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what i learned this week

I spent a great portion of the week tracking news for Command Post. Here is what I learned:

  • FOX (the website) will often post the most alarming breaking news headlines, long before anyone else has them. Often times, the headline (and story that went with it, if any) will disappear with nary a mention of them again. FOX does not believe in erring on the side of caution. They'd rather get the sreeching, panicky news flash up and just make it disappear later if it proves wrong or false. However, I have to say that they have been first with the (real/true) breaking news most often.
  • CNN (again, website) doesn't seem to care. They are so slow with breaking news it's almost embarrassing. They had the Egypt story from last night as a breaking headline, with no link, about forty minutes after I had full details at Command Post (thanks to mostly foreign news sites). CNN is definitely more interested in celebrity love children and scandalous behavior in Aruba than real news.
  • What happened to Drudge? He blew it on ever breaking story this week. In the botched London attacks, he still had 200 point font headlines about the weather as his news flash a full HOUR after everyone else had the stories up. He was also slow with the initial London attacks. I suppose he's more of a sensationalist when it comes to breaking news. If it's got thousands of dead people, lots of blood, Hillary Clinton or Britney Spears, it will get the full Drudge treatment.
  • Sky News will find the most absurd quotes from witnesses to events and give them the full treatment. They are good with breaking news, but fall way behind when it comes to giving details. They'll have the same headline/story up for hours, while other sites have updated several times. Often times, the Sky stories are riddled with inaccuracies, hearsay and quotes from Sky personnel, which I think are probably made up.
  • My main source for finding quick, updated links and instant reports on breaking news has been, believe it or not - Fark. Not the front page, but Total Fark. I've seen news flashes on breaking events in there long before the main news sites have the stories, and the TFers themselves, spread out all over the world, have been an amazing source of information in the early stages of breaking events.
  • I learned that the blogosphere is more incestuous than I originally thought. Bloggers will link to each other saying "so and so is live blogging the event, tons of information" and there will be 15 trackbacks to 15 blogs that all have the SAME EXACT LINKS to Fox, CNN, BBC and each other. It's a circle jerk of news. I don't understand why someone would write about a breaking story, then tell you to go to another website for more info, when all that site has is the same links, including a link back to the blog you just came from. If you want to read the same paragraph about a breaking story twenty times, go right ahead. If not, you can come to Command Post.
  • I also learned that people care far less about 60 people dying in a terrorist attack in Egypt than a terrorist being shot in a subway in London. In fact, I learned that if it doesn't happen in the U.S. or England, it doesn't get much notice.
  • I should mention that MSNBC is a good source of breaking news. They may not get the four-alarm headlines up in the same amount of time as FOX, but their follow up coverage is always complete and detailed.

And that's what I learned this week, as far as covering news goes.

As for everything else, I didn't learn anything you didn't already know.


A lot of people also don't care about Israeli or Iraqi terrorist attacks anymore. It's not a racist thing (among the victims of the Egypt bombings were Britons and Dutch), it's just that a lot of Americans (and probably the media, to some degree) have heard about bombings in these countries quite often over the past few years, and have been desensitized to them.

Did I call it racist?

I am continually amazed at how fast facts hit Fark. If I want news NOW, that's often where I'll head. Who'da thunk it?

ABCNews.com has always been extremely good with breaking stories. They usually beat the other network news outlets to the punch. Keep an eye on them.

I love FARK, but the mere thought of it being seen as a legitimate news source IS kinda scary.

"It's a trap!!"

It's a legitimate news source if it's pointing me to legitimate news. Also, any quotes, observations, eyewitness accounts, etc. I've ever taken from the TFers has always been spot on. They've never steered me wrong.


TCP has been doing (like always) an excellent job. And the speed you point out, especially from the pools of people sharing their original sources is the advantage of the 'net.

$.02 on two points of why the Egyptian story doesn't get the same press

1) the further away from "us", the less interesting. Kinda like a burglary in the next town isn't going to make much difference to you, but the one next door gets your attention (and for most Americans, London is "next door")

2)over the years, the ME has been the focus of Islamist terrorism and we've grown rather calloused about it. You know, let the Israelis deal with it and if some foreign tourists get targeted -- well they should have know better, eh? Not a nice attitude, but I know from conversations with people they can get almost hostile with the victims of Islamist terrorism for upsetting their lives.

You haven't noticed? Drudge quit; he's just cashing checks. He farms out the headline scouring to fucking idiots ever since that guy quit his team and went to work for Huffy.

Oh,and Bobby? Y'know that riff, "first they came for the..."
The Jews were first. They fought back. Now the pricks wanna see which of the "Western" PC assholes will cave first.

London's the test case. If the scumbags decide SAS, MI5 and Scotland Yard have realized to just shoot them dead on sight is the easiest option, they'll just move to Paris.

At that point, I'll ask my government to please step back, and see how they squeeze the cheese.

No, you didn't say it was racist, nor did I intend for you to interpret it that way. Let me add a couple words to clarify it:
"It's not a racist thing as some accuse (among the victims of the Egypt bombings were Britons and Dutch), it's just that a lot of Americans (and probably the media, to some degree) have heard about bombings in these countries quite often over the past few years, and have been desensitized to them."

What I was referring to was when people say that because people killed in a terrorist attack (or to provide another example, the tsunami last year) weren't white Americans, we didn't care.

Bobby? I'm calling it "racist." All the gunners are coming from North African/low Asian/Midle Eastern nations. Even the Dutch killer claimed fealty to somewhere else. You show me some blue-eyed, blond haired idiot who, as of right now, and don't bring up those Baader-Menhoff jackasses!, has carried a bomb into their own neighborhood.

Fox News: In an earlier post, I vented my peeve about their overuse of 'Fox News Alert', and truly, unless they are live at a scene, or offering analysis with the key players, they are hard to rely on for basic headlines.

Before Tuesday, I'll expect to hear their 'bong' with 'This is a Fox News Alert on Natalie Halloway...' without actually having anything of merit to report about the story.

I'm a bit confused as to why I'm being attacked here, TC. I agree with you on both of your points.

So let me rephrase it yet again:
"We're don't care more about bombings in America/England because we're racist, but because we've heard about dozens and dozens of bombings in the Middle East over the years."

We are part of a sad little world where if we don't learn to filter whats going on for ourselves, then we are doomed to swallow whatever we are fed.

I have to agree with you about MSNBC. I've been very impressed with them and their timeliness.

MSNBC is far from perfect however. One of the long list of complaints Imus points out about them is their file footage. When a guest on Imus speaks about Gitmo, for example, and the alleged horrible abuse these detainees are suffering, MSNBC shows the same stock footage of these guys playing soccer.

He may be a grouch, but he's right.

Hey, Booby? Sorry. My bad. I'm sitting here in NYC and listening to the asinine police commish say, "We won't do any racial profiling" when it comes to screening mas transit passengers and I'm screaming at the TV screen "well who the fuck do you think is doing these things you bloody asshole!"

Again, my apology for aiming the anger at you. (Unless you're a Red Sox fan, which, if that's the case, y'all can bite my ass.)

swear to God, that wasn't a backhand...just didn't hit "preview."

I was blogging stuff from Sky before they managed to get it on their own site. What made me laugh through both episodes was the fact that many people where linking to Tim Worstall in London which is odd even to him, since he lives in Portugal. Fortunately he linked to both me and Europhobia who were both somewhat nearer to what was going on.

"than a terrorist being shot in a subway in London"

not a terrorist

Not a terrorist and a rather unwise illegal alien in fact.


Heh, it's all good. My nickname in my younger days (like 6 years ago) was "Booby".

And I'm originally a Long Islander, so by no means am I a Red Sox fan.