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listomatic: And Where's Stile?

As I continue with the shoddy content (Headache From Hell, all freaking day), I give you: The Top Ten Web Fads of All Time

Their list (links at the link):

  • Hampsterdance
  • Mahir
  • All your base
  • Dancing Baby
  • Hot or Not
  • Friendster
  • Ellen Feiss
  • Star Wars Kid
  • Blogger
  • JibJab

I guess it depends on which part of the web you hang/hung out in if these fads mean anything to you. Of course, I have additions:

  • Stile Project (Oh come on, totally a FAD. Does anyone read him anymore?)
  • Fat Chicks in Party Hats
  • Tourist Guy
  • --- Ate My Balls
  • Flash Mobs
  • Bonsai Kitten
  • Tubgirl/goatse

I know you'll come up with your own.


[deleted by admin - I already listed it and you ain't linking to that thing here]

The Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything.

The Listkeepers. (You would have liked them.)

Sorry, I didn't see it, anyway it hasn't been there for years has it?

Yea, I just don't like to link it here because I don't want to be responsible for the horror that people feel upon seeing it for the first time.

and every subsequent time.

Wow. --Ate My Balls just took me back.
I forgot about that phenomenon.

Pankcake bunny thing.

Err I mean those stupid pictures of animals, usually bunnies, with pancakes on its head.


/You know what i mean...lol

I think it is blatantly unfair that you list these fads without links for those of us haven't seen all of them yet.

OOO,Hampsterdance! I forgot about that! I guess if I can get nostalgic about a web site that means the internet is no longer new.

For Mr. Lawson:

/proud that I'm part of that original thread

SETI@Home. I have it running on every machine I own...hell, there's an ancient, otherwise useless laptop in the basement whose sole purpose is to keep pumping those data chunks.

That young woman who had cameras all over her house and let use watch what she was up to. There were a lot of copycats but I wish I could remember the name of the original. Jane? Jan? Janet? Jennifer? Jean? Oh heck.

The giveboobs.com chick.

She's still taking in money even though she got her boobs.

Stephen, that chick was Jenni of the Jennicam. What a badonkadonk on that girl! Last time I checked, which has been forever, she was shacked up with some scruffy little hippie, still on cam.

And my contribution is rathergood.com. Rocker kitties!

For JimK, since Michele's Google-Fu (or memory) has failed:

Stile (and no, nobody goes there anymore)

Fat Chicks in Party Hats

Tourist Guy

__Ate My Balls (Yahoo directory because I'm lazy)

Flash mobs don't get a link because they remind me of every keg party I've ever been to.

Bonsai Kitten (my mother thought it was real, she ain't the only one)

No goatse or tubgirl for you. Google is your friend (or enemy, in this case).

Those eBay and Amazon site thingies.

(emailed you a jpeg to go along with the bunny/pancake theme)

I just remembered another- Badger Badger Badger Mushroom Mushroom Snake.

The "Matrix Pingpong" guys.

There was that damned first internet group home/reality show/soap opera...I cant remember it, but I remember hearing about it when CNET actually had a TV show about the happenings they thought worthy to discuss.

From the beat behind All Your Base: The Terrible Secret of Space.

Somethingawful.com is still occasionally funny.

How could you leave off both hypno-frog and www.zombo.com

Everything is possible at Zombo.com

Admit it! You've spent time just staring at your screen immersed in the genius of these two sites.

Zombo owns me.

And I prefer hypnoTOAD

Stinky Meat Project and then Stinky Feet Project!

There is, of course, the godawful rotten.com. I find www.tourettesguy.com to be a guilty pleasure as well.

...which is NOT to say I find rotten.com to be any kind of pleasure at all.