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random thought of the evening

The Venus Vibrance -


Do you think they meant it to double as a vibrator/dildo type thing? Was it a stroke of genius or the results of corporate people not realizing what kind of product they put out there (or what normal people think about when they see the words "soothing vibrations" in conjuction with a phallic shaped instrument?)

Just wondering.


I was going to say that it was just the female marketing version of their men's vibrating razor http://www.gillettem3power.com/home_f.asp but they do seem to have made some changes ....

I got the guys version a while ago. I lost my old mach 3, and the costco vibrating one was cheaper than wally worlds reagular one.

After a week of using it witout turning it on, I but a battery in and turned it on. It was the best shave I ever had. I'm really a fan.

On the other hand, the men's version doesn't look like a pink wang.

Sorry, but it's more than enough for me to put a sharp blade that close to my jugular every morning; I draw the line at that blade being wet, electrified, and vibrating, no matter how close the thing might end up shaving...

I'm no woman, but I think they like a little more punch in their vibrators. Something along the lines of a chainsaw (without the chain).

I think it's a stroke of genius that plays upon viral marketing.

yeah, i've heard from several women that the Mach 3 power is their new favorite toy for "touchups." One, as i recall, said that it had never taken her quite that long to do her bikini line before.

I guess a Brazillian would be right out,eh?

Been using my hubby vibrating one for the past few months and I can vouch for the close shave. Plus Tommy, it does "Brazillian" like you wouldn't believe- I'm STILL smilin' ;)

He he. You said "stroke."

For the record, however, I still don't get the concept. I used the Mach3 vibrating pleasure-shaver of passion, and it didn't do anything for me that the regular ol' Mach3 did for me.

However, I will vouch for the Mach3 being the absolute end-all, be-all bag o' chips disposable razor on the planet. Just an incredible piece of machinery.

Unfortunately, it's a piece of machinery that easily costs more than crack cocaine, especially when compared for weight.

Sheesh, do I hate buying razors. . .

Dave at Garfield Ridge

I dunno. Having shaved myself with shaky hands after a weekend bender, I find the thought of a vibrating razor scary as heck.

Well, it's cheaper than a Sybian, I guess.

/\now I don't care who ya are, that's just funny

vibrating razor? Why would you go and make your vibrator dangerous that way?

When the website shows the "vibration" feature, the picture isn't of the blade...

Not thick enough.

A little less sleep deprivation and a little more energy and I could probably come up with a stunningly witty comment about the latest "buzz" about personal grooming . . .

In all seriousness, I use the "powered" mach 3 to shave my head & face, and I love it. It really is a step up from the standard version--if you use it correctly. Trick is to move it considerably more slowly, and let the vibrations work on the hairs.

As for grooming more private areas, the vibrations are truly more "soothing" than stimulating, and the vibrations aren't pronounced enough to be dangerous in any area. I'm guessing the folks at Gillette really intended for the reshaped handle to be conducive to holding the razor at different angles for legs, underarms, etc., though, because the very end of the thing is actually the battery cap--not a design particularly conducive to "other uses."