aspect I disliked more - the characters or the plot lines?

I liked DH when it started. I love the cast. Marcia Cross,awesome. But after 4 episodes, BORING. Didn't care what happened to the dead chick, why she killed herself or anything

SITC I gave up on also, got boring.

Loath DH... enjoyed SATC until it just got to be about a bunch of neurotic women who couldn't get happy no matter what they had or the shoes they wore. Who can afford 100 pairs of $400 shoes?!?! Get serious.

"Sex and the City." "Sex and the Suburbs" -- hell, I won't have any use for "Sex and the Sticks" or "Desperate Farmwives" or whatever they're going to call the next one.

The only non-news oriented shows I enjoy on TV are NYPD Blue and 24.

Obviously, I don't watch much right now.

Well, if you're watching Desperate Housewives for the plot and storylines, you've got it all wrong. Watch it for the 5 or 10 minutes of Eva Longoria wacking material every week.

Sex and the City was annoying as hell, but Charlotte's got a nice ass. If they had showed it more often, I probably would have been a devoted fan. They neutralized all of Kim Catrall's hotness by making her an annoying slutbag. Beating breast cancer couldn't even make her character likeable. Luckily, there's the Porky's Kim to fall back on. YES! YES!

Didn't/won't watch either.

"Dark, suburban satire" Yeah, right.

Best drama on tv right now - Battlestar Galactica.

1)skillzy, you never disappoint...but then, you're RSN, so it's not like the bar is set too high.
2)McGehee? I'd be LOLing if it what you said wasn't more than likely true.

Yeah Michele add me to that list too! On both counts!

We don't watch TV, but I doubt I'd watch it if we did.

I watch Eva Longoria. Don't know her character's name, don't know the plot, don't care.

I watch plenty of TV ... rather, it's on in the room that I'm in most of the time ... and I do have a few shows that I try to watch. Neither of those shows ever appealed enough to me to make a conscious effort to remember when they were on.

Then again, I despise 'chick flicks' and I'm not into soaps ... I've got plenty of 'dark, suburban satire' right here in my own neighborhood, thanks. I find these shows portray the women (and men, for that matter) in such stark stereotypes that it's difficult to get past that and appreciate anything redeeming they might offer.

Now, Battlestar Galactica ... my kind of weekly drama.

Agreed on both counts...

Benign neglect.

Well, count me in as a guy who likes it and not because of the hot women (or guys) I just think it is a fun way to zone out and stop thinking about having to go into work the next day. I get more than a few chuckles from those women's antics and look forward to next season, especially after the cliffhanger that ended last season. As for the other show, never seen it but I am sure I would like it - I just get a kick out of attractive 30ish to 40ish women who are a bit off the wall.

I can't zone out when I'm irritated. I zone out best to silence anyway.

Re Battlestar Galactica -- I know I'm supposed to like it, but every time I turn it on I see a bunch of Americans in 21st-century suits and ties. I seem to remember the original one being a science fiction about a group of people from a solar system far, far away, so what are they doing dressed up in Versace? Also it seems to be filmed in this washed-out, slightly solarized colorization that bugs me. Maybe that's supposed to make us think their in space surrounded by the light of a million suns, but it just makes me think there is something wrong with my television.

We still watch it but its starting to annoy us - we have 3 episodes of series 1 left.

am i the only person in the &^%#&*
world who has never seen it?!

Loathe what now?

Gotta 2nd Sharon on Battlestar Galactica. Damn good show.

I hereby nominate Andrea Harris for the Supreme Court based on her acute whackinslappin' of Battlestar Miami Vice!

"Their, there, they're" -- one day I'll figure out the difference.

add me to the list of people who have no use for the show.

I had no use for Sex and the City but I do love Housewives.

Never seen either show. Just never seemed like they would appeal to me.

Course, I said the same think about Lost, but man I was way wrong.

I've seen just enough of both shows to know I don't care for either of them.

Which is a good thing - I spend enough time watching TV as it is...

dude. I'll say it. I like watching Desperate Housewives.

Sex in the City? eh, notsomuch.

Can't stand either one. Mindless crap about neurotic women who can't figure out what in the friggin' hell they want.

Explains why I never watched "Seinfeld" either, I guess.

I'm more of a Cartoon Network type of guy.

(Insert joke here)