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A Harry Potter Question/Discussion For Those Who Read


[And don't comment if you don't care, k?]

Do you think Harry's scar could be a horcrux?

Also, what do you make of Snape? Evil? Misguided? A good guy underneath it all?

(Feel free to discuss any other plot points, future plots, etc.)


Scar - not a horcrux, as it's the result of Voldemort's Avada curse rebounding on him.

Snape - agent for Dumbledore. Dumbledore was going to die anyway, told Snape to kill him to keep his cover.

I know it's stupid, but I don't believe dumbledore is dead. I believe Snape is probably a good guy and it was staged to allow further work to be done i.e. Voldemort.

My $.02:

Harry's scar cannot be a Horcrux; if as Dumbledore suggests, Voldemort wanted to murder Harry and use the damage to his soul from that murder to make #7, then (a) no murder, Harry's still alive, and (b) no time; Lord V disappeared in the instant of the strike.

The idea that Voldemort made his pet snake a replacement Horcrux afterwards at the start of Order of the Phoenix would explain how Harry was able to see Arthur Weasley being attacked; if the scar ties him to V, then his seeing into V could work both ways. I suspect this is what's behind Harry's hunches about where he needed to go to find the remaining Horcruxes.

As far as Snape goes, I see two possibilities. 1) He was under an Unbreakable Vow to do the deed if Malfoy could not, so he really had no choice, kill Dumbledore or die from the vow. 2) If the poison D had drunk was mortal and incurable, remember he was begging for death earlier, then Snape may have given him the greatest gift possible; a clean death and a release from torment.

I'm pretty sure of #1, I'm just wondering if #2 will prove to be right.

But as Joe Nagle said, Snape is now very much in the clear with Voldemort.

I don't believe that Harry is a horcrux or that any living body would be. Wouldn't the death of a living horcrux kill that part of the soul?

I like the theory about Snape being a double agent. He may have an Unbreakable Vow with Dumbledore that required him to kill the Big D and go undercover.

Scar: not a horcrux, but we're being set up to think that it is. When JK foreshadows, she does it with wee tiny little bits, like mentioning Regulus Black ONE time in the first ten chapters and having his initials show up in the necklace at the end.

Snape: He made the unbreakable vow with Narcissa, pledging to help Draco, and then he told Dumbledore the plan. I'm sure D could've come up with a way to defend himself, even weakened, but he knew Snape himself would die if he didn't help Draco completel his mission. That's why he just let Snape do it.

My prediction: V kills Harry, then Snape kills V in plain sight of Hermione and Ron, thus redeeming himself in the eyes of all the kids.

More discussion:


I really want to believe that Snape is acting in everyone's best interest. I want him to be good.

Harry's scar - I don't think it's a horcrux... as for Snape, my mother and I have the same theory, that Dumbledore told Snape to kill him. That may be wishful thinking, as I've always wanted Snape redeemed, but that's the way that I read it. He was far too easily moved into making the Unbreakable Vow, knowing that in helping Draco, this is what would have to happen.

OK, I won't.

Ah, crap, I did already.

I think Dumbledore and Snape had talked about the possible eventuality of Snape needing to do unthinkable things to protect his cover - remember Dumbledore making Harry promise to do whatever he was told when they were headed after the Horcrux?

Snape was fishing for information from Narcissa and had to make the Unbreakable Vow to stay in character - she tacked on the promise to step in for Malfoy at the end, and Snape hesitated a moment at that one.

Dumbledore knew what Malfoy was trying to do, and told Snape to keep an eye on him. He knew about the Unbreakable Vow, and told Snape that if that's what it came to, he'd have to go through with it. (I imagine this is what Hagrid found them arguing about.)

When Snape was dragging Malfoy off, he was mostly just blocking Harry's curses, and tried to keep him from using an Unforgivable curse. Why would he care if he weren't Dumbledore's agent?

The delicious thing about the whole scenario is that I'm positive Harry's going to have to trust Snape in the last book - Snape will know where a Horcrux is, or can help him find Regulus, or whatever.

No one seems to remember Harry listening in on Snape and Dumbledore. Snape was arguing, and Dumbledore told him that he MUST do it. "It" wasn't explicitly explained, but it seems pretty obvious in hindsight that Dumbledore was instructing Snape to follow through on his Unbreakable Vow.

Personally, I think Dumbledore is gone, never to return. There has been enough mention about how bad it is to seek immortality. And I don't think that any of this was staged. Dumbledore was prepared to give his life to save Malfoy. If Dumbledore had not died, Malfoy and his family would be killed by Voldemort.

Not only will Harry have to trust Snape, I think he's going to have to work with Malfoy. I think Draco's going to realize that having failed Voldemort, his only path to survival is to defeat him. A lot for the next book depends on when Dumbledore's portrait wakes up and how much he can say about the moments leading up to his own death.

I agree that Harry is not a horcrux. There would be four left, if the locket was at the Black's House and not destroyed, and LV. It should be interesting to see how this all works out.

As for Snape. He was leading the conversation and in control during the second chapter. He was not tricked into the unbreakable vow. He knew it was going to happen. Second, what happened to wormtail? Did Snape leave him locked in his room for the entire book? He makes one appearance, as Snape's servant and then disappears?

Also, since this is book really shows us the history of two powerful wizards, Tom Riddle and Snape. Clearly, Snape is a very smart and powerful wizard. His book has left us a window into his young mind. I would not be surprised to find that Snape is more powerful than any other wizard in book 7, except Volde that is.

The whole final scene still bothers me. DD knew what was going to happen and let it. But DD has made a habit of talking to people others can't see. So part of me wonders if his conversation with Malfoy was really intended to give Harry a cryptic explanation of what was about to happen. And yes Snape is working for the good guys still.

Okay, I'll be the voice of dissent here, and say the scar may be a horcrux. We're never told exactly how a horcrux is created. Right before his attempt to kill Harry, Voldemort killed Lily. So it's possible that her murder, along with the protection she gave Harry by sacrificing herself, turned Harry into a horcrux when the spell backfired. That would explain how Harry picked up some of Voldemort's powers.

I could theorize for days on Snape. I'd lean towards Snape working for Dumbledore, and killing him to protect Malfoy (I think Dumbledore was more concerned about saving Malfoy than what would happen to Snape if he broke his vow). It's possible, too, that Dumbledore is not dead. If I'm not mistaken, wizards and witches can control the force behind the spells they use. Snape could have hit him hard enough with the "Avada Kedavra" spell to appear convincing, but not to actually kill him. Given that the plot against Dumbledore was known, Snape and Dumbledore could have conspired in any number of ways to give the appearance of death.

Of course, I personally think the story would be most interesting if Dumbledore were dead, and Snape an agent of Voldemort.

I'm really hoping that Harry and Malfoy have to work together for the next book. That would make for a very interesting storyline.

Ah, about those horcruxes...

LV is one (kinda), 2 were destroyed, so are there 4 left, or 3?

Harry's death was meant to provide the last horcrux, but the spell backfired. Which would mean Voldemort never got his last horcrux, unless he did it after the fact. Given Voldemort's personality, I expect it would be Harry's death, or nothing (unless, as I speculated above, Harry is the last horcrux).

R.A.B. = Regulus Alphard Black.

Why did Dumbledore freeze Harry if he didn't want him to see/hear the exposition that followed.

Yup to Harry and Draco working together, yup to Snape redeeming himself at last and a maybe to DD being still alive.
one thing that had a lot of mention in the last few hundred pages was the large vat of Polyjuice potion, some of which was missing. Did someone take DD's place, maybe under an imperius and was that really Snape?

Well, we still need to find out what it was that caused Dumbledore to trust Snape so implicitly - remeber everyone was talking about that in the end, and Rowling is nothing if not a huge foreshadower, so that had to be part of it. As I believe was speculated above, maybe Snape is trying to get close to find the remaining horcruxes?

Dumbledore? Dead. Rowling has been making the stories darker as they progress, and when it comes to death, she's played fair. There really haven't been any takebacks - if a character dies in one book, they aren't resurrected in the next one. Dumbledore isn't coming back, Sirius isn't coming back, whatisname from book 4 isn't coming back.

Book seven is gonna be a whole new ballgame...

Alright, here are my theories:

1. Harry IS a horcrux (or this is just wishful thinking) because the fact that the horcruxes have to be destroyed to make V-mort mortal adds a particularly interesting twist to the prophecy.
2. The reason Dumbledore is SURE Snape will not let him down is that while Snape has made the unbreakable vow to protect Malfoy with Narcissa, he has also made an unbreakable vow to protect Harry with Dumbledore. Could prove quite interesting in the end, couldn't it?
3. I like the theory surrounding the polyjuice potion, but Snape's suffering from too much internal conflict to be someone else.
4. It's most likely Regulus Black. Remember the locket in Sirius' house that nobody could open? I'm guessing it's the 'lost' horcrux. And what if Mundungus Fletcher stole it along with a number of other of Sirius' earthly possessions?

Maybe Harry was a Horcrux. Didn't LV have to use Harry's blood so he could "live again" in Chamber of Secrets, maybe he took the horcrux back at that point.

I'm feeling a little snarky about Dumbledore's death. Richard Harris dies ... and now Dumbledore bites the dust? I can't help but have a sneaking suspicion that Rowling allowed art to imitate life, and that Dumbledore's death was inspired by the fact that Harris was no longer around to play him.

Which is neither here nor there, and most assuredly not an answer to the questions you posed. I hadn't considered the possibility that the scar was a horcrux until you posed it, but now I have to wonder. It would explain why pain in the scar presaged any evil-doings by Voldemort. It's more tempting to play with the idea that Potter himself is the horcrux though, the scar simply being the site of entry for the bit of Voldemort's soul. It could explain Potter's skill at Defense from the Black Arts (after all, he'd be a product of those self-same Black Arts). It would also lead to some strong plotlines in the final book: are we what we've been forced to become, or do we have a choice in our destiny? The idea that Harry is part Voldemort rather intrigues me.

As for Snape - it's obvious that Dumbledore knows more than he revealed to Harry. Snape is in the process of somehow redeeming himself for the wrong choices of his youth. I'd guess that his charge is to not only save Potter from making a wrong life choice, but saving Malfroy from himself as well. It may well be that Malfroy is Rowling's "Golem", doomed to do the right thing (although perhaps for the wrong reason) at the end of the series and be the agent of Voldemort's doom.

I think that it's not Harry or the Scar, but that the Invisibility Cloak is an artefact of Griffindor and the unaccounted-for Horcrux.

Snape: not so much a good guy, but on the right side, at least. Probably for the wrong reasons, at that. [Likely, Voldemort planned to kill just James and Harry, leaving Lily free for him to move in on, but he switched sides when that didn't work out so well. And likely swore an Unbreakable Vow to Dumbledore. Wonder who the Holder would have been.] Him killing Dumbledore was either part of D's main plan or at least a planned-upon contingency.

The last Dark Arts teacher will be a Weasley, either Bill or Arthur. [Unless it's Hagrid, with Bill taking over Care of Magical Creatures.]

And I still think that Harry's a Metamorphmagus.

I really want to believe that Snape is acting in everyone's best interest. I want him to be good.

Dumbledore knew what Malfoy's task was. He argued with Snape about something (most likely keeping the Vow). And he named Snape the Defense of Dark Arts teacher, which meant that Snape would be gone at the end of the year.

Dumbledore told Harry that ever since he denied Voldemort for the DA job, no DA teacher has lasted more than a year. This is why he wouldn't previously give Snape the DA job (and it was mentioned in every novel that he really wanted it). Now that Snape took the Vow to help Malfoy kill Dumbledore, he was given the DA job. This tells me that Dumbledore knew, almost, everything.

1. Yes, RAB must be Regulus Black.
2. No part of Harry is a Horcrux. Voldemort wasn't expecting what happened, he can't have planned it.
3. Yes, agreed that the locket Mundungus found is likely the original.
4. I'm starting to be persuaded that maybe Snape was acting to keep his cover and Dumbledore knew. That didn't occur to me while I was reading the book. His reasons through the years for protecting Harry do seem to have been weak pretexts.
5. I do think something will be done to have Voldemort undone in the end in part by good deeds by Snape, Malfoy and/or Pettigrew (Pettigrew being the most Gollum-like).
6. The whole "snake is a Horcrux" thing seems stupid to me - why use a living creature? - but it is clearly suggested by the facts.
7. My two favorite red herrings so far in the series are Crookshanks and Neville's mimbulus mimbletonia, each of which I'd thought would be meaningful.
8. I like Jeff's thought that it could be the Invisibility Cloak - I think there will be at least one such "surprise" object somewhere along the line. What about the Sorting Hat, the most ancient enchanted object of all and one with connections to all four Houses? The Mirror of Erised? The Whomping Willow? Or perhaps the castle itself? But I doubt there will be more than one Horcrux actually at Hogwarts.
9. I expect that Dumbledore's portrait will, sooner or later, explain that he's just a painting, less even than a ghost, and not the real Dumbledore and thus can't provide information or plot strategy. The most he can do is reflect the personality of the original.
10. Now that Dumbledore, the Secret-Keeper for the Order is dead, what happens to the secret location of Grimmauld Place?
11. I don't think Harry dies at the end - these are still kids' books - but if he does, I am sure it will be because it is necessary for him to die to kill Voldemort.

More detailed thoughts here.

My thought at the end -- since I'm really hoping Snape isn't evil -- was that Dumbledore forced a promise out of Snape as he did Harry before going to the caves. Snape could have sworn that if it came down to there being no other option, he'd kill Dumbledore.

It seemed to me that Snape could have taken Harry out there at the end when Harry caught up with him, but he didn't.

I think Snape will turn out to be a good guy after all, though he looks like the devil now.

Wasn't the prophecy akin to "One cannot live while the other is alive"? Harry cannot continue with his life while V is still around? V can't live while Harry is still there. That doesn't support the Horocrux idea either way you look at it.

Mundungus probably did steal that locket.

Snape is a good guy (even if just from a moral standpoint.. look for the good in people etc for the kids)

crank: I think the reason the snake was used as a horocrux is because he had no other option at the time and he could always retrieve it when he got another host.

If the scar is a horcrux, that doesn't mean that Harry has to die to destroy that portion of the soul. The soul fragment in the ring was apparently destroyed without destroying the ring itself, though at the cost of Dumbledore's hand.

Likewise, it also possible that RAB desouled the locket when he stole it, as his stated intention was to help destroy Voldemort. So even if Mundugus may have stolen it, that may not be significant.

1. Harry a horcuux? Maybe. If so, it happened inadvertently. As others guess, Voldemort never meant to kill Lily. He meant to kill Harry, and use that muder to create the last horcrux. In the end he had to kill Lilly to get at Harry, and when his attempt on harry didn't work, he did at least gain one benefit which was that it created a horcrux un Harry caused by the unplanned murder of Lily.

2. Snape is good, for all the reasons mentioned so far, plus, during the chase scene at the end after Snape kills Dumbledore, Snape prevents Harry from using an Unforgiveable Curse and says (quoting form memory) "No Unforgiveable Curses for you Mr. Potter." He was protecting Harry still. Otherwise he could have just blocked it.

3. RAB. I'd like to give credit, for this is not my catch, but I can't remember where I read this: Hermione does research as to who RAB could be and does not even consider Regulus Black, whose middle name we readers do not know. We do know that the Blacks have an uncle named Alphard that could have become Regulus's middle name, but are we to believe that Hermione, the smartest wizard of her generation, did research into RAB and missed an obvious candidate such as Regulus? Unlikely.
If not Regulus, my speculation is (1) possibly 2 people, with A standing for "and", (2) Borgin: I don't think we know his first name (Burke's 1st name is Caractacus, or (3) the initials are written in the style where the middle name precedes the first, so we are really looking for someone with the initials A.R.B., which could still be Borgin, as well as Alphard or Andromeda Black. They were both good Blacks, disowned by the family. Or Rowling went with the obvious for a change and it really is Regulus.

I love the idea of the invisibility cloak or the sorting hat being a horcrux. As for the former, it adds a new reason why Dumbledore insisted that Harry keep it with him at all times in this book.

I'm not convinced that Regulus is dead. We've already seen Pettigrew successfully fake his own death, and Dumbledore said he could hide Malfoy the same way.

At any rate, it seems like it would be much more difficult to track down the intact Horcruxes without Regulus' knowledge. I'm guessing Regulus has one of the magic mirrors Sirius gave Harry, and once Harry figures out 'RAB', he'll holler Regulus' name into it and get some vital help.

Regulus can't be alive, or else he would have inherited Kretcher and the house rather than Harry.

Regulus is definately dead, he was killed by Voldy for betraying him wasn't he?
Another death-eater turned away from the dark lord.

Personnaly, I think that it will be Regulus Black, because I remember reading this one site that had an interveiw with JKR, and she was asked who her fave. member of the Order was, and she says this:
JK Rowling: I keep killing all my favourite members of the Order of the Phoenix, but there is one member of the Order of the Phoenix that you have not yet met properly and you will ­­ well, you know that they are a member, but you haven't really met them properly yet and you will meet them in seven, so I am looking forward to that.

So, that sort of makes me agree with the whole Regulus Black thing.

About the Snape thing, I really want to beleive that he's bad, simply because he killed Dumbledore. I also want to believe that there is some good left in Draco, and that it will shine through in the end (hopefully). But that's also because Malfoy has been my fave. character since book one.

I believe that Regulus took the horcrux/locket - with the help of Kreacher. Remember, Dumbledore said that it was only possible to get if two people went, and the second person would have to be small or young enough to get in the boat. If not an underage wizard, a house-elf would fit the bill.

We don't actally know exactly how Regulus died. Sirius assumed that he had been killed by one of the other Death Eaters, but perhaps instead he died as a result of drinking the potion. We don't know if the potion was definitely fatal, since Dumbledore's death was "helped along," but if it was it would support the theory that Snape killed Dumbledore in part because he was doomed to die anyway. It also explains why the locket was not destroyed, as Regulus claims he was planning to do in his note. He didn't live long enough to destroy it. Kreacher took the locket back to the Black house, where it was up until the housecleaning in Order of the Pheonix. I suppose it's possible that Mundungus liberated it from the trash, but I think it far more likely that it's tucked away in the house-elf den of the Grimmauld Street boiler room, with all the other trinkets Kreather managed to save.

I don't think it would be Regulus and Kreacher. Dumbledore said the measurement wasn't weight, but magical abilities. I think a house-elf's magic, combined with a wizard's magic, would set off whatever charms were there.

However, I wonder if a house-elf alone could pull it off. Their powers are clearly the match of wizards, and may even exceed them in areas (notice that Dobby and Kreacher had no problems whatsoever apparating around Hogwarts).

Could be why Kreacher is such a miserable SOB :)

I've heard a lot of theories on Snape. I think he was acting under DD's orders. Both were skilled Legilimens, and could read eachother's minds.

Evidence, besides what was mentioned above:

1) When Snape is about to kill him, DD says "Severus... please...". If you were pleading for your life, wouldn't you say "no" or "don't do it" or something like that? He was begging Snape to kill him.

2) Rowling's writing. She uses the exact same adjectives for what Harry's feeling when he's giving the potion to DD in the cave and right before Snape kills DD.

3) When Snape and Malfoy are fleeing, Harry catches up to Snape and they duel. Snape ONLY blocks until Harry calls him a coward, at which time he does a spell that temporarily incapacitates Harry, giving them enough time to get away. Snape also says something about shutting his mouth and closing his mind. That is what he has to do to defeat LV.

DD had to die, and this was the time to do it. Harry has to defeat LV, and LV has to be overconfident and cocky going into the last battle.

IMO, this was the best book of the series. SPEW was mentioned once, and Grawp twice.

There's an interview with JKR on the-leaky-cauldron.org, in which she gives a few hints about book 7.

Oops, hit submit before I edited something. In the second to last paragraph, I meant to add "The filler stuff in this book was much more interesting, and I think she may have taken fan opinions into account when writing some of the subplots."

Horcrux? I dont think so. He intended to kill harry, and who'd want a stinking, filty baby corpse as a horcrux?

Snape is a totally nasty piece o work, but I think he followed Dumbledore's orders up on the tower, fully knowing that he would be branded a coward. He spared Draco from taking a life, which could have set him on an irreversible path.

I'm wondering what the other horcruxes are? WE have Nagini, the locket (which may or may not be destroyed), and Hufflepuff's cup. Dumbledore said that the only reamining relic of Gryffindor is his sword, but wasn't the sorting hat originally Gryffindor's also?

I'm personally thinking that Lily and James' graves will be a key part of the next book.

I'm still wondering about the reference from the last book about the room in the Ministry of Magic where Harry heard the voices, and Luna told him that's where souls of the dead were...behind the veil. Maybe there will be a way for Sirius to come back via that route?

I believe that Dumbledore is dead, and that Snape is working as a double agent also. And I agree with the theory that Harry and Draco will end up having to combine their talents in the end to destroy Voldemort.

I don't think Regulus, Sirius, or Dumbledore are coming back. Dead doesn't mean as much if everyone can just come back from it.

I thought Harry was the 6th horcrux when I read it. I'm starting to be convinced otherwise, but it just seems too perfect.

I'm pretty sure Snape is on the good side, and he had to kill Dumbledore and Dumbledore knew it. Same reasons as everyone above said. That's why he was so angry at Harry for calling him a coward. Because it's anything but cowardly to have to face the nasty decisions he was given.

I think the member of the order that we haven't officially met yet but will meet in book 7 is Dumbledore's brother, Aberforth. The one with the goat problem. ;) We have met him, but not introduced as such.

1. I like the idea of Kreacher's involvement with the locket. Could be one way we meet Regulus, vicariously; I assume he's dead but we will somehow get more clues he left behind.

2. We will see more of Zacharias Smith in the next book. He's a Hufflepuff, as was Hepzibah Smith, who owned the cup. Same surname, same house - can't be a coincidence.

3. I too have wondered when we'd see if Dumbledore's brother is still alive.

4. I assume the Godric in "Godric's Hollow" is Godric Gryffindor?

5. The one thing that makes me wonder about the Sorting Hat is that if part of Voldemort's soul is in the hat, it might not behave as it does - comfortable on the heads of good people, sagely warning against division, sorting Harry into Gryffindor, etc. Conversely, while I'm skeptical of the Harry's-scar theory, if the horcrux leaves some of Voldy's power and personality behind, that would be consistent with how it affects Harry.

6. Random fact: Harry and Voldemort share a common core to their wands. The Death Eaters killed Ollivander. Coincidence?

Ollivander was "taken away". I'm not convinced he's dead, just unable to arm other people.

Good catch on the Smiths. I hope that's not a screw up like the Mark Evans fiasco.

It's pretty conclusive that DD's brother, Aberforth, is the barman at the Hog's Head.

I'm going with Snape is still on the good side. Other than DD, he harmed no one during the fight.

He could have killed Flitwick but didn't.

He probably could have killed or seriously harmed several other Pheonix members during the escape but didn't.

If you're a bad guy double agent and you know your cover is going to be blown, wouldn't you try and cause as much havoc as possible on the way out?

Also, Sanpe never loses his cool during the retreat from Hogwarts until Harry calls him a coward. I think Snape was absolutely devastated that he had to kill DD, because as several have mentioned above, DD forced a promise, Unbreakable or otherwise, from him to do so if it came down to it. To have Harry of all people accuse him of cowardice after he had just peformed possibly the bravest and most difficult act of his life was just too much.

Harry a Horcrux? I don't think so, for many reasons already mentioned. But it would be interesting if Rowling can justify it within the logic of Harry's world.

I think Dumbledore has to be dead for real. This whole series has had an underlying theme of growing up. Removing DD will force the kids to stand on thier own as adults since the 'parent' is not there to fall back one. DD's death was neccessary for the kids to grow into adults.

After reading the book, I've decided that if I ever become a wizard, the first thing I'll do is drill a hole through the end of my wand and tie that sucker to my wrist with kevlar thread.
The idea of Harry's scar being a horcrux is intriguing but unlikely.
Dumbledore is dead, or if he isn't, Rowling should be ashamed.
Snape is an enigma, but if I had to lay a bet, I'd say he's playing Dumbledore's game.

If Voldemort intended to create a Horcrux by killing Harry, what was the object that was going to become the horcrux? Wouldn't that have been found at the scene if Voldemort dissappeared right away?

These are childrens books, but it is still plausible that J.K.R. may go for the "everyone dies" ending. These books have a great deal of similarity to C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia...a series of 7 children's books. In the last book in that series "The Last Battle", everyone dies at the end but are reunited and happy in heaven.

I'd be really dissappointed if J.K.R. takes this route. I want the boy that lived to live.

A friend of mine called it years ago: Dumbledore has to die so that Harry can find his way into power and kill Voldemort. No fake death, no polyjuice impersonator. The guy is dead.

It's perfect Campbellian archetype: The father[-figure] must die so the son can succeed him. And even at the hands of the son--Harry is going to be consumed with guilt, because he fed Dumbledore the poison that weakened him enough for Malfoy to petrify him.

I think that Malfoy is going to turn against Voldemort as well. I don't think it's because he's young and scared. I think it's because even though he's a shit, he's not an evil shit.

And Snape? Still a double agent.

As for Harry being a horcrux--it might explain his powers. But I don't believe that she's going to kill Harry off. That's not what you do with your main character after building up his life and his powers for seven novels. He's not a sacrifice. He's a hero. He has to kill Voldemort, and he will.

And in the simplest sense, she wouldn't do that to the children who've been reading her books all these years. Geez. She'd be the most hated author in the history of the world. Nobody's that dumb.

Just saw your comment, Godric. C.S. Lewis was writing Christian allegory. There is no religion in Harry's world, only secular Christmases with candy and food and presents.

He killed his characters off to show that there is an afterlife, which, uh, goes along with all the Christian theology he peppered the series with.

Snape touched my magical wand...


I think Regulus and Kreacher would work - after all, the addition of Harry didn't set off any alarms both because Dumbledore's magic sort of swamped his and because he was underage - that is, he didn't fit the technical definition of "wizard". I doubt very much that Voldemort would see house-elves as equal to wizards - look at how Lucius Malfoy treated Dobby.
What if Regulus had Kreacher drink the potion, therefore leaving Regulus sufficiently healthy to dispose of the horcrux and possibly contributing to Kreacher's derangement? There's reason to believe the potion is extremely harmful/fatal to humans, but house-elves don't seem to work the same way as humans.

I don't think Harry is a horcrux, though I would guess LV intended to use his death to make the final one...which is why he still had one more to make (Nagini) after his powers returned. Otherwise he wouldn't have had to use the snake? At that point he wasn't in any sort of shape to be seeking out meaningful objects (ie Gryffindor's sword or Ravenclaw's wand or whatever).

I think RAB is Regulus, and I love the idea that Kreacher helped him retrieve ithe locket, I hadn't thought of that. Though I do agree he (Regulus) is definitely dead, as Harry's ownership (master-ship?) of Kreacher proves without a doubt.

I think Mundungus stole the locket, and sold it to Aberforth before Harry collared him in Hogsmeade (remember, Aberforth "drew his collar more tightly around his neck" as he left the scene). Aberforth could be the memeber of the OotP that JKR refers to in the interview someone referenced above, I bet we find him instrumental in Harry's quest in book 7.

all i know is that book 7 is gonna be at least 1000 pages..............so many lose ends to tie up

Harry could be a horocrux (or an additional one...) it would cetainly explain how Harry has some of LV's powers and shares his thoughts. Also this would explain why Voldemort needed Harry's blood to take on a physical form and regain his powers (as someone above mentioned) and how not he doesn't want Harry killed (near Hagrid's hut we learn that that LV gave explicit orders to NOT kill Harry) because he realized that a piece of his soul is inside him.

In the earlier books, LV never had a problem of havingHarry killed by a henchman but now he's untouchable by anyone but Voldemort.

Also, Lilly's death and final spell could have tampered Voldemort's plans to use Harry's death to make his seventh horocrux. Then possibly later he made another horocrux thinking that Harry, at the time, did not have a piece of his soul in him.

I also have to agree with those who think that R.A.B. is Regulus. I mean, it makes sence and it seems to fit (especially if it involves Kreacher and Mundungus).

I believe Dumbledore made Snape promise to kill him, if he had to, just like he made Harry promise to run away and leave him, if it meant saving his own life.

I'm just hoping he left the memory somewhere, for Harry to use in the pensieve.

I feel awful for Snape that Harry kept calling him a coward. Killing Albus must have been awful for him.

p.s. - I think it was Dumbledore in Snape's house when Bellatrix and whatserface showed up, not the rat guy. Polyjuice. Just a guess.

I agree that Snape is still on the good side, hence him not killing Harry at the Final battle and yelling at him that he wasn't a coward??? (that is an interesting thing to say to an enemy)but I honestly think that DD wanted to die to save Harry and make him realise that he needs to take the responsibility of saving himself as well as killing the big V. He can only do it alone and that is what it will come down to.

1. He immediatly before anything happened cursed Harry and threw the invisibility cloak over him
2. He was perfectly capable to save himself even at his weakened state.
3. He stalled by talking to Malfoy, almost as if waiting for Snape to come and kill him.
4. He almost used Harry like a witness to his death.

Oh and by the way have any of you thought of the fact that R.A.B could possibly be a combination of three names?

I think harry's scar can indeed be one of the horcruxes. But then why would Voldemort want to kill harry ? Why would he want to destroy part of his soul? Well, maybe Voldermort will get back his horcrux if he kills Harry personally. Harry might figure this out with Ron and Hermione and might devise a plan where he will have to die at the hands of Voldermort but his friends or the Order of Phoenix (or whatever remains of the order)will immediately kill Voldermort, preventing the latter to re-use his horcrux.

Still, I hope I'm wrong because I do not like the idea of Harry dying beofre the end of the book. I want him to live on, preferably with Ginny Weasley.

As for Snape, definitely not a true Death Eater. Yes, certainly, he is evil but I believe, like many people on this website that he only did what Dumbledore ordered him to do in case they were all cornered. And I like the idea that Snape did not really mean the 'Avada Kedavra' curse, so Dumbledore is not truly dead. But then again, his portrait is in the Headmaster's office, on the wall, now and Fawkes is gone.

And what about Sirius? I thought we would here about him during the HBP, even if it wer via the mirror or sth. Do you all thing he's gone for good? Isn't he going to help Harry?

hey, im new to this, and you will probs think this is a stupid idea, but when the avada kedavra rebounded on VM did it just destroy his body, not the fragment of soul in him? does that mean that there is a different spell for destroying the soul or did he use one of his horcruxes (i dont think he did)

As for Snape -- there's something I noticed that I haven't seen anybody comment on yet. Interesting that in the books prior to this one, Harry's weakest subject had been Potions, primarily due to his well-known hatred for his professor. Clearly there were things he needed to learn in Potions that he would never be able to learn from Snape, simply because of Harry's ongoing biases. Defense Against Dark Arts? Been there, done that. But he wasn't going to get better in Potions with Snape still teaching it.

So in preparing for his ultimate showdown, he's suddenly "allowed" to take Potions. And lo, it's not with Snape. And, by "chance" an amazingly helpful textbook just happens to show up in a spare cupboard.

What's the likelihood of that happening? Sitting there for however many years unnoticed, with no other students chancing upon it? Certainly with the amount of information inside, Snape probably kept that book with him after he finished at Hogwarts.

All of this is to say that I think that as part of giving Snape the Defense Against the Dark Arts job, Dumbledore asked him to let Harry use Snape's old textbook. The ultimate goal isn't to soothe Snape's ego, but to prepare Harry for the final battle. There's no way that Harry learns as much at Hogwarts in his sixth year -- learns critical lessons from Snape -- if he was actually forced to take those lessons with Snape.

Dumbledore hints a couple of times that the most powerful magic of all is ancient craft involving love. He also mentioned that Lily Potter's sacrifice provided that sort of power as protection for Harry (in an earlier book). Might it be possible that Dumbledore knew used similar magic to empower Harry even more?

just sayin wot if by chance dumbledore was wrong in the fact that the diaryhorcrux was destroyed and actually having been so far into the process ginny became a horcrux i doubt this but it would be an eventful twist.Maybe snape secretly loves cissy(narcissa) and wen he looked into her eyes felt empowered to help but secretly he hates draco m so he planted his old potions book knowing that one of two students would pick it up Harry or Ron both enemies of malfoy and as sectumsempra is for enemies they would both feel compelled to use it so snape hoped malfoy would be killed leaving him and cissy no luck dumbledore was plaeding for snape to kill him and also protect harry just my two cents

agree that the horcrux locket is with kreacher and rab is regulus black. I also think that snape is still with OOTP and that dumbledore did 'order' snape to kill him. I think the act that made snape repent was not that his actions led to the killing of james but lily potter. I think we'll find that snape has been in love with lily all those years which would add to his hatred of james and harry but also to his sincere desire to work against voldemort. And since we're on this love thing, i think that somehow ginny will be the key to saving harry in the last book. Urk. If that happens, rowling will be introducing a whole generation of young girls to harlequins. Urk.

Snape said he had to protect Harry maybe that is because he was semi responsible for his parents death.

Well, my sister and I have been talking about it for a week now and we both beleive that Snape is acting on Dumbledores orders. We are both pretty upset about Snapes actions, but it would be just like JKR to make another twist that Snape was told to kill Dumbledore. Still, another thing we talk about alot is Draco Malfoy. Has Draco come to the good side?

Hello all,
I thoroughly enjoyed reading HP VI it was a good read all the way through, I am really looking forward to HP VII.

I agree that R.A.B is Regulus Alphard Black (brother of Sirius, I think he took the locket back to Grimmauld Place, isnt there some mention of a locket in HP V when they were cleaning up and they couldn’t open the locket? I believe that Regulus is dead and that the note will give Harry a clue to where the locket is.

I also think that Snape was working on Dumbledore’s orders when he killed him. They were said to be arguing earlier in the book and I think Snape didn’t want to do this task. He is pretty horrible but I think he is working for the good side.
I think Dumbledore is dead but I think that Harry will get a chance to communicate with him either through his painting or it might have something to do with Fawkes.

Rufus Scrimgeour I believe is going to be a more prominent character is the next book and may even help Harry et al. to defeat the dark powers, I think Snape may be the one to actually finish Voldemort off and will die himself doing it.

We all believe that there are 7 Horcruxes, I think they are;
1. Riddle’s Diary – Destroyed
2. Slytherin’s Ring – Destroyed
3. Locket – At grimmauld Place
4. Hufflepuff’s Goblets – Whereabouts unknown
5. Nagini
6. Something at Godric’s Hollow that belonged to Godric?
7. Voldemort himself.

I don’t really know where JK can take Harry after book 7, if she has plans to write more then this could be Harry progressing into being an auror and rounding up particularly accomplished dark wizards, or it might include him unearthing secret magic and possibly becoming a powerful wizard like Dumbledore was,

Dumbledoore totally trusts Snape and no one knows why. Harry says it's because Snape felt bad that because he led to Jame's death. No one belives this. However it is mentioned in book 1 that Snape hated James so much because James saved his life. This is why he works so hard to protect Harry, so he can 'go back to hating James in peace' according to Dumbledore.
I suspect the reason he trusts Snape so much will have something to do with this.

guys i hate to be a wet blanket BUT...

harry isnt a horcrux. he isnt. bs. "to put your living soul into somehthing that can think an act for itself is very dangerous" or sth along tt lines when dd was telling harry abt horcruxes, specifically, nagini. he was telling him that ppl rarely if ever made a living thing their horcrux - if that thing betrayed him, died, or was otherwise destroyed, he loses that part of his soul. maybe lv risks that wif nagini. but harry? he will know tt harry is under dumbys watch day n night N dd would know if harry was a horcrux.
ALSO furthermore, lv has twice tried to use the killing curse on harry (bk 4 n bk 5, the graveyard battle scene n d part where harry chases down bellatrix, respectively). would he do tt wif his own horcrux.
AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, it is impossible to make harry a horcrux in d first place. lv wanted to kill harry when he was a baby - he used avkedvra on him. and we KNOW it is tt particular curse because harry remembers a jet of green light (bk 1). IF he was planning on making harry a horcrux, how would killing him help?
also dudes. i really hope dumbledore comes back but it is totally against the spirit of d series so far. i would be tremendously disappointed if jkk pulled of a popcorn trick wif a cheesy happy ending where all the good guys survive n all d bad guys die conveniently wifout ... well... gd guys being bad. she knew her audience was mature enough to take sirius' dying n i hope she does it again.
ALSO - snape is a agent of good. i find it very significant wt snape said : DONT CALL ME A COWARD (to harry). dis isnt the angry retort of an insulted man (altho in real life it probably would be). snape knows something, connected wif dd's death, snape is making a huge gamble of himself somewhere. somehow. trust me.

Not for nothing, but I don't make it a habit of caring what people use "wif" instead of "with" say.

y'know what would be cool? if someone made two Unbreakable Vows that contradicted eachother...It would be a totally cool Adam-and-Eve-type situation.

Snape is a complete prat! Stop trying to defend him! He tricked Dumbledore...that's made pretty obvious in the first chapter.

Ending theory: Harry kills Voldemort and Snape kills Harry. I promise no one will kill Voldemort but good ol' 'arry.


Go Tornadoes!

forgot to mention this: Scar is not a horcrux, but a result of the failed Avada Kedavra. If Tom was going to "die," He wouldn't have time to perform the spell to put part of his newly-split soul into a horcrux. No way, Carlos.

Well, I see the talk is back up on this post, so I'll drop in a few more thoughts:

1. The two most interesting questions in Book 7 are (a) how subversive it will be (i.e., how much have we been told so far that is not true) and (b) will she break faith with these being children's books and kill off one of Harry/Ron Hermione. Personally, I hope we don't see much bringing people back from the dead or discovering too many secret identities, and don't see the main characters killed off. Certainly it would violate the whole series if Dumbledore, Sirius and/or Harry's parents aren't really dead, or Snape isn't really Snape.

2. The most intriguing line in the whole Book 6 is when Dumbledore says to Malfoy, "we can hide you more completely than you can possibly imagine". JKR has to be setting up someone who is now thought dead or gone who's actually in hiding or disguised as someone else. If it's Regulus, and as someone has noted "Regulus" means "lion" as "Sirius" and "Remus" mean dog and wolf, could he be (a) Crookshanks (I remain curious about how Crookshanks got himself bought by Hermione and took an instant liking to dog-Sirius and an instant disliking to rat-Pettigrew) or (b), and this would be quite the accomplishment for a guy in witness protection, Scrimgeour, who is repeatedly referenced as having hair like a lion's mane. But: if Regulus lives and Dumbledore knows where he is, does that mean that Dumbledore knew or should have known that he and Harry were risking life and limb chasing a Horcrux that wasn't there?

3. Harry is, acc. to Scrimgeour, "Dumbledore's man." Despite his wishes to be an Auror, he's not a Ministry guy, hates the politics. And he always parallels Voldemort, who didn't want to teach but kept asking for jobs at Hogwarts. And we know Harry can teach, from the DA. And ever since Voldemort got turned down, they've been unable to keep a Dark Arts teacher. Isn't the obvious wrapup ending of Book 7 that after Harry vanquishes Voldemort, he comes back to Hogwarts - the only home he's ever known - to become the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher?

Many interesting suggestions - one that has not been mentioned, or at least not emphasized, is that Snape was most likely in love with Lily. I know we don't have much info on what happened with James and Lily after the glimpses of them from Snape's memory in book 5, but I think Snape's ephithet of "mudblood" directed at Lily was meant to disguise (in that 16 year old boy sort of way) his true feelings for her. I think that the reason Snape is really protecting Harry is because he is Lily's son, and no matter what Snape thought of James, Snape loved Lily. I think this is more interesting than a possible unbreakable vow to Dumbledore to protect Harry. Remember that in book 5 Harry only saw one of Snape's memories (out of 3) that he had put in the penseive. The others might have related to his subsequent interactions with Lily (and James et al.) I wouldn't be surprised if we somehow learn of those other two memories in book 7. I think Snape is by far the most interesting character in this whole saga - and as JKR has set it up (love being the only think that can ultimately defeat Voldemort) - somehow Snape and Harry will have to come to terms - their shared love for Lily (as Draco and Harry might too - there are strong parallels between the James-Snape relationship and the Harry-Draco relationship, but in many ways I have less sympathy for Draco and James than I do for Snape). I'm not sure what the ultimate death toll will be - There are subtle ways to parse the "neither can live" line - but I wouldn't be surprised if Harry dies. (Last bits - Dumbledore is dead, as is Sirius, I don't like the Ginny/Harry pairing - plus the Spiderman ending at Dumbledore's funeral). I favor a Harry/Luna match (although Luna is certainly heading toward a match with Neville). Finally, If the physical similarities between James and Harry had not been so emphasized, I would favor a Darth Vader scenario, with Snape as Harry's father).

Mojo - It's not a Spiderman ending! Spiderman and Harry both have a Casablanca ending! It's all Bogart!

Another thought (man, I should just collect these and do another post on my own site): Book 6 reversed the Harry-Draco relationship. This time, it was Harry who was popular and in with the Powers That Be, Draco who was the lonely, scorned outsider looking to avenge his father. And this time, it was Draco whose quest was successful in the end. Fortune's Wheel!

Crank -
You're right of course. I should be ashamed of not thinking of Casablanca.
I also like your musings on Crookshanks - I had thought Crookshanks would turn out to be an Animagus back in Book 3 and was surprised when he didn't.

One last thing I noticed when re-reading parts of book 5 after I finished book 6 - that Montague re-appeared in the toilet (after his misadventures in the Vanishing Closet). Is this related at all to Draco's choice of bathroom to hang out in and vent his despair/frustration? I liked the humanizing of Draco and Harry's realization that Draco might not be completely evil (even just a bit) - the process really started with the beginning of the book and Narcissa's plea to Snape - a lesser, but still powerful evocation of a mother's love for her son. (Contrast to Bellatrix saying she would sacrifice a son to the cause if she had a son).

Lots of good ideas so far. I think the evidence that Snape killed Dumbledore on Dumbledore's orders is almost overwhelming. There's the overheard conversation where Snape "doesn't want to do it anymore", the fact that JKR set us for the concept with Harry and DD in the cave, Snape giving Harry advice as he flees, the line "Severus....please" (please kill me) and that doesn't even consider the obvious tactical benefit of having Snape's loyalty to Voldemort now beyond doubt. I think Snape will kill Nagini, that snake that may be a horcrux.

I also believe that Dumbledore, like Lily Potter, was probably able to pass certain protections and powers to Harry with his knowing sacrifice. JKR has made it clear that the magic that protected Harry as a baby was unknown at the time. It's known now and I'm betting that Dumbledore is taking advantage of it, something he can only do throught a willing sacrifice.

I posted some more thoughts here: http://secureliberty.org/index.php/2005/07/23/harry_potter_the_half_blood_prince_revie

Ok, now that I finally read the book, I'd like to start asking a different question:

Where do you think the other Horcruxes are? The locket is at Grimmauld Place, fine. What about the cup? If Harry is not the other Horcrux, then where would the other one be?

Obviously, these places may not even be mentioned yet, though I think they may have been. I've got a few ideas, but I want to hear other peoples' thoughts first.

Here's a little detail: Do you think Rufus Scrimgeour is an animagus (lion?) Every time he appears he's described as somehow leonine. I kept waiting for it to pay off, but it never did.

Maybe Snape's under an Imperius Curse (bit far-fetched i know). i'm predicting the twins dying in book 7. BUT - since slughorn always predicts great people, ginny's going to help harry kill voldermort. and hermione will see off the malfoys with ron's help maybe. the horcrux MUST be a trick by voldermort to lure harry and to kill dumbledore and maybe grawp will play a major, if accidental part(eg crushing someone).
plus, wasnt regulus black (RAB) a death eater???

As an afterthought, maybe theres a character whos actually someone else - eg. lavender is lucius on polyjuice - dont see them together do we. But obviously not lavender and lucius, more important people.

How about wormtail's metal hand being a horcrux?
harry's cloak - not mentioined enough i would have thought, but mundungus stealing the locket (sirius's & slytherin's) is a good idea, especially if lucius (also in azkaban) gets hold of it

Will there be a new headmaster or headmistress, or will it be McGonagal? (spelt wrong i know)

And percy's gotta come back hasnt he?
Maybe he's been under an imperius all this time lol. (ok maybe not)

If nagini's a horcrux, wormtail might kill her. As to where the other horcruxes are ....
Hufflepuff's cup'll be in some hole somewhere, or maybe in tom's old orphanage? (in the wardrobe dumbledore pretended to set fire to?) The quidditch cup MIGHT be one, which could make an interesting scene of harry wresting the cup from the ravenclaws and them thinking he's a bad loser.

its so random, and if hermione and ron leave too, then everyone'll go and they'll HAVE to close hogwarts.

Ive said a lot havent i, i think i'd better stop

Where are they? We know of the 2 destroyed Horcruxes (Riddle's diary and Slytherin's ring), plus Nagini is probably one, plus 1 part of the soul stays in Voldemort. That leaves the locket and two others, one of which is likely the Hufflepuff cup and the other of which likely has some Ravenclaw association (I agree with a suggestion elsewhere that Harry may find, at Godric's Hollow, some Gryffindor artifact that was supposed to be #6 but wasn't because Voldemort failed to kill Harry and had to settle later for Nagini).

The locket, I suspect, has been sold by Mundungus and will have to be traced.

One of the others, I suspect, will be at Hogwarts somewhere, probably the Ravenclaw artifact. It just makes too much plot sense for Harry to have to return to Hogwarts. The other could be any number of places - Durmstrang, anyone?

and a big "thanks for nothing!" goes out to the poster "Godric Gryffindor" for ensuring I'll never have to read the Chronicles of Narnia because you just blew the entire ending like a complete dumbass. Talk about prat. Ucch.

My thoughts, such as they are; The dead people are dead. The only exceptions to this are the ghosts and Voldemort. Harry's already had it out with Nearly Headless Nick, who explained that coming back as a ghost is a REALLY BAD IDEA. Voldemort is now a complete freak, damaged beyond all reason. So no coming back from the dead without serious consequences.

I also don't believe that Dumbledore's death was faked. I think it was quite real. Fawkes' disappearance seems genuine. Therefore Dumbledore is gone.

If Harry (or Harry's scar) was a Horcrux, wouldn't Voldemort want him left alive? He sure seemed to be trying to kill him back in Book 4, during the duel in the graveyard. And speaking of which, has anyone ever figured out anything regarding the incorrect order of the dead coming out of V's wand, during that duel? Was it a mistake on Ms. Rowling's part, or is there a significance to the order that will be revealed in Book 7?

Also from Book 4, there was that moment of triumph on Dumbledore's face when Harry described V's resurrection. I think that's another strike against the Horcrux theory, as there's something else going on with Harry.

Celestial Blue, read them anyway. He really didn't blow anything. Each book is distinctive enough to have its own ending.

And the ending he described doesn't really do the book justice. There's lots more to it.

Harry's scar is a horcrux. Snape made an unbreakable vow to Lilly to protect Harry. Snape loved Lilly. Dumbledore's soul is in the "fake" horcrux (ie it's now a real horcrux). The last sentence in the book will be something like "happy to no longer have the scar."

Huggy - it is an interesting thought that Dumbledore's soul is now in the fake Horcrux, but I doubt it. Primarily because of the disdain that Dumbledore showed for the whole Horcrux thing - he wanted to die - since he knew it was the only way for Harry to really mature and grasp everything that was going on. If Dumbledore is still around (in any form) then Harry has an excuse not to really take charge of himself and the whole situation. I do like your suggestion of an unbreakable vow between Lily and Snape to protect Harry: hypothesis: Snape realized what V was going to do after he informed him about the partial prophecy and went to try and stop it. Snape arrived too late to save Lily, but got there before she died and made the vow (? does this jive with how the attack was described - I've forgotten the description of the scene when Voldemort kills Lily)

Mojo - love your Star-Wars suggestion of Snape really being Harry's father. Perfect.

Harry's scar can't be a horcrux. A horcrux is going to take a serious bit of magic to create, and I doubt it can be done unintentionally. And since V was trying to kill Harry, I don't think he intended to make Harry a keeper of his soul.

I bet Harry's patronus changes. The whole Tonk's patronus thing was way too big of a deal for no apparent reason. I think it was setting up for book 7 when Harry's patronus becomes a pheonix.

Snape is still good and acting on Dumbeldore's orders. Wand or no wand, there is no way in hell you are killing Dumbeldore if he doesn't want you too. I suspect that Snape took an unbreakable to always be loyal to Dumbeldore, and that explains the trust.

The locket has to be a horcrux, and Mundungus has to have/had it. The whole Mundungus thing was without apparent reason too, unless it was setting up book 7. Besides, without that, Harry is fresh out of leads for the horcruxes. What's he going to do, wander around London asking "Pardon me guvner, have you any horcruxes?"

JKR said in a recent interview (go to mugglenet and read them if you haven't) that Snape was once loved by someone. (I don't think it was Lily). But I bet that Snape's girlfriend was also a death eater who was killed by V, and that's what made him switch sides during the first war.

Harry won't die. The last word of book 7 is scar. They wouldn't be talking about his scar if he were dead.

I don't know about closing Hogwarts. But either way, Harry and crew will be out hunting horcruxes the whole time anyway, so even if the school stays open, I wouldn't count on many school scenes.

I do think that RAB is Regulus, but I think he's dead. I do think we'll see more of Aberforth Dumbeldore in book 7. We know he was in the order, and we haven't officially met him yet. (Yes I know he's the bartender in the Hog's Head.)

I think we haven't heard the last of Crookshanks... but anyway...

I predict that the five preceding books have each introduced one object that will turn out to be a horcrux. Some of those objects (the book, the ring) have been destroyed. In each of the books where one has not, I expect that one suitable object (e.g. the locket) will be found.

Voldemort's soul was split into seven parts and placed in six horcruxes. If six parts were alluded to in six books, that would be very satisfying. (I notice that JK was slightly evasive as to the actual count, and I'd be surprised if any of them turn out to be a living creature.) I expect that every single one of them was "right under our nose."

JK is very good at foreshadowing; it's part of what makes her such a darned good author. When a plot development has been foreshadowed, it makes one feel that the author is not abusing her powers of omniscience: it gives us an "ah hah!" feeling with each revelation.

After all, book #7 will have to cover a huge amount of new material, while apparently leaving most of the familiar supports (the Durselys, perhaps Hogwarts itself) behind. We do not want to, simultaneously, learn about the remaining horcruxes for the first time, AND watch Harry defeating them (we hope...!), in the very same book. Particularly since we know that this will be the last book in this (hint, hint...) series. We will want to see that each of the objects were familiar: that the clues had been sitting right there, in hardcover on our bookshelves, for up to the last six years. Unrecognized, until the last, for what they truly were.

I predict that Snape's role will be determined early in the next book. Harry knows that Dumbledore left him something at the Dursley's. I'll bet it was a memory (or two) for the Pensieve.

I also think Harry will have to perfect occlumency and really work on developing his own wizardry. With the exception of using Gryffindor's sword and teaching the Defense of the Dark Arts in 4, Harry has been surprisingly reluctant to truly explore his powers. I kind of want to see him roll in like Batman - he doesn't go to Hogwarts (though he visits Ron & Hermoine for help and on his own missions) - he is relentless and ruthless in his search for Voldemort and makes Voldemort scared and his own friends fear what he has turned into. I want Harry to simply be a badass. I want him to apparate to and fro and be as mysterious as Dumbledore (essentially becoming the next DD and surpassing him in some respects). I don't want him to continue to be dependent on Hermione for answers (though I want to keep her character strong - and toughen Ron up a bit [he hasn't done anything hard since the first book's Wizard's chess match).

Oh yeah, here's how it ends. Voldemort tries to kill Ginny, but just as happened with Lily, a beaten Harry's love for her creates such a powerful spell of protection for her that Voldemort's curse backfires again (after Harry makes it clear that he would have won in a fair fight)- this time ending him and leaving her with a matching scar.

for one thing... i dont think that any part of the 7th book will take place at hogwarts because hogwarts cannot happen without dumbledore... this would just be wrong!!!

2nd... snape is good... i think that there will be a big battle that harry will witness between voldermort and snape... snape will die... and harry will be left with a feeling of regret that he never got to forgive snape... also, speaking of snape, he will become the most powerful wizard 2nd to voldermort... jk already showed how powerful he is through his "flick of the wrist" blocking and mind reading stuff...

lord voldermort... what a coward... he couldnt even show up in the battle... sent someone else to kill dumbledore... what an idiot.

as the horcruxes go... i believe the horcrux has to be in the caster's possesion for it to become a horcrux because why else would voldermort have to steal the locket and the hufflepuff cup? so i dont think it could be the cloak or the hat quite honestly. they were never in voldermort's possesion.

and regulus... i hope he becomes a major part of the last book. it would add so much more intraspective to the storyline. she could do so much with it too...

i think malfoy will also continue to be a coward

Maybe that medal Riddle won in his 6th year is one of the horcruxes...you know, that one Ron had to polish over and over in book 2.

Hi all, Great ideas floating around on here.

I think Rufus Scrimgeour is going to develop into an important character for Harry, it has always surprised me that the only relatives that Harry has in the books are the Dursleys, Sirius says to Harry in HP IV that most Wizards are related to each other in some way (or something like that) and when Harry looked in the mirror of Erised he sees his parents surrounded by relatives what has happened to them all? I think that Rufus might turn out to be a great uncle or related in some other way.

The books imply that Harry is the heir of Godric Gryffindor, Book 6 describes Rufus Scrimgeour as have hair like a lions mane so there is the Gryffindor tie in there.

Rufus also says to Harry that he isnt the chosen one, will that be elaborated on at some point? Does Rufus know something?

Ok - last post since I need to actually work. I took a look at two "official" HP sites that interviewed JKR (incidentally my first venture onto those sites) and saw her responses to "rumors". Two responses I found interesting. She states 1) Crookshanks is not an Animagus (and 2) Luna is not Snape's daughter. She further states that Snape does not have a daughter. I found this detail interesting, since she could have said that Snape doesn't have any children . . .
Should I return to my Darth Vader hypothesis? (just kidding). (Neville, Draco?)
One last musing: a suspicion that Harry might die in Book 7 - as a Frodo parallel. (This would differ from a scenario in which he was actively killed by Voldemort, but just can't bear to go on? Probably too dark for a "kid's" book, but the darkness has been steadily increasing in the series)

Voldemort sent Malfoy for the task he couldn't himself accomplish as punishment for Lucius' mistake. However, because Snape completes the task, it sets him even higher in Voldemort's favour, securing his trust beyond bounds. Dumbledore realises this, and allowed it to happen, knowing it was inevitable. He stunned Harry, as he knew Harry would try and (probably unsuccessfully) intervene.
Dumbledore was fated to die at the start. I think a previous poster said something that the son, the protege, can only rise with the death of the father-figure - to quote Mists of Avalon: 'What of the King Stag when the Young Stag is grown?'

Other possible deaths: Ron, as Harry's most loyal companion, but not as sharp as Hermione. In the first book he sacrificed his own piece on the chessboard so Harry and Hermione could find the philosopher's stone. Since, he has done little, so perhaps his next act will be much much greater.
Snape, possible against Voldemort to save Harry, Hinting at an unbreakable oath linked with Lily and leading to his redemption.

I like the idea that Snape loved Lily, and it would be quite interesting if Harry found himself to be the fruit of that...

RAB: Regulus Augustus Black, i do believe. Do take a glimpse at the Black's family tree from OotP. If Regulus used Kreacher to steal the Horcrux, ordering the sworn-to-obedience house elf to drink the potion, it would explain the house-elfs deranged state and how the locket came into his keeping. I hope Mundungus didn't steal it, causing more hassle, but if he did, I hope it is in Aberforth's possession.

I'm wondering a few things - who will become Headmaster (or mistress) of Hogwarts now Dumbleore is dead? Mcgonagall would be the obvious choice, but I can't see her as a long-term replacement. Also, I think Rufus Scrimgeour will be playing a larger part. With Cornelius Fudge brought low, perhaps he will be more willing to help the Order.

Where did Fawkes go? Did he belong solely to Dumbledore? Judging by his disappearance at the funeral, I'd say yes. If he had been passed down through the Hogwarts headmasters, There must have been mention of him in Armando Dippet's career and Tom Riddle's memories. In which case, when did Dumbledore come into possession of him? It would be quite a big deal if a simple transfiguration teacher had a phoenix for a pet.
Soooooo: how did Tom Riddle come to have this close relation with Dumbledore, in possessing such a magical token of his, bearing in mind his and Harry's wand cores are the same, and the recent disappearance of Ollivanders...?
Tom-Harry Tom-Dumbledore Harry-Dumbledore...

I'd like to see the return of Fawkes in the next book, but I think his flight after Dumbledore's death was symbolic that Dumbledore would not be returning. There will be no Gandalf-esque reincarnations, despite the parallels.
However, Fawkes was able to aid Harry in the Chamber of Secrets where Dumbledore was not, and the significance of the Sorting Hat as well in the fight against Tom Riddle leads me to believe the Sorting Hat cannot be a horcrux, despite being an object of Gryffindor's.

I've been rambling thoughts long enough now... but these theories are extremely interesting.

She's tricked you all...the final horcrux is Cho Chang and Voldemort winds up eventually being killed by Dobby with a cake. She set up that whole bit about Dobby's underlying hostility and innate baking abilities-- I think he throws the cake at Voldemort or maybe lowers it onto his head until he can't breathe. Obviously I can't be sure of the method, but that's definitely how it happens. Dobby kills Voldemort. Harry and Snape are both red herrings.

Some great postings here. I agree with the comments re Dumbledore sacrificing himself for the 'greater good', pleading with Snape to carry this through - after all, 'keep your friends close but your enemies closer" - who better to help Harry but Snape, a person within Voldemort's inner circle? The clue to this is Snape's anguished expression when called a coward by Harry - killing Dumbledore took a great deal of courage. And yes, Dumbledore is dead - the portrait and the exit of Fawkes bear testimony to that.

I think that Harry is an accidental horcrux - hence the reason why he has so much of Voldemort's power - part of his Voldemort's soul entered Harry when Avada Kedavra backfired. The reason why Dumbledore didn't mention this to Harry is that Harry would have been devastated by this news and it would have weakened his resolve to kill Voldemort. As for Voldemort wanting to kill Harry - the question has been raised as to why he would if he knew that Harry was a Horcrux? For the precise reason that Dumbledore said that it would be foolish to make a living horcrux that could think for itself - Harry is Voldemort's equal, as prophecised, and as such is Voldemort's most powerful and dangerous opponent.

Has anyone ever wondered about the numerous references to Lily's eyes? The eyes have been said to be the key to the soul - what if part of Lily entered Harry when she sacrificed herself to save him, and it is her love that has shielded him from the negative effects of having Voldemort's powers/soul within him? Maybe Dumbledore's 'triumphant look' in learning that Voldemort used Harry's blood to resurrect himself is something to do Voldemort now having a part of both Harry and Lily ie 'good' within him that will be to Harry's advantage although how I'm not sure.

Looking forward to book 7

I can see Snape loving Lily and wanting to save Harry in her memory (especially since it was partly his fault she died) Snape's absolute hatred of James might be the reason he is so harsh with Harry. A love/hate relationship BUT - Harry's likness to James is too great to even suggest that Snape is his father.
An unbreakable vow with DD would make sense. If you break a Vow, you die. So Harry dieing would kill Snape. He would only cause milder damages to him instead of just wiping him out. If he were a double agent he would have to keep both vows to stay alive. (Carry out Draco's mission and keep Harry alive)
I think Snape is a largley selfish person. He just wants to stay alive. I think he is still pretty torn about which side he is on however.

Just a thought about RAB, if it were more than one name wouldn't the note be all inclusive? Using We instead of I. I firmly beleive it is Regulus. I will be shocked if it isn't. There is so much evidence to support it. Although - how powerful is Regulus to have found the Horcrux in the first place? DD said very powerful wizards could have found it. So RAB would have to 1) Realized LV's plan, 2) puzzled out what the horcruxs were, and 3) had the power to obtain them. It is said time and time again the LV never felt his DE's were his friends, so I can't see him "confiding" his Master plan to anyone. Look how long it took DD to figure it all out, and he had memories to support it. A DE might have more inside info but not all of it.

And I LOVE the idea of Harry using a pheonix patronis.

Does anyone else think that the Half Blood Prince story line is going to be monumental in 7? I mean, all this help he got from it, only to have it all come from Snape?! I think it might help Harry defeat Snape(if he's evil)? OR LV? It was like a little peek inside Snape's head at 16. I dunno. For the most part it is such a side story to all the big things happening. Either it's huge or just an aside.

I CAN'T WAIT to read #7.

I just realized.. maybe he never intended to kill harry? Maybe he intended to make him a Horcrux, and THAT backfired because of Lily's love?! So he didn't become like the snake (a tool for LV) Whos to say what the intention really was?

I think aunt petunia has powers.. I think she is going to do something amazing in #7

Oooh! I like the Petunia suggestion!! Petunia as a latent witch who has supressed her powers for all these many years . . . does she have a hidden history? A failed first year at Hogwarts? Outstanding Quidditch Keeper? A level Charms?
I can't think that the only reason she kept Harry was intimidation and threats from Dumbledore. She had to have some feeling for her sister somewhere deep down. She's stood up to Uncle Vernon once. . . maybe she will again.

Maybe the reason she hated her sister was because of the attention she got for being a witch, and then once she found she had powers she knew the Lily was better with them. Easier to hate it all than embrass it?!

Latest random speculation I read but don't really believe is that Snape's hatred of Harry is mostly an act. An act of an accomplished occulumans to prevent his true feelings for Lily's son being used against him by Voldemort - but maybe the real reason that Harry is being hunted by V is not the prophecy (at least not completely) but a revenge against Snape's betrayal of V - Voldemort hunting down that person for which Snape has the most feelings?

I think the [ruby?] sword hanging in DD's office is one of V-mort's horcrux's too! (think about it! It's a Gryffindor object, yet nice and cozily safe hanging in the least place you'd expect to look!) Then again, how was DD not able to discern the black magic emanating from it??

OK, a couple of things to say. Harry's scar, nor Harry can NOT be a horcrux. I mean, think about it. Dumbledore says that Harry has to kill of the Horcruzes before killing Voldemort. Harry is the ONLY ONE who can kill Voldy. Therefore, it would be impossible to kill off all the Horcruxes if HARRY IS STILL ALIVE! He would have to kill himself, therefore, assuring Voldemort's victory. Now if, say, Neville killed Harry and Voldy, that'd be a differnt story...watch that actually happen. (I DON'T THINK IT WILL!!! Just wanted you all to know that...)
About RAB- there was some guy who was talking about the Uncle Alphard (or whatever) that the Black kid's have. Therefore, RAB= Regulus Alphard Black. The locket is most likely the Horcrux. But that's the only Horcrux we're going to find outside of a hiding place. Remember, Voldemort knows what the Horcruxes are, he's going to hide them and make sure no one gets to them...aside from the fact that people ARE getting to them. The sword can't be because it's been safe from Voldemort since it came into existence in the present era. The sorting hat might be a Horcrux, but that's highly unlikely considering the fact that it's been talking about unity and fighting the Dark Lord all these years. I don't think it would if it had a bit of Voldy's soul in it.
I think that we're going to see a few more memories in the 7th book. It's the only way we'll know what other Horcruxes are in existence. People had to have given him things (willingly or not), right? They have to remember a little...
You know what I think? Unrelated, but still...
Ron is going to be an amazing general in the war. I mean, he's amazing at chess, which used to be a war game for generals to figure out strategies. So, with Ron already have sacrificed himself once for Harry's sake, I believe Ron will do it again. He'll become this great General, telling everyone these great plans, and then, tell Harry that he will lure all the death eaters out of the way to give Harry a chance with Voldy, one on one. Tell me what you think of this, k?
That's it. I have a bunch of other theories, but that'll take too long...heehee.

i think that harry himself is the horocrux, the spell that LV cast on harry that night was suppoedly Avra kedarvera, but no-one was there to serve as witness, so maybe it was a spell to make harry a horocrux, and LV had to kill Harry's parents becos they tried to protest.
ALSO the scar left was not the mark of an unforgvable curse, its a mark to show that harry is one of voldemorts horocrux's
but then we get another problem---
if we go back to the phrophocy it ses non can can while the other survives,
if harry was the horcrux he couldn't possibly kill LV because all the horocruxes have to be destroyed first, and if harry destroys himself how can he destroy LV after?!
anyway, i kno i just agrued my own proposition but o well
lastly i think that aunt petunia has a larger part to play in book7!

Ladies and Gents, You guys are great. But… Dumbledore. Remember at the funeral service when the body went into flames and “White smoke spiraled into the air and made strange shapes. Harry thought, for one heart-stopping moment, that he saw a phoenix fly joyfully into the blue…” That tells me that DD has somehow managed to achieve an ability to be reborn, in a manner well beyond LV’s attempts at immortality; as a phoenix he can rise again, something along the lines of Gandalf in LOTR, 2nd book. Anyway, to eliminate all of LV's horcruxes, Harry has to learn a lot of what DD learned about the locations of the horcruxes, not to mention how to destroy them! I think he will need, and get, some help from a DD who rises from the ashes. He’ll be a busy little beaver next book, too bad we won’t see it for about two years! I sure hope that Ginny drops out of Hogwarts too and hangs with Harry…

this would be a GREAT plotline if Rowling made HARRY A HORCRUX and he would have to kill himself after destroying the other 3 or 4 horcruxes... it kinda makes sense, b/c one of the horcruxes are supposed to be "something of Godric (not sure if thats the founder's name) Gryfindor's"... Harry DOESNT exactly belong to Godric, but he's in his house. Also, i hear alot of rumors about neville playing an important part in book 7. Maybe he ends up killing voldemort after Harry dies.

Re-reading the graveyard scene in GoF, I noticed that LV said something like . . .My Death Eaters know the extent to which I've gone to acheive immortality . . .This suggests to me that Snape might know the location of some of the horcruxes. It would make sense in light of RAB finding the "real" horcrux in the cave, if he is Regulus Black, who was supposed to have been a Death Eater.
I don't think DD is coming back in any substantial form. Harry must carry on in his absence, and truly grow up.

One more thing -
I think it's possible DD attempted suicide (drinking poison in the cave) in HBP - to spare Draco and Snape the task of killing him (if he really knew what was up)but that would appear not to have been a suicide if the poison had indeed succeeded in killing him

Okay, In my opinion, Dumbledore and Sirius are dead, period. I agree that they needed to die so Harry can grow in his own. I don't think Harry, Ron, or Hermione will die, that would be too cruel. Snape is still a good guy, as much as I want to hate him. I don't know what or where the other horcruxes are, but Harry isn't one.

On a different note, this may be really off or just wishful thinking, but it think Neville is going to kill Lord Voldemort.

Oh yeah, I forgot to say this:
I think Dumbledore knew he was going to die early in the book (which would make sense if he had an Unbreakable Vow with Snape...)Otherwise, he might not have told Harry all that stuff, like having to go back to the Dursleys and all. If he was planning on staying alive, couldn't he have told Harry later?

Could Dumbledore be a horcrux? Is that why he knew he needed to die? Why he demanded that Snape kill him?

also another horcrux idea the sorting hat?? what does everyone think?

Harry is a horcrux. He knows parcetongue, Dark arts, and if you look at his scar...........

Wait for it..... if you check the cover of HBP there is a pick of the ring on the side of it....

It has the same shape as harrys scar which leads me to beleive that harry is the horcrux quote from dumbledore"all kinds of magic leave traces" look at the book cover then tell me he aint a horcrux

look at harrys scar and then look at the picture of the ring on the cover of HBP they both have the lightning mark. this a the mark of a horcrux


Snape is Dumbledore's son! Both have those crooked noses which is why Dumbledore trusts him explicitly.

Ok....just a theory ;)

I read an interview in which JKR revealed that Crookshanks is a hybrid of a cat and another magical creature. (sorry... can't remember which). However, if what she said in this is true, then Crookshanks cannot be an animagus.

Dumbledore is dead. Classic sacrifice of the mentor for the student to proceed and exceed who the master was.

Snape is vile and evil, but may yet accomplish good things (ala-Darth Vader).

Harry's scar cannot be the horcrux. The ring was broken and scarred after it's destruction. The book was burned and broken after it was destroyed. Harry's head would have to be likewise destroyed to remove the scar.

Don't know about the other horcruxes, but I do think that you have it right about the locket at Grimauld place.

For what it's worth...

Here is another theory compiled from a bunch of other theories.

1. Snape was in love with Lily (Harry had Lily's eyes) through with Snape was constantly reminded.
2. Snape was with Voldemort WHEN he killed James and (unintendedly) Lily.
3. Snape, enraged that his love had been killed, Cast a spell that "deflected" the killing curse aimed at Harry and returned it to Voldemort (to kill him).

Dumbledore repeatdly states that Harry survived the attack because of the power of love. It was Snape, who loved Lily, that saved Harry's life.

Snape isn't really on Voldemort's side. He is still working for the Order, only he is really undercover. Dumbledore made Snape kill him in order to help Snape prove his "loyalty" to Voldemort, while forcing Harry to be more responsible for himself and really learn to fight Voldemort on his own.
Evidence #1:
Hagrid overheard Snape and Dumbledore arguing. Hagrid assumed that Dumbledore was angry at Snape for something he was doing. In reality, I think Snape was trying to back out because he didn't want to kill Dumbledore, but Dumbledore knew he would have to.
Check out pages 405-406.
Hagrid's actual words are: Well -- I jus' heard Snape sayin' Dumbledore took too much for granted an' maybe he -- Snape -- didn' wan' ter do it.
At this time, no one really knew what Snape was doing, and Harry, Ron, and Hermione assume he's bad. In reality, he didn't want to kill Dumbledore, but Dumbledore made him do it, since he'd agreed to do it in order to get rid of Voldemort in the end.
Evidence #2:
When Snape kills Dumbledore, Dumbledore is pleading with Snape. At first glance, it looks like Dumbledore is pleading with Snape for his life. In reality, I think Dumbledore is pleading with Snape to do what he promised to do and kill him.
Look at pages 595-596.
Snape's attention is elsewhere. He's not even focused on killing Dumbledore when Dumbledore calls out to Snape. He simply says, "Severus...please..."
This isn't a plea to let him live. This is Dumbledore's plea and reminder for Snape to do what he promised he would. Dumbledore was prepared to die. Go back and look at what he said to Harry before they set off to look for the Horcrux. He wanted Harry to keep going, even if he died, and he was prepared to die. It was all in his plan.
It also says that Snape's face showed revulsion and hatred when he said the killing curse. You assume it's toward Dumbledore, unless you see that Dumbledore wanted Snape to kill him. Then it becomes revulsion and hatred toward a job he knows he has to do, but doesn't want to.
Evidence #3:
Snape never attacks Harry while Harry is attacking him. He only blocks the spells, but never tries to hurt Harry.
Snape only gets angry when Harry calls him a coward (which, if he was a double agent for the Order, his job would be the most dangerous, thus making him more brave than any of the others), and even then, he only disarms Harry. He doesn't attack.
Read pages 602-604.
In this passage, Snape only blocks Harry's spells; he never returns them.
Also, he blocks another Death Eater's spell toward Harry under the guise that they have to leave him for Lord Voldemort.
The only time Snape raises his wand toward Harry is when Harry calls him a coward and tries to use the "Sectumsempra" spell on him. At that time, he stuns and disarms Harry, but doesn't harm him. Then he leaves.

Anyway, I think Snape is still working for the Order, only he is being used to get information and find weaknesses of Lord Voldemort. He had to prove his loyalty, and for many reasons, Dumbledore had to die. I think Snape's detestation of Harry and his friends is genuine; there's no doubt that he hates them. However, looking at the greater scheme of things, he realizes that not just Harry is a risk there, and he has to fight. Snape is a true Slytherin. That doesn't mean he's evil; it just means he values power and position over loyalty and friendship. Remember: not all Slytherins are evil. Some just have seemingly less worthy motivations and ambitions than the other Houses.

I think in the seventh book, Snape and Harry will have to come to terms in their relationship with each other (namely, the mutual hatred). However, Snape is working for the Order, though they may not know it. Dumbledore obviously wanted this double agent to be 100% foolproof.

I don't think Harry himself is the Horcrux. To make a living person into someone else would raise too many problems, and Harry still resolutely fights for the side of good and is sorted into Gryffindor. It would be Impossible to share your body completely with Voldemort without being majorly affected by it (take Quirrell).

However, it is indisputable that it is the scar that unfailingly binds Harry to Voldemort. Therefore I think Harry is not a Horcrux. His scar is.

- the scar pains him everytime Voldemort is near. He can sense The dark lord's presence and mood by his scar.

- Sorting hat, on his HEAD, feels he would do well in Slytherin. Again, his connection to Voldemort, through the scar.

- He can see Voldemort's actions in HP IV, not only that, he can see through the eyes of the snake Nagini when she attacks Arthur Weasley, thought widely to be another of Voldemort's horcruxes. Yet this may also be to do with a secret power he has not yet realised. This Sight, this potential may be from His mother - everyone comments that he has Lily's eyes. Perhaps he inherited this ability too? We shall see.

- Scar symbol same as the one on the ring that Dumbledore already destroyed/desouled. A people have mentioned this already.

- Voldemort, descendant of Salazar Slytherin, sought a token of each of the four founder's of Hogwarts. We know he has something of Slytherin's and Hufflepuffs, and possibly Ravenclaw, but not Gryffindor. The sword, as Dumbledore said, is accounted for and the sorting hat is too anti-darklord in its songs to contain a part of his soul.

HOWEVER: Has it occurred to anyone that while Voldemort is a descendant of Slytherin, that Harry Potter and the Potter clan may be descended from Godric Gryffindor? Harry acquired his scar in his parent's home and hiding place, Godric's Hollow. Name coincidence?
So, if Harry('s scar) did, if inadvertently, become a horcrux, then Voldemort would have got his wish, a Token of Godric Gryffindor.

Okay, let me just start with the basics on this one:

1)Snape has no relation to Dumbledore or Harry. He may have loved Lilly, but he, Snape, certainly did not save Harry's life as a child, it was undoubtedly Lilly's sacrifice (Rowling says it herself a million times).

2)Neither Harry nor his scar are Horcruxes. I repeat, neither Harry nor his scar are Horcruxes. It does not make sense in the story and it does not play well with an ending battle between the two, which we know takes place. A bit of LV's powers did transfer to Harry, and created a bond between the two, but I wouldn't classify it as a Horcrux.

3)No one is coming back from the dead. Rowling plays by the rules. The dead are dead. That being said, we will have contact with Dumbledore in the next book. Most likely via Dumbledore's memories or thoughts in the Pensieve. Also, while I think it's unlikely, there is still the mirror that Sirius gave to Harry (Rowling refused to answer questions about the mirror, so it is likely to come up in some way in the next book).

4)The Horcruxes are:
1. Tom Riddle's Diary
2. The Ring
3. The Locket
4. Hufflepuff's cup*
5. ?
6. Nagini #
7. LV himself
*Note the sudden appearance of Zacharias Smith multiple times in the narrrative. There is a reason for this. The woman who once owned the locket and the cup (Hepzabuh, or something like that) also was a Smith, and a descendant of Hufflepuff, the house Zacharias is in.
#While it seems like a silly thing to do, put your soul into a snake, it is the animal of choice for LV if he were to do it. Also, Dumbledore says that he was very weak at the time, and Nagini was the only thing around. It also makes a lot of sense for the action of the next book. Rather than questing the whole time, he can fight a giant snake again!

Anyway... here are a few theories that I haven't seen anywhere else yet:

1)RAB is most likely Regulus Black, but don't be too surprised if it is not. While Regulus should be dead, I wouldn't be too surprised if Rufus Scrimgeour turned out to be Regulus. There are several reasons for this (***This is my one crazy theory***). First, Regulus comes from the latin word meaning "little king" or "prince." Thus far, there are two things that are evident about Rufus Scrimgeour, he's minister of magic (the closest position you can be to king) and he's often refered to as looking like a lion (King of the Jungle). There is also the fact that Regulus when refering to the stars is one of the stars that makes up the constellation LEO!!! Lastly, (and this is the part that makes the theory a bit less likely) no one knows. Serius didn't know, Dumbledore obviously didn't know (if he did, he'd know about the locket being taken). It does make sense however, because Rufus and Dumbledore don't seem to get along, so he wouldn't confide in Dumbledore.

2)Expect to see a lot more about Lilly and her past. That being said, don't be surprised if Aunt Patunia has a role in the next book (Remember at the end of one of the books, the fourth I believe, she knew a bit more than you'd expect her to know about the wizarding world?).

3) Not Mine I don't remember where I heard this, but it makes sense. "The potion to make the sorceror's stone was said to go from black to white to red." I haven't looked back to see if that was true, but I can't believe someone would just make it up. Anyway, if you look at the two major deaths thus far, you can read into who is going to die next. Serious "Black", "Albus" (Albus is Latin for White) Dumbledore, and now we need a "Red". It just so happens Hagrid's first name, Rubeus, means ruby, a gemstone known for its bright red color. On a personal note, this death would actually make a lot of sense in an allegorical sense. Each of the aforementioned characters, Serius, Dumbledore, and Hagrid, would gladly give their lives for Harry, so far, the two who have died actually have, in a way. If we take the lesson we learned from Lilly's death (chosing death to save one you love provides powerful magical defences), the parallel to the sorceror's stone makes a lot of sense, these death's have given Harry the power to live when maybe he would naturally have died.

4)Harry will have to do some real learning in this next one. So far he's been borderline pathetic with his magic, barely getting by, and generally only because of others. In his fight against the inferi, he couldn't even remember to use fire! Let's be honest, if he doesn't get stronger, he's win won't be as satisfactory.

5)This is the last one... Sorry about the length. Look for a lot more about the "power of love." No book has spoke about love as much as HBP, and we have found out that Dumbledore, who is rarely wrong, believes love holds more magic than anything discovered before. So far we have dark arts, and defence against the dark arts, but we do not have a true counter balance to the dark arts. There are no spells as powerful as the illegal curses, but for the good side.

oh yeah, also, throw away the locket and scar idea. The pictures may look alike, but the book clearly said the locket had a snake in the shape of an S on it. A much more likely symbol for Slytherin than a lightning bolt.

Dumbledore must have been a horcrux! this is why snape must have been ordered by DD to kill him. Dumbledore knew that he had to die which is why he showed Harry the memories and insisted that he get the one memory from Slughorn as soon as possible.

I also believe that Harry is a horcrux. This is a pretty far-fetched theory--but it just might prove to be correct.In order for voldemort to die--harry must die.

There could be so many possible paths that Rowling could take--

i really hope Harry doesn't die. I mean, c'mon, the books called Harry Potter, the boy who lived! He just can't die, if he was to however, then i would be most displeased at J.K's decision to kill him off. Without him, Voldemort would rule the world, and which children's book ends with a bad ending. I predict that Harry and Ginny will get married at the end of book 7, and then they all live happily every after. At least, thats what i hope will happen.

Harry will not be a horcrux as Dumbledore said that they are very difficult to execute, a spell that re-bounds is hardly difficuly is it? It's just not possible that Harry could be one as Voldemort was completely unaware that his spell would backfire, and besides that, he dissapeared straight after the attack on Harry.

My last prediction, although i cant help thinking that it sounds extremely far-fecthed; could it be that Dumbledore himself had created a Horcrux,(the reason why he wanted Slughorn's memory so badly aswell as helping Harry) and placing it inside the sword of Godric Gryffindor, the very thing that Lord Voldemort had wanted to use himself! Perhaps? But i doubt it very much.

And now, i wait for the painfully long 2 years until the next, and final chapter of the now legendary, Harry Potter series. I hope sincerely however, that Rowling somehow finds a way to continue this epic story, for without it, books will simply not be the same.

I think harry's scar is a horcrux. How else would he gain some of his powers? It is stated in the 6th book that "he who must not be named" ripped his sole into several pieces. I also believe Harry is a blood relative to Gryffindor, hence the reason he is a horcrux. I believe Harry is a trophy to Voldemort. I also believe that Snape is still good. I think Dumbledor told Snape to kill him thus ending his pain and allowing Snape to work for the dark side. Snape is good, I know that. Harry being a horcrux is another story though

I also think in relation to the 3rd book: Harry will suffer, but he will be happy about it. Neither can live while the other survives. This line is almost haunting and clearly describes Harry's destiny.

Here are a couple of thoughts about Snape. We can surmise that Snape admired (loved?) Lily. First from the way she defended him in Snape’s Pensive memory. But also because as often as Snape criticizes James, he never has said anything negative about Lily. Snape is obviously a gifted potions master and Slughorn frequently mentions that Harry must have inherited Lily’s talent at brewing potions. Connecting the dots, I would guess that the “Half Blood Prince’s” extensive notes came from tips that Snape got from Lily. Or that Snape tried so hard at potions because he was trying to impress Lily. Perhaps jealousy of James and Lily’s marriage was a significant reason why Snape hated James so much. When Snape revealed the prophesy to Voldemort, he may have had some assurance from Voldemort that Lily would not be harmed. Perhaps Dumbledore knew of Snape’s affection for Lily and Snape swore allegiance to Dumbledore in order to avenge her death. Thus Dumbledore trusted Snape more than Voldemort ever could. However this doesn’t take away Snape’s fascination with the “Dark Arts”. I think that Snape really wants to kill Voldemort (or facilitate his death) and then become the new “Dark Lord” himself. I believe that Snape is a slippery double agent who’s primary allegiance is to himself. Is Snape really “good”? I believe he is an enigma, with strongly conflicting desires but his ultimate desire is to see those who oppose him dead and to become supremely powerful himself.

I think Harry will become a "great" wizard via the Pensieve and various vials left for him by Dumbledore. In this way, Dumbledore's memories will guide him through all the necessary advanced magic needed to defeat Voldemort. If indeed DD knew he was going to die he should have set this up for Harry as a precaution.

I do recall that in one of the books, one of Voldemorts servants gets a silver hand - why can't this be a horcrux?

The silver hand can't be a hurcrux because we saw the scene take place, and there was no unusual spell that took place which would be necessary to create the Horcrux.

Here's the thing, the original prophecy could have applied to either Harry or Neville, but once the path was chosen, it was done. Voldemort chose Harry to fulfill the prophecy. I'll go out on a limb and say that Snape most likely guided Voldemort to the Potters under the condition that Voldemort spare Lilly. When Lilly chose to sacrifice herself, it was what saved Harry, and perhaps some of Voldemort's soul did go into him, but that doesn't make him a horcrux, again, Rowling says powerful magic is involved there, and he died instantly afterwards.

Either way, Snape planned for James and Harry to die so that he could try to win Lilly's grieving heart, but when she died, he turned on Voldemort. I think however that it is entirely possible that Snape was not so much loyal to Dumbledore as he was on a vendetta against Voldemort.

Don't you understand?! Harry Potter cannot die in Harry Potter!! Although what Cody said about him being a descendant of Godric Gryffindor makes quite a convincing story. He could be the item of Gryffindors Voldemort so desperately wanted. However, I stick to my theory, how could LV possibly have made Harry a horcrux as his spell back-fired on him, surely harry's scare and his unusual Voldemort powers were transffered by chance? Please let me know what your views are.


OK.. basically Dumbledore, you have to believe he meant Snape to kill him, otherwise Dumbledore was outsmarted by Severous Snape and frankly I don't see that happening. The greatest wizard in the world doesn't get tricked by some potions teacher no matter how superficially talented he may be He isn't on the same playing feild Dumbledore was.

I cannot wait for book 7.

I think that "neither can live while the other survives" means that one cannot truley live untill the other one is dead.

Harry cann't live a full and normal life untill LV is dead. LV cant stop obessing over Harry for the same reason.

Harry cannot die automatically if LV dies. Neither can live if the other survives. Shouldn't that mean since they are both alive one of them should be dead?

  • "Neither Can live as long as the other survives"

Gotta get that right.

I do think there is some use of polyjuice in here somewhere. At the end when McGonagall brings Harry to the headmasters office she refers to him as Potter. The only person doing that is Snape. All the other call him Harry Potter.

Am I totally off or could it be that Snape is impersonating McGonagall so he can inform Voldemort about whats going on at Hogwarts?

McGonagall frequently refers to Harry as "Potter" in all of the books.
I don't think polyjuice is being used here - remember in GoF that there was the big hint that the fake Moody (Crouch jr) was constantly drinking something from his flask. There was no such hint in the latest book, and JKR usually leaves substantial hints about that sort of thing. I don't think she'd use the same plot mechanism again for such a major development.

I've expanded again on my own thoughts here.

Lol, my sister and I were laughing and talking about book seven, and we think it should be titled "Harry Potter dies" so then evil takes over and the world is rid of muggles and such. The ending scentance should be "Then they saw a dead body of a boy, and on his forehead, in the shape of a lightning bolt, was a scar."

"Neither Can live as long as the other survives" says that Harry will die. In the second book Ron reads Harry's future and says he will suffer, but he will be happy about it. He even gets the omen of death. The Polyjuice theory is interesting, but I disagree. If you remember she was quite heated with Harry and sometimes calls him Mr.Potter. If you read all 6 books, it tells Harry's destiny quite clear. He is the prophecy and is the chosen one.

Heres an interesting thought: what if the mirror in the 1st book tells their destiny. Ron is a prefect and wins the quidich cup. Harry will meet his mom and dad. This means A. He dies and meets his parents in the afterlife or B. He brings his parents back somehow.

Ok just to answer all of your questions --
1. Harry IS a horcrux and he WILL die. The series will not continue and it all makes sense. Also, last year Daniel Radcliff, the guy who actually PLAYS Harry Potter stated that he thought Harry would die in the 7th book because of all the evidence, and let's try to think that he for one knows what he's talking about.
2. Snape is not evil.
3. R.A.B is probably Regulus * Black (this one i'm unsure about), but it would be hard to introduce a new "hero" in the 7th book and Harry needs a parental figure and this character would be connected to Sirius -- however wouldn't Hermione have figured this one out? Hmmmm don't take my word for this one!

1) I don't think that Harry' scar is a horcrux, but I do believe that the locket horcrux still exists. If you go back to the Order of th Phoenix, Harry and Molly and everyone were cleaning up Grimauld Place. While they were cleaning they found a lot of things including "a locket that none of them could open" as someone said earlier JK Rowling leaves very small clues that people may not remember about later on. :)

2) As for Snape - evil, i mean I can't really help but think this. Snape was always deep into the Dark Arts as weve been told counless times, and i'm sure that he is always looking for more power. Plus even he may have fooled Prof. D because of his gifted skill of Occlumency. Like Prof. D said before He doesnt make many mistakes but when he does they are big ones (well something like that anyway)

3) I believe the intitials on the locket are that of Regulus Black....The A could come from any relative (if you go back to the order of the Pheonix where Harry and Sirius are looking at the family tree thing there is at least one relative whose name started with an A. But there wont really e a new hero though will there? Remember Regulus died at the hand of Voldemort or his orders as Sirius said. But i don't think that Hermione even knows who Regulus is at all though or like you said she would have figured it out. I'm actually surprised that Harry didn't figure it out --- well maybe not :)

4) well im going a bit off topic on this part but we're all harry potter fans anyway: if you can't wait to see the fourth movie (GoF) then go to mugglenet.com. they have some clips and information about the upcoming movie.

i do think that harry will die as well as voldemort in the last book but not because he is a horcrux...im actually starting to think that hermione might die (maybe even ron) she did go into gryffindor instead of Ravenclaw so maybe she will be more brave and maybe die while showing it (i dont know if JK Rowling would kill another person close to harry though) only thing is that JKR said oin many interviews that Harry may not survive the end of last book --- maybe she just said this so we would all think he does, but then be surprised when he doen't?

Aliza, I'd take your word for Regulus Black... but Harry dying, you expect me to take your word for? Daniel Radcliff doesn't have any inside info... he's an actor. Also, it makes sense to finish a series after the villan is done away with, just as much as it makes sense to finish when the hero is killed. And he's not a horcrux... don't you think Dumbledore would have thought of that????

OK i think the real locket horcrux is in the house of black and that RAB is definately Regulas Black. Coz in the 5th book when Harry, the Weasleys n Sirius are cleaning the house of Black it metions a whole load of things they find including "a heavy locket which none of them could open". but i think that regulus is dead.

Also u only have to read the books through carefully to find a lot of subtle hints that the barman in Hogs Head is dumbledores brother. he shows up to big Ds funeral and in book 6 big D says to LV "i am merely friendly with the local barman (in Hogs Head)". In the 5th book it describes the barman to be tall, thin and looks strangely familiar to harry. There are more hints in rest of the books aswell.

i am also of the opinion that snape IS EVIL. nothing in the argument between Big D and Snivellus suggests Big D asks him to kill him. Snivelly's probably saying that he's sick of playing double agent to big D and dosent want to do it anymore then big D says "you said you would do it". I dont think Big D would just give in like that he would find a way around the vow if he knew about it.

I have a quite reliable source of information that LV and the Potters were not the only ones present in the house in Godrics Hollow on that fate deciding night.

the two questions are related. you have to murder to split your soul and make a horcrux, and you need a powerful curse. voldemort already killed two people in a very short time before turning to harry, and some of his powers did transfer to harry when he try to kill him, so its possible that voldemort could of accidently made him into a horcrux. secondly, snape. dumbledore would have realized this possibility, so he might have told snape that he should stay with the death eaters no matter what. then, when harry confronts voldemort after destroying the other horcrux's, he must see if harry is able to destroy voldemort, and if he's not able to, snape must destroy them both. or not. this is all just a guess

oh, yea, one more thing. it will be harry's love for ginny that either destroys the soul fragment in him. this will either be because of her death, or just her being by his side. and harry will become the new DA teacher, finaly breaking the curse voldemort put on it....or he dies in the end.

1) Snape is one bitter, vindictive bastard but I firmly believe that he's on the right side and Dumbledore's man through and through. Remember we still don't know exactly what iron-clad reason Dumbledore had for trusting Snape. It has to be something truly substantial because otherwise Dumbledore would look like a total moron who sticks fingers in his ears saying "lalala not listening" while everyone around has perfectly legitimate reasons to distrust Snape. I mean, consider the facts that Snape is a) a former Death Eater b) a highly skilled Occlumens c) clearly obsessed with Dark Arts; and that no one apart from Dumbledore can see any reason whatsoever why he should be trustworthy. And Dumbledore would trust someone like that just because Snape acted remorseful and he (Dumbledore) really wished to believe the best in him? How stupid would he have to be?

2) I (and the romantic in me) am all behind the "Snape having secret hopeless feelings for Lily" theory. If revealing the prophecy to Voldemort turned out to be the biggest regret of Snape's life, then I don't think that it had much to do with James, who Snape genuinely hated. However, has anyone noticed that as much as Snape slams Harry's father, he never ever says anything insulting at all about Lily? If he really thought she was nothing but a filthy Mudblood, wouldn't you think he'd rub it in Harry's face at every opportunity? And somehow I don't think it's a coincidence that both Snape and Lily apparently were the two geniuses in Slughorn's Potions class.

3) In the third book, there's a passage in which Fudge is talking about the attempt to hide Harry's parents from Voldemort. He says that they were warned of danger by Dumbledore, who in turn was tipped off by "a spy"... who is never named. Now, Dumbledore says that Snape came back to the good side a short time before Voldemort's fall. Could it be that, after learning that Voldemort was going to go after Potters, it was in fact Snape who tipped off Dumbledore about the danger?

4) I don't think that Snape made any Unbreakable Vows with Dumbledore. Mostly because I feel that there's something really dark and nasty about the whole concept. It's basically about having this constant threat of death hanging over another person's head; how can it have anything to do with "trust" when what it's really about is, "do what you promised or DIE!!!"

5) I've no fully clear idea what happened at the top of the tower and how much of it all was a plan, but I'm convinced that Dumbledore was asking Snape to kill him. His pleading makes no sense otherwise: Dumbledore is so not the sort of man who pleads for his life.

6) I think the books are leading up to Harry and Snape getting over their respective chips on their shoulders, even if just a little bit. They both need that lesson oh so badly. And it would be soooo deadly dull if Harry was right about hating Snape all that time and if all that's left to their relationship is Harry finding and killing him. It also would be so much more interesting to see how the hell Snape can deal with the situation where the good side he's been working for wants to rip his head off and the bad side would torture living daylight out of him if they found out that he's been fooling them all that time.

harry cant b a horcrux, cos all the horcruxes have 2 b destroyed b4 voldemort can b killed. Harry is the only 1 who can kill voldemort, and would have to kill himself b4 killing voldemort.

Adam, if you put 2 and 2 together you get four. you said it yourself: "He would have to kill himself b4 killing voldemort."

The last horcrux will be an item of ravenclaws. Am i the only 1 whos noticed, but the items of the founders resemble other famous items. Griffindors sword:Excalibur. Hufflepuffs cup:The Holy Grail. Slytherins Ring:The One Ring from THE LORD OF THE RINGS. Maybe the last horcrux, ravenclaws item resembles something like that. An item of wisdom, maybe. Or something resembling the Maltese Falcon. Its a bird statue isnt it.
P.S. I know the story of the Maltese Falcon, so no snappy comments about it being what was inside it, O.K., and no goin on about the true story of the grail.

Sorry, to all of you who think Dumbledore isn't dead. But he is. All the more reason for Harry to kill him. And as for Draco... well... even though he refused to kill Dumbledore, I think he has great potential to be the next You-Know-Who. He's probably undergoing training as we speak. And he has a love for the Dark Arts, and an unfathomable hatred for Harry. Draco's no killer... yet.

Dumbledore aurgued with Snape and told him he must do it...if it regarded killing D.D. or keeping up his mode as double agent then Snape aurguing makes sense only if he is still trustworthy as D.D believed. Snape would never have augued either if he were not D.D's man.

D.D was alone on the grounds with Fawkes for sometime prior to "the body" being removed in a sheet by Hagrid and his body was never seen again.Do not forget areasto momentum or the healing powers of the pheonix on poison.

Hagrid has fallen apart when aragog died...when buckbeak was to be executed...etc...he sure is taking the death of D.D well. So is McGonagall.

D.D's picture hasn't spoken and i don't believe it will with any real intelligent comunication like the other headmasters pictures do.

It serves D.D's purpose to appear to be dead in many ways. I.E to bring V into the open...to shift Harry's reliance to himself...to insert Snape into a most trusted position with V, etc... Has it occured to anyone that the greatest wizard alive could #1 not have been killed so easily and #2 To any indications I have seen, did not have a death wish, and lastly #3 Would never intentionally check out and desert his friends in this time of most dire need. D.D would never confuse the ultimate sacrifice with intentional suicide. No, this is a ploy and Dumbldore will reappear in the 7th.

Dumbledore is dead. Phoenix tears are HEALING not reviving, so Fawkes couldnt have healed Dumbledore.

I've been turning it over and over in my head and IMO Dumbledore pleading only makes sense if he's asking Snape to kill him. Apart from sheer unbelievability that Dumbledore would plead for his life, if you look at the way it's all written, Dumbledore pleads to Snape well before Snape has any chance to reveal himself a traitor. Literally, all that happens is, a) Snape bursts in, b) Greyback tells him that Malfoy is unable to do the killing. Why would Dumbledore plead, for whatever reason, if there's absolutely nothing about Snape's entrance to suggest that he's about to betray him? Greyback's comment after all wouldn't be any sort of giveaway considering Snape's double-agent role.

Furthermore, if Snape has been fooling the greatest wizard the good side had all this time, where's the triumph? The sort of gloating that he displayed when cornering Sirius and Lupin in the third book? This is Snape the world-class champion gloater we're talking about, for crying out loud. Instead, his only reaction to Dumbledore's murder he's just committed is howling in pain like an animal when Harry calls him a coward.

Okay, personally, I'd rather Dumbledore stay dead. I'm not sure that's the case.

To follow in so many others' footsteps here.

1) I agree with the whole pleading for Snape to "kill" him.

2) He's knocked off the wall and his body is later found.

3) The phoenix is repeatedly invoked (first the sound of the phoenix when he "dies") and then the phoenix is seen when is body is laid to rest. Setting aside the literal healing powers of the phoenix which has been cited in the book, let's not forget the original "life from ashes of death" legend of the phoenix.

4) Need some help here. But didn't it say somewhere in the book that Dumbledore couldn't ever leave Hogwarts as long as someone there believed in him? At the time it was talking about him being replaced. At the end, Harry said he was "Dumbledore's man through and through" Perhaps the first reference was foreshadowing and the last line has more meaning than simply telling the Ministry to pissoff?

Oh, and point #4 would also explain why Harry will be pursuaded upon to remain his final year at Hogwarts. Just my guess on that.

Good thoughts all. Glad I found this forum.

1) Yes, I believe the theory of Dumbledore being brought back in the 7th book is intriguing, but unfortunataly I believe it is not going to happen. I wish it would, but I sincerely doubt it. Dumbledore is, in fact, dead. That's my opion on the issue anyway.

2) I have always thought Snape had feelings for Lily Potter. The whole "potions" thing just pushes this theory further. Everything seems to point in that direction. I believe this will be revealed in print when the final book hits the shelves. I don't know how J.K.R. will use this information (i.e. reason snape is trustworthy or whatever), but I believe it is very important and will be revealed to be a key issue (love) in the next novel.

3)RAB is a Black family relative, which one, I don't know. But Regulus seems the obvious choice. I think that it is just something Hermione did overlook because she is (and not surprisingly) mourning Dumbledore's death also. You aren't always on the top of your game when upset about the death of someone that critical in your life. I imagine she simply did overlook it because she wasn't putting her full efforts into searching at that time. Just a thought.

5)Yeah, the minister of magic is going to be important later. Whether he is, as some suggested, Regulus or not, he is going to play a big role next novel.

6) I don't think that there was anyone (aside from Crabbe and Goyle) using polyjuice potion. That would be way overdone.

7) Crookshanks is not an animangus.

8) I had a stupid idea about one of the horcruxes being Voldemorts wand when I first started reading about the different things he would use to put his soul inside. I mean, that is very very important to him, right? And Olivander did come up missing... Just a dumb thought.

9) Harry is NOT one of them. Nor is his scar. I was being swayed for a little bit with everyone's theories, but I really don't think that he is one. That would seriously complicate things and there would be too much conflict because of this to fit into one final novel. I would be disappointed if he were, I think. I mean, they are linked because of the curse backfiring... something else happened, we just don't know what. But could Petunia have been there also? Just another stupid theory... But Aunt Petunia knows a heck of a lot more than she is letting on - perhaps even she is a double agent leading a double life acting like a prude and spying on everyone because she is getting information? Hmmm... well, I am sure the next book is to give us many many interesting spins at any rate.

Well, I wrote too much as it is. I am going to go to bed now... I plan on re-reading the entire series again over the weekend and trying to pick up any clues.

1) Yes, I believe the theory of Dumbledore being brought back in the 7th book is intriguing, but unfortunataly I believe it is not going to happen. I wish it would, but I sincerely doubt it. Dumbledore is, in fact, dead. That's my opion on the issue anyway.

2) I have always thought Snape had feelings for Lily Potter. The whole "potions" thing just pushes this theory further. Everything seems to point in that direction. I believe this will be revealed in print when the final book hits the shelves. I don't know how J.K.R. will use this information (i.e. reason snape is trustworthy or whatever), but I believe it is very important and will be revealed to be a key issue (love) in the next novel.

3)RAB is a Black family relative, which one, I don't know. But Regulus seems the obvious choice. I think that it is just something Hermione did overlook because she is (and not surprisingly) mourning Dumbledore's death also. You aren't always on the top of your game when upset about the death of someone that critical in your life. I imagine she simply did overlook it because she wasn't putting her full efforts into searching at that time. Just a thought.

5)Yeah, the minister of magic is going to be important later. Whether he is, as some suggested, Regulus or not, he is going to play a big role next novel.

6) I don't think that there was anyone (aside from Crabbe and Goyle) using polyjuice potion. That would be way overdone.

7) Crookshanks is not an animangus.

8) I had a stupid idea about one of the horcruxes being Voldemorts wand when I first started reading about the different things he would use to put his soul inside. I mean, that is very very important to him, right? And Olivander did come up missing... Just a dumb thought.

9) Harry is NOT one of them. Nor is his scar. I was being swayed for a little bit with everyone's theories, but I really don't think that he is one. That would seriously complicate things and there would be too much conflict because of this to fit into one final novel. I would be disappointed if he were, I think. I mean, they are linked because of the curse backfiring... something else happened, we just don't know what. But could Petunia have been there also? Just another stupid theory... But Aunt Petunia knows a heck of a lot more than she is letting on - perhaps even she is a double agent leading a double life acting like a prude and spying on everyone because she is getting information? Hmmm... well, I am sure the next book is to give us many many interesting spins at any rate.

Well, I wrote too much as it is. I am going to go to bed now... I plan on re-reading the entire series again over the weekend and trying to pick up any clues.

Haha, sorry posted twice... didn't like the first name I came up with and didn't realize that I hadn't stopped the post in time... I apologize.

I also wanted to add quickly:

Snape is on the Good team. No questions asked here. He hated James and he despises Harry because of the resemblence, but his love for Lily is what forces him to continue to keep Harry alive... perhaps he is just jealous because Harry could have been his own son that he had desperately wanted to have with her... okay, just a stupid theory. I am a hopeless romantic.

Did anyone else notice that his wrist flicked slightly or something when making the unbreakable vow with Malfoy's mom? I don't think he wanted to but had to because of stupid prat bellatrix, see? Reason number 409 that he is still a good guy in disguise. :)

"I suspect that Snape took an unbreakable to always be loyal to Dumbeldore, and that explains the trust."
Nice thought...makes more sense that if snape made an unbreakable vow to DD that it would be loyalty instead of protecting harry.
Props to bertuzzisfist

I definitely believe that Harry is a horcrux (unintentional at that). I dont think Voldemort expected Lily to fight for Harry. As JK has not divulged the key to creating the horcruxes, the death of Lily previous to Harry coupled with the deep ancient magic which keeps Harry alive could have left him with a mark which marks him as the final horcrux. The idea of Harry being a horcrux is also touched upon with his ability to speak parseltongue and in book 5 with his dreams. An interesting note that nobody has broached upon. In book 4 when Voldemort takes Harrys blood to resurrect his body. When Harry recounts this tale to Dumbledore, there is a "look of triumph" in DD eyes? What is this look refering to. DD always seems to divulge wisdom on the importance of difficult choices. Also to Dumbledore "death is but the next great adventure" and what Voldemort always feared. If Harry is the final Horcrux Harry must sacrifice himself to defeat Voldemort. As of book 4, no longer is Harry connected to Voldemort in a mental way, but also a physical, bodily sense. The one question I am not sure of is whether Dumbledore realized this or not. Dumbledore despite his large imparting of missing knowledge from previous books in book 6 he always has a plan. Maybe he felt that was something Harry had to discover for himself. Harry needs to go back to Godrics Hollow and will.

Question for everyone.

I am a little confused as to how the house elfs are able to apparate and disapparate inside Hogwarts when this magic is not allowed.

Anoyone else think that RAB is Pigwidgeon. Dumbledore said we(meaning the Order) could hide Malfoy from Voldemort and the Death Eaters. Regulus backed out of the the Dark Lord's service and turned to Sirius and thus the Order for help. Dumbledore and Sirius taught him how to become an owl Animagus and didn't tell anyone else. Dumbledore told Sirius to give him to Harry's best friend Ron where he will wait to emerge and help Harry find and destroy the remaining Horcruxes.

Also Ron doesn't predict that Harry will suffer but be very happy. Harry predicts that of Ron. I think that Ron will make a big sacrifice for Harry and Hermione in book 7 (possibly him and Nagini killing each other). Then again, neither of them were very good at reading tea leaves.

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a huge battle at the end of the next book? Death Eaters, giants, dementors, werewolves, Imperiused wizards and other Dark creatures against the Order, Harry, Hermione, Ron, other students and teachers,Grawp, house elves, centaurs and hopefully the Ministry. Maybe they'll get a little help from Beuxbaton and Durmstrang.

Also Pigwidgeon (RAB) would be the unrevealed member of the Order. That would explain why Pig. is not like a normal owl. Really small and figety. Very suspicious.

Dumbledore will still be a part of the next book, through the Pensieve. He will not be alive. Harry will learn much about Dumbledore and Snape's relationship through the Pensieve. I don't think that the Hagrid and McGonagall are too worried of Dumbledore's death because they both know that he was never afraid of it. They still don't know that Snape is still on thier side(which he is).

I also think that Voldemort will be furious with Snape because Dumbledore's death just makes everything worse. That is why Dumbledore let himself be killed. To put a protection on Harry just like his mother's. Wand or no wand, Dumbledore doesn't die unless he wants to.

This is very unlikely but what if Augustus Rookwood(Death Eater who worked as a spy in the Department of Mysteries) is RAB?
I don't think this is true but it is a possibility. I stand by my Pigwidgeon theory.

When Harry first looks into the Pensieve(book4), Karkaroff accuses many people of being Death Eaters. One of them is Snape. Dumbledore tells the court that Snape was a DE but he turned a spy for the Order just before LV's downfall. After Snape told LV about the prophecy he knew Lily would be in danger. He went to Dumbledore who turned him into a spy. Snape was at Godric's Hollow that fateful night. Voldemort had killed James and Lily to make Harry a Horcrux. Snape was too late to save Lily. There was a flash of green light. Rowling never says who the green light came from. It wasn't Harry who stopped Voldemort it was Snape. This is the ironclad reason that Dumbledore trusts Snape for, not even LV knows. He thinks it was Harry. That's why he wants to kill him even if he is one of his Horcruxes. Voldemort thinks Harry is too dangerous to him alive. Voldemort still trusts Snape because he thought it was Harry who had defeated him, not Snape.
Snape hates Harry because of James but protects him because of Lily.

Because of Lily's love protection when Voldemort tried to make Harry a Horcrux his soul couldn't touch Harry. His soul then had to reenter his body which he described as pain beyond pain. This does not fit well with the Snape theory though.

I just realized that if Regulus was Pigwidgeon then Kreacher would have to take orders from it not Harry. #12 Grimmauld Place would be his not Harry's. There is the possibility that Kreacher was told Regulus died though.

Everyone is making their thoeries about Harry being a Horcrux as though Voldermort would only have had the chance to make him so when he had tried to kill in the first place. However, Harry and Voldermort have had many encounters after the initial one. Voldermort would have had many occasions to make Harry (or his scar) a Horcrux. Furthermore, during a documentary about The Philosopher's Stone movie, JKR said that something was different in the movie compared to the book, but that it actually contributed to further installments. I believe it to be when Voldermort's soul (or whatever it was) passes through Harry after he has defeated Quirrel. This would have been a perfect opportunity for Voldermort to have implanted a part of his soul in Harry. In addition, Dumbledore thinks that the final Horcrux could be something from Gryffindor house (i.e. Harry). If Harry is a Horcrux after all, though, if Voldermort succeeds in killing Harry (after Harry had neutralized all of the other Horcruxes) then Voldermort would inevitably die too.

I recently came across JK Rowling's latest interview about HBP. Towards the end she was asked if anyone else besides the Potter's were at Godric's Hollow that night and she said no comment in JK Rowling foreshadowing way. Hmmm... Who could it be?

Rowling also said we hadn't seen the last of Ms. Dolores Umbridge. Maybe her toad like appearence relates to Neville's toad Trevor missing all the time.

She also said that we would learn what Dumbledore was trying to do to Voldemort in the Ministry at the end of OotP and that Snape was acctually loved by someone.

I have one more thing to add. Dumbledore is DEAD. DECEASED. SLEEPING WITH THE FISHES. ECT... Just thought you ought know.

Remember all of my theories are JUST THEORIES. I don't care if you disagree with them. I'm not JK Rowling.

Also one of the Horcruxes is at the orphanage where Riddle grew up.

I've read a lot but not all of these comments so please excuse me if I repeat others' thoughts.

First, I think Dumbledore's really, truly dead. (Though he's now a portrait so he will still be around to advise somewhat.) The liquid he drank was poisonous and I think he was dying already, so what Snape did wasn't quite as terrible as it would otherwise have been. The scene where Harry is forcing it down DD's throat is just horrible, though, and foreshadows what's to come later with Snape when DD asks Harry to kill him and Harry says "this will" or something like that (book is loaned out so don't have the exact words in front of me). Ugghhh, just horrible! Plus, the hallucinations or visions DD has are so disturbing and it's interesting to speculate what his words refer to. The bonding he and Harry experience is beautiful, though. Great chapter!

DD was def pleading with Snape to kill him, thereby honoring his Unbreakable Vow to protect Draco, no question in my mind. Snape's loathing and hatred was for himself, plain and simple. This was discussed earlier in the book when DD insisted that Snape obey him and do what he'd promised, etc. No way DD would plead for his life; that's impossible for me to conceive. For reasons to come, Snape will play a crucial role in Book 7 and must survive. I also agree about all the evidence of Snape escaping w/Draco without truly hurting Harry. Plus, isn't there a line near the end where he shouts out he's not a coward? Being forced to kill DD under his own orders took tremendous courage, not cowardice. Poor, misunderstood Snape (sob).

I also believe DD trusted Snape so totally and irrevocably because long ago he had Snape make an Unbreakable Vow to protect Harry's life... not because of James (duh) but for the sake of Lily, whose death he (Snape) felt tremendous guilt over. (And should, dammit!) So Snape is def a good guy, albeit very very twisted. Yes, DD admitted he makes mistakes but if Snape were truly evil it makes no sense that DD would be SO trustingly naive and stupid about Snape's character. Not when he (DD) was so suspicious about Tom Riddle. Notice he never cut HIM a lot of slack. (Of course Snape'll have to die in Book 7 to atone for the death of DD, though... notice I didn't say "murder" because DD was already as good as dead from the poison.)

And speaking of Lily, what's with the constant mentioning of Harry having her eyes? This must be relevant because everyone seemed to love or at least care for her, including Remus, Snape and even Slughorn. Hmmm...

RAB: I agree with many (all?) that this is Regulus Black.

My horcrux theory. Here goes -- and again, my apologies if other(s) have spelled out the same:
The horcruxes are introduced or featured in each book:

Book 1 - Harry himself (his scar is the same shape as the crack in Marvolo's ring). I know there are plot holes and I need to think more carefully about this but I still believe Harry is a horcrux. Otherwise, a Ravenclaw object?

Book 2 - Tom Riddle's book

Book 3 - Hufflepuff's goblet? Need to re-read PoA to find mention of this.

Book 4 - Nagini

Book 5 - Slytherin's locket -- found in Grimmauld Place as a discarded locket that no-one could open. Kreacher confiscated it and there's a reason Harry is now the owner of both the house and elf.

Book 6 - Marvolo's ring

Book 7 - Voldemort himself and his showdown with Harry. It makes complete sense that Harry will have to die when killing Voldemort, but I don't for a minute believe JKR will do that to her fans, many of whom were (still are?) terribly young when first introduced to the series. There HAS to be faith & hope which MUST be rewarded. So somehow Snape will have to step in and redeem himself by sacrificing his life for Harry's -- back to the proposed Unbreakable Vow? -- and Harry will be allowed to survive... or so I hope, anyway.

Wanted to also mention that I agree with Jamie's comments, re: Sorcerer's Stone book/film difference and Voldemort's "soul" passing through Harry being an aid to further plot installments (i.e. Harry as horcrux).

If anyone on here still thinks Dumbledore is not dead here is a big reason that he is. You might say that Snape didn't mean the Avada Kedavra curse and was using a different nonverbal spell. Well, you are right. Snape, although it doesn't show had no such hate of Dumbledore to use the killing curse so he said the spell uselessly and used a nonverbal spell to knock Dumbledore off the highest tower at Hogwarts sending him to his death.

As much as I hate to say it.....

PS Anyone know why the books take place in the 90's? There are no years given in the books yet every Harry Potter website says that Harry was born in 1980. Anyone know why?

Sorry just more of my wacky theories (or as Dumbledore calls it) guesswork. Which he was right about by the way.
I believe that Harry has his mother's eyes because of the love protection that she gave him. Maybe this very old branch of magic leaves traces of the spellcaster. Every character who knew Lily as a friend (even Wormtail I think) says Harry has his mother's eyes.
Of course it could all be in the genes

I also think that house elves will play a big part in book 7. Or at least Dobby and Kreacher (maybe they could fight eachother). Rowling herself said they have a brand of magic different from wizards.

Maybe on top of everything Harry has to do Trelawney will make another prophesy.

Also Rowling said that Grindewald (Dark Lord defeated by Dumbledore in 1945) was significant. His downfall was only a year after Voldemort's uprising.
Hmmmm... I don't think Voldemort liked competition.

I've written a lot of theories about HBP and book 7. I'd love it if someone would prove wrong about something. Pleaseeeeeee prove me wrong.

Crank, I just visited your blog and really enjoyed your insightful comments, most of which I agree with wholeheartedly. Thanks also for the further links which I will be visiting shortly. Though a fan of the series through my daughter, I am shamefully new to this whole HP-discussion thing but am having a good time!

Yes, Steve, I agree that Snape either used a different curse or was half-hearted in his Avada attempt. In Book 5 I think, Bellatrix mentioned that you have to really feel intensely when casting the Avada spell, and when conducted correctly it kills absolutely instantaneously... you literally drop dead. Whereas Dumbledore went flying over the tower in a seemingly different spell. I also believe it was the fall that killed him.

With all the different characters and sub-characters, plots and sub-plots, it's kind of hard to believe there will be only one more book and that all loose ends will be tied.

Does anyone know about when the books tke place yet? It never specifies. Oh well Just gotta wait for book 7

Pity Rowling said it wasn't going to be longer than OotP.

I do not think DD is dead. Why, because of the way the fire burned the body to ashes (like the phoenix burning to ashes and returning to life). The symbolism is there to relate the two. I think he will come back somehow.

I also think that Snape is working both sides. It is just a feeling. I think she wants us to think he is bad but gives us clues that he really isn't. One clue is that he could have done Harry in at the end, but didn't. If he truely was bad, Harry would be dead. Another is that the book was left where Harry could find it with Snape's notes in it. This was a sign that he wanted Harry to learn more than what the book said for future reasons.

I think the pheonix rising from the ashes is symbolic of Dumbledore's next great adventure. He said himself "To the organized mind death is but the next great adventure" and "There are worse things than death" Now don't tell me Dumbledore's mind is unorganized. His death will bring upon a Harry a power unknown to the Dark Lord- LOVE.

Remember Wormtail owes Harry a life debt. At the last moment when he realizes that Harry is more powerful than Voldemort he will become a great help. Remember that he knows Nagini almost as well as the Dark Lord.

Snape has saved Harry's(during Quidditch from Quirrel), Lupin's(Wolfsbane potion), and Dumbledore's(after he destroyed MArvolo's ring)lives. He also alerted teh Order when Sirius was in danger at the Ministry. He will die to save the wizarding world.

I think the idea of the scare being a horcrux is great. It is a bit hard to belive. He got it from Voldemort to kill him. Then again that may be why he cursed the spell in the first place. Maybe Voldemort put a curse on Harry that was not the curse everyone thinks it is. He may have wanted everyone to think it so nobody would know. That way Harry could not distroy every one of the horcruxs. I did not read all of the coments above so sorry if I am putting the samething as somebody else.

As for Snape I have thought he was evil from the start. I Just had a gut feeling. Sorry again if I have written the same as many other people.

Steve, I think that Snape was at Godric's Hollow that night. He used the Avada Kedavra curse to kill Voldemort before Voldemort's curse had hit Harry. Voldemort died before his curse hit Harry. That would explain why Harry is still alive.

OK the scar cannot be a horcrux... just because... "neither can live while the other survives.. thus.. if Harry gets rid of voldemort hed have to get rid of all the gorcruxes... including killing himself.. so there goes Harry surviving.. and if Voldy wins Hed have to kill part of himself..... not to mention.. why would he choose Harry as a horcrux.. He liked objects a bit more impressively magical... slytherin's ring and locket and the such.. putting his soul into such an average being as Harry wouldnt seem worthy.. Plus by destroying Harry Hed be helping someone ultimately destroying himself which is counterproductive.. so no..

My daughter and I think the final scenario will be that Harry kills himself when he realises the scar is the sixth horcrux, and then Snape kills Voldemort. This may be easier on her younger readers' feelings than Harry being killed by Voldemort.

Even thought Dumbledore's picture is in the office, it may not mean that he is dead. As it was stated in the book, after hearing of the death, McGonagall took up the position as Head-Mistress, thereby making Dumbledore a past Headmaster. This would explain why his picture is up. Also, it is unknown if someone must be dead in order to be in a picture....should be revealed in book 7.
Also, I do not think that Snape killed Dumbledore. If you lookup the description of the Avada Kedavra curse in previous books, the spell simply causes instant death. However, Dumbledore flew up and over the castle wall. Snape possibly used a different, non-lethal unspoken curse. Another reason that DD is not dead: he showed Harry several memories that he took from a glass vial. If he was the real DD, why didn't he simply pull them from his head?
And finally, I believe that the Sorting Hat is a horcrux. The Hat reveals in a song that it one belonged to Godric Gryffindor - makes sense that Voldemort would enchant it.

Anyone consider that the Fat Lady outside the Gryffindor common room is acctually a portrait of Hepibzah Smith. It was said that there were many magical objects in her house. Maybe she was hiding something of Gryffindor's or Ravenclaw's that Voldemort found.

I also don't think HArry is a Horcrux because Dumbledore said that Voldemort was going to use HArry's death to make his final one. The object he was going to use is probably still at Godric's Hollow.

BillyBoy- How would Harry's suicide be better on younger readers than Voldemort killing him?

at first i didn't think harry could be a horcrux, because that would mean he would have to kill himself to kill voldemort.
then i realized, voldemort's horcrux could survive harry killing him. after all, quirrill died in the first book but voldemort didn't, and voldemort would inhabit small creatures until they died but HE DIDN'T DIE.
so that means harry could be a horcrux and that to get rid of that piece of voldemort he will have to figure out what's in the locked room in the department of mysteries...

A few comments, some inspired by other folks' postings.

I believe DD isn't dead. The book talked at length about implanting false memories of murders. No reason DD and Snape together couldn't do that to the witnesses.

Also, DD made clear that he can hide better than Malfoy could imagine, a person believed to be dead. To do that, everyone would have to believe he was really dead -- best done by leaving a lot of witnesses. (Notice how many witnesses there were to the murders allegedly committed by Sirius Black.) Now Harry and the death-eaters are witnesses to DD's murder, thus everyone on both sides of the battle will believe Dumbledore is dead. This will let him go about his work better in the next book, without the possibility that Voldemort will mind-read the truth from somebody (the very reason DD didn't talk with Malfoy earlier about his homicidal actions.)

Also, note that the author never says Dumbledore was sliding slowly down the wall due to failing strength. She consistently says his slow slid was due to "apparently" losing strength in his legs and so on. Why would the author not just say "he slid down, growing weaker every moment" if that were the case? Why complicate by describing the appearance of growing weaker? Because he's not growing weaker, he's doing something necessary to block the avada kedrava spell that's coming up. Similarly, the author never says DD's body was in the wrapping carried by Hagrid at the funeral. She says something like "Hagrid carried what Harry understood was DD's body ..." Something like that at least. Why not just say "Harry carried DD's body, wrapped in ..."? Because his body wasn't there.

Also, DD's touching his chest with his bad hand before being hit in the chest with the avada kedavra curse -- part of a spell to protect him from the curse, thought up with Snape's help? About Snape's taking the unbreakable vow: read the words of the vow he took again. He never promises to try to kill Dumbledore, just do what Voldemort ordered Malfoy to do -- and we'd need to know exactly how Voldemort phrased that, to know if Snape could comply only by literally killing DD.

Snape did Harry several favors (preventing others from killing him, preventing him from using unforgivable curses) during the fight. The Snape/DD argument: I see it as being about Snape not wanting to try an unproven protective spell when the price for being wrong would be DD's real death.

Concerning Snape's anger at being called a coward: he's now going to see Voldemort after having only faked DD's killing. If Voldemort manages to read his mind and find this out, Snape is worse than dead.

And finally, Malfoy: I like a good book about repentence and salvation. We saw Malfoy crying over his situation in the bathroom. We see DD declare he doesn't think Malfoy will kill him. We see Malfoy begin to lower his wand, though not in time. Malfoy is on the road to the good side, and I suspect he will help Harry out, at great cost to himself, in the next book.

One more comment, inspired by the extremely sharp observation about stylisticall how RAB was written: I believe A could be the initial of the last name, R and B the first two initials. I believe the initial of the last name generally goes in the middle, when monogramming things. So we could be looking for RBA.

Also, it could be initials for two people, though of course it's written in the singular. In the movie at least (2nd movie), when Harry is looking through a book of old pictures of himself with his parents, to the left of each picture is a caligraphy J and to the right is a caligraphy L, for the parents' first names. So, R is somebody's first name, B is somebody's first name, and A is the initial of the last name perhaps? Anybody have any ideas who R and BA might be?

ok.. snape cant kill voldemort.. the prophecy.. the only one with the chance of killing him is Harry so yeah.. no more Snape will actually kill voldemort stuff.. he can't.. Im sure you know the wording, but Harry is the only one with the chance to kill him. second.. the sorting hat and the sword are griffindor relics but voldemort couldn't of gotten into the school to get them and make horcruxes out of them. they were constantly protected by dumbledore how the hell could he get to them! finally.. Harry going back to Hogwarts next year we He'll end up there but how will JK get him there.. a horcrux be hidden there? somewhere safe that voldy thinks inpenetrable, the chamber of secrets?know

Just finished reading the book, exploring some possible scenarios. If Harry is a horcrux of Voldemort (which is highly possible considering the circumstances) and "neither of them can live while the other survices" then both V and Harry must die.

The reason I say it's hihgly possible that Harry is a horcrux is two fold: Firstly, Harry is from Hufflepuff and would make a nice collectible as V seems to enjoy hoarding being that he is the 'Chosen One'. Secondly, even though making a horcrux out of a living thing is dangerous, V and Harry are forever intertwined. Of course, this logic kind of eats itself, but still, it would be the perfect plot twist and a great metaphor for the nature of the battle of good vs. evil.

Which is another thing I noticed as I read the book. Does anyone notice the parallels between the battle against Voldemort and the Death Eaters and the GWOT? I hate to be all political, so I won't, I'm just saying physicially they are very similar. The Ministry of Magic tries to make good on efforts to combat V, but is really grasping at straws, the Prophet reporting daily on who's dying and where, the anger of the people at a lame ministry, and the evil of an enemy that uses all of these faults against the people. Meh, maybe it's just me.

i dont think that the scar is an horcrux becauxse dumbledore said that voldemort had to murder to get an horcrux, and how we know harry is the boy-who-survived .
when i finished the book, i believed that snape was evil, but know that im reading comments i have notice that maybe snape did that because dumbledore wanted him to do that.

sorry for my english, im not so good

it is not possible harry be an horcruz because voldemort wants to kill him, is he trying to kill a part of his soul??

Harry's scar absolutely has to be a horcrux. It has been explained repeatedly that the Avada curse never leaves ANY marks. It fools the muggles, who never know the cause of death. Curse bouncing off or not Harry would not get a scar from the Avada curse. So the scar had to come from something else happening. There is no other way to explain the mental link between Harry and He Who Must Not Be Named. Spells do not normally bounce back on someone and do something different than their intention. Voldermort’s powers and gifts that Harry received are a direct result of having a part of his soul being transferred to Harry.

When the Avada curse failed (if ever attempted) either he or someone helping him, created a horcrux with Harry. Would it not be good insurance to leave a part of your soul secretly, in someone who you knew was prophesied to be able to kill you? That way even if you lost your pending battle and they won, you could still be brought back. I still think that horcruxes can be removed without destroying the vessel.

Second, Dumbledore has exhibited many times, the use of magic without a wand. Even powerful spells like “Aresto Momentum” used to stop Harry from falling to his death in book 3. I believe that he is dead, and chose to die to give Harry added protection and to maintain Snape’s “insider” status.

Third, I think that Dumbledore also would have taken extra steps toward immortality, but not in an evil way, like Voldermort’s. Why else would he have been a partner with one Nicholas Flamel in the creation of one Sorcerer’s Stone that gave the drinker immortality. If the chamber of secrets was opened 50 years ago, and Dumbledore looked old then. He would have to be pretty darn old to still be directing Hogwarts. I still think he is likely to communicate with Harry through either a picture or the pensive.

In our Russian book, the word for horcrux is "крыа" which is almost the same as "крыса" and that word means "rat". In the Goblet of Fire Voldemort says he hid in the forest in Albania where rats had met their deaths because of him; so the sixth horcrux is a smelly rat, and the murder victim he needed was the sexy witch Bertha Jorkins.

It's really annoying reading the posts here, because everyone who talks about Harry/ Harry's scar being a horcrux insists that that means Harry has to die. If Harry is a horcrux, he'd have to get rid of that piece of Voldemort's soul, he would NOT have to kill himself. The piece of soul could survive Harry killing himself, Voldemort didn't die after Quirrel did. Instead of killing himself, he needs to figure out how to kill the horcrux.

OK people, hate to break it to ya, but DUMBLEDORE IS DEAD. tragic as it is, it's true. if dumbledore came back, that would be really stupid because dumbledore always comes and saves the day at the end. harry needs to fight on his own this time.

dumbledore is dead. I know people find little ways of trying to cling to hope but basically he had to die Harry has to face voldemort alone in the end Dumbledore helped as much as he could then he had to die. so harry could go on alone. just as he has to go on alone in the other books. He had help but ultimately He has to face everything alone. All Hero's have to go on alone.dumbledore was cool its a shame but oh well. if you miss him re read the other books.

what i have to say:

the locket in the black house is the horcrux, snape is good for all the reasons listed, and if 'dung' took the locket, could there be a chance that hes working with LV?

i have ALOT more to say, but im WAY too lazy to post it XD

Snape and Lily were both very good at potions and I think its fair to asume that Snape liked Lily. Could it be possible that they were secretly dating until Lily dumped Snape for James? Slughorn always says that Harry's has a talent for potions just like his mother. Maybe Snape and Lily helped eachother with potion making. But Lily hated James until her seventh year. What happened to change that? Something Snape did? Hopefully we'll all find out.

I think one of the horcruxes is at Hogwarts - it's the Award for Special Services to the School, presented to Tom Riddle when he framed Hagrid for opening the Chamber of Secrets. The award is in the Hogwarts trophy room. Ron Weasley spent a great deal of time polishing it and all the other awards as one of his detentions.

There must be a horcrux at hogwarts because soething must get Harry back there for year 7.. He says hes not going but It'd be dumb book if he didnt go at all.... My guess is its hidden in the chamber of secrets. It would underline his connection as slytherins heir! Plus Harry is the only othe wizard able to get down there.. so it would fit.

Most of you seem to think that Harry couldn’t be a Horcrux. I think it’s rather possible that he could be. Here is how it could have gone: after hearing the first half of the prophecy, V went to kill Harry and make his last Horcrux from his death. (DD says that V believed in making Horcruxes out of significant deaths. He says is HBP “I am sure that he [V] was intending to make his final Horcrux with your death.” 506 V probably took along the object he meant to turn into a Horcrux and set everything up so that Harry’s death would have the desired result (why couldn’t the Horcrux spell have to be performed before the murder?). But Lilly protected Harry; she died and he didn’t. It seems possible that the unexpected sacrifice she made interfered with the Horcrux spell turning Harry into a Horcrux with Lilly’s death. All that, of course, was not intended by V.

We’re told that V doesn’t know when his horcruxes are destroyed. I think it’s possible he didn’t even know he created one that fateful night nor that it turned out to be Harry. I think he may have discovered that in book 5 when their psychic connection intensified. This may explain why V was ready to kill Harry at the end of the Goblet (he didn’t know then Harry was a Horcrux). Of course, V tries to kill Harry at the end of the Order. I think by then Harry has caused too much trouble. Because of him, V knew he wouldn’t recover the Prophecy, something he’d really badly wanted to do. As DD mentions, making a Horcrux from a living being, one with its own independent volitional system is risky business. And I think at the end of Book 5, V must simply think it isn’t worth it. After all, he has other Horcruxes (DD does mention (in HBP) the carelessness with which V treated the diary in Book 2, something which raises his suspicion that V may have made more Horcruxes). And moreover, V might not know that the locket’s gone or that the ring was destroyed. So killing Harry may just seem to him like getting rid of a problem without really losing much at all –even if Harry has a piece of his soul.

Also: if, as DD thinks, Naguini-the-snake is a Horcrux, she must have made into one after Harry’s parents die. And we know who V’s killed since then (in the Goblet, they all come out of Harry's want to help him). There’s really only Cedric, the old Muggle Frank who’s killed at the beginning of the Goblet, and Bertha Jenkins. None of these seem to me to be deaths that V would have used to make the last Horcrux: Cedric wasn’t supposed to come with Harry; V didn't plan Frank’s death; and it seemed as though he killed Bertha only because he’d damaged her memory too much. So either Harry is a Horcrux, or there are only 5 (not counting the piece of soul still in V’s body). Or, I guess, DD is wrong, and V had made 6 Horcruxes before going over to Harry’s parents.

I think Snape loves Narcissa Malfoy. Why else would he have made the unbreakable vow with her? He was totally in control of the conversation leading up to the vow, so he could of found a way to get out of it if he had wanted to. i think he made it because he loves Narcissa and he didn't want her to be sad about Draco. he was being much nicer to her then bellatrix, anyway. it's a bit of a stretch, yes, but it's possible.

Harry may well be a horcrux. His mum's death provided the death needed to create one. And then maybe Voldemort spread his 'soul' too thin and that is why he was so weakened.

Dumbledore definitely wanted Snape to kill him, or look like he was killing him. Dumbledore's pleas to Snape at the end of HBP don't sound like him begging for his life but pleading with Snape to do it.

Bill made some excellent comments which I really enjoyed reading, but I still think DD is dead. Otherwise it would be (imo) so corny with DD pulling a "Gandalf" (possibly with an also-hidden Black by his side?) to aid the Order in the last book. No, I think Rowling is following the archetypal "hero's quest" story, and Harry must go it essentially alone. But I think Harry will receive guidance, albeit spiritual, from DD in some form. And I still think Harry's a horcrux.

I do absolutely agree that Rowling is setting Draco up for redemption in the final book, what with his vulnerability and inability to hurt DD. I think Book 7 MUST be about more than revenge and "killing off the bad guy(s)"; there needs to be love, hope, redemption and forgiveness. Harry, Ron and Hermione will NOT be killed off - Rowling has an absolute obligation to her worldwide legion of young readers. Otherwise, why bother telling Harry over and over again that he is protected by Love which is stronger than anything Voldemort can conjure, etc. etc.

Snape, of course, will have to die through self-sacrifice. I think Rowling will keep readers in suspense about his true allegiance throughout most of the book, but his dedication to the Order - and protection of Harry - will be shown in the end. Snape will NOT kill Voldemort, though, because that's Harry's destiny. I think Snape's death will come about in a last protective gesture to Harry who will be very near death... perhaps he (Snape) will absorb a curse - killing or otherwise harmful - upon himself at a crucial moment, thereby giving Harry time and perhaps strength.

Speaking of Snape, I disagree with the Steve's suggestion that Snape was dating Lily. I'm sure Lily never saw him that way. But Snape came from a hostile and abusive background and Lily (who like him was tremendously gifted in Potions) was kind to him and befriended him. I've no doubt Snape developed a major crush on her and was devastated when she chose James, his rival in everything. I might be wrong, but I think his worst memory in Book 5 referred to the pity he felt Lily showed him when James tormented him (and the realization that he would never mean as much to her as James would), as well as his subsequent retaliatory referral to her as a mudblood. This, I believe, was even more shameful than the embarrassing act itself. Of course, I may be wrong.

I read an extremely interesting essay, probably through some link provided by someone here (Crank?) that discussed literary alchemy which has existed since the late Middle Ages/Renaissance, and the fact that the three chemical stages known as the black, white and red, relate to the deaths of Sirius Black in Book 5, Albus (white) Dumbledore in Book 6, and probably Rebeus (red) Hagrid in the final book. There was much more detail in this essay which made a lot of sense to me so I wonder if we can expect that turn of events in Book 7?

I don't think a living person could be a norcrux because they have their soul and I can't beleive that two souls could occupy one body. The conflict that would happen in Harry's body would be undecribable. Voldremort could not occupy Harry's body for only a few seconds when he thought about being woth Sirius again.
Also once you are dead you are dead as far as J.K. goes.
I was thinking that R.A.B might be Regulus but then Madame Bones came into play as to the reason for her being killed?

I think the theory that RAB may be Madame Bones is pretty clever, but I think it's Regulus Black. Look at this piece of the Mugglenet/Leaky Cauldron interview with JKR:

MA: R.A.B.

JKR: Ohhh, good.

[All laugh.]

JKR: No, I'm glad! Yes?

MA: Can we figure out who he is, from what we know so far?

[Note: JKR has adopted slightly evil look here]

JKR: Do you have a theory?

MA: We've come up with Regulus Black.

JKR: Have you now?

MA: Uh-oh.


JKR: Well, I think that would be, um, a fine guess.

MA: And perhaps, being Sirius’s brother, he had another mirror –

JKR: [drums fingers on soda can]

MA: Does he have the other mirror, or Sirius’s mirror —

JKR: I have no comment at all on that mirror. That mirror is not on the table. [Laughter from all; Jo's is maniacal.]

MA: Let the record note that she has drummed her fingers on her Coke can in a very Mr. Burns-like way.

Looking at JKR's replies to the Regulus Black theory ("that would be, um, a fine guess," "drums fingers on soda can") I think that proves that Regulus Black is RAB.

On another topic, I think Harry could be a horcrux, because of his scar. At some point Dumbledore says something like, "usually the avada kedavra curse leaves no mark, the exception is right in front of me" (harry's in front of him). if it usually doesn't leave a mark, maybe that's because his scar wasn't from the killing curse, but from being a horcrux. it would make sense for him to have a small bit of Voldemort's soul in him, hence the parseltongue, etc.

Of course, the scar could be just from surviving the killing curse.

ALso, I think one of the horcruxes is at hogwarts, Snape is evil, though he wasn't always, and Dumbledore is dead.

i think Harry is a Horcrux--Dumbledore said that he would use Harry's parents' death in making his 7th Horcrux---Harry himself. I don't think that Voldemort had transferred some of his powers or abilities to Harry by mistake; i think the reason why Harry exhibits these traits - being a Parselmouth, for example - is because he IS one of Voldemort's Horcruxes. That'swhy the prophecy clearly stated, "neither can live while the other survies," it's because Harry has to kill Voldemort's 7th Horcrux, w/c is in his body, and all the other remaining, and of course, how can he kill Voldemort when one of his Horcruxes resides in himself? i'd say he'd ave to kill himself at the same time he also kills Voldemort...i know it sounds quite ridiculous, but that's the only theory i can come up to...

and about Snape...i think he's just really evil..
he betrayed Dumbledoreand all of those in the Order..and, yeah, i think Snape kinda likes Narcissa, cause, well...you know, he did the Unbreakable Vow with her, knowing that he is risking his life..no one would do that for someone they don't care for...right?...haha... we'll just find out in book 7, won't we..?

i totally agree about the harry being a horcrux but he'll only find out after he destroys all the other ones. then he'll realize he has to kill himself to destroy the last horcrux but somehow he'll kill himself and voldemort at the same time.

by the way, has anyone noticed that voldemort's name probably means in German or something, "volume of death"? because i know "de mort" means of death in some language, and vol is volume in german.

any answers?

Actually, I believe Voldemort has French origins and I remember reading that it means "flight from death" or "one who flees death".

hmm.. ok.. Harry isnt a horcrux.. just isnt however.. idea struck... what if dumbledore was.... or at least he was after drinking that potion crap in the cave. perhaps is why snape had to kill him..... Plus, dumbledore was the Heir of griffindor.... and one of the horcruxes was supposed to be something of griffindor's, perhaps, dumbledore........ People always thought Harry was griffindors heir they didnr realize the obviousness of it all, that Dumbledore was the true Griffindor Heir.

snape.. I used to think he wasnt really evil but thinking about the last book.. his confession to bella trix in the begining really clinches his evilness more then anything. he admitted to being responsible for sirius's death as well as emaline vance's (spelling?) and we know he had a hand in james and lily's... so even if dumbledore told him to kill him, there are still these other murders hes responsible for thus.. evil.

Couple of observations.....

1) I don't think Harry is a Horcrux. Isn't it mentioned a couple of times that destroying the 6 Horcrux's will make Voldemort MORTAL again, but that isn't what kills him. Harry is the one who has to kill him when the only remaining piece of his soul is Voldemort himself.

2) If RAB ( possibly Black ) had already taken the potion, or Kreacher or whoever was with him to steal the real locket, why was the basin filled once more with potion? Wouldn't it have been empty? If it was such a complicated, well protected Horcrux, would a wizard like Regulus be able to re-create that potion and fill the basin again? How would he have even known what it was until he got there?

So why was it filled? Who, besides Voldemort, had the knowledge to make that potion again? Snape? Or was it a completely different potion? Was the drinking of that particular potion part of a plan by Snape and Dumbledore?

3) Dumbledore seemed pretty confident about drinking from the basin. He seemed to pre-warn Harry that no matter what he said or did, to make him drink it. How did he know what was going to happen to him? Would he really have taken the risk of dropping dead right there and leaving Harry to fend for himself?

4) Speaking of fending for himself, if DD is truly dead and sacrificed himself as others have said, Potter better get a lot smarter and a LOT better at magic QUICKLY. Typically each book picks up in the summer right after the school year, so next one should be no exception. DD basically lost a HAND destroying the last Horcrux. What would have happened to Potter?

4) Snape is a MUCH more powerful wizard than maybe we thought. Good or bad, whatever you want to believe.

Personally I believe he's working with DD.

In the beginning of the book in his apartment, his ego shines through when he says something like "do you think that I fooled him? Somehow tricked the Dark Lord, the most accomplished Occlumens the world has ever seen?"

Yes, that's exactly what he did, and this was his way of gloating and congratulating himself without coming out and saying it. IF Snape was not able to close his mind to Voldemort, why would DD have EVER sent him to spy on him in the first place? Wouldn't that have been pointless? Snape is a powerful enough wizard to completely block his mind to Voldemort....a skill he reminds Potter to practice during their duel later "Keep your mouth shut and your mind closed".

Of course, if he could close his mind to Voldemort, he could probably do it to DD. Either way, that takes an unusually powerful wizard to do that.

Also when he was talking to Bella in the beginning, he mocked them about their duel at the ministry, not being able to handle "a bunch of teenagers".

In fact, DD had said in the past that many of the Death Eaters were almost as terrible as Voldemort himself. Yet those Death Eaters DID have a hard time against Harry and his friends.

But look at the duel Harry and Snape had. It was ridiculous. With casual flicks of his wand, Snape blocked every spell Potter tried, then knocked him on his ass. Obviously Snape is MUCH more powerful than the other Death Eaters.

And of course, his mastery of Potions, and as we came to find out in this book, he invented spells.

I'd have to say good, and I'd have to say that whether DD is truly dead or faked it, the whole thing was planned out between DD and Snape.

Would it make sense for DD, a wizard we are meant to think is Voldemort's equal, the nearly infallable wizard is duped at the end like a feeble old man? Nah, doubt it. Even if he's really dead, he knew it was coming, and if it happened it only happened because he allowed it.

I could go on for days with more clues but I'll see the reaction to this first ramble.

I'm not totally sure what I think.

Though JKR is subtle, I don't think she would contradict herself or create situations to which the only outcome is the death of both central characters.

It doesn't surprise me that she killed Dumbledore off, since Harris died, and that was a problem for the movies. I don't like his replacement, Harris was a wonderful Dumbledore. I think perhaps it gave her the idea to kill him off...Sorry, typing as I think.

Dumbledore is probably dead. I think the phoenix rising simply means him passing to the next life, not him coming back from the dead.

I don't think either Harry or his scar are a horcrux. It would be too obvious. She has a reputation for the unexpected becoming crucial parts of the storyline.

In regards to the locket...I reread book 4, and the locket that no one could open...There isn't any mention of an engraving on it, but it also doesn't appear again. It seems possible for Kreacher to have taken it and squirreled it away with the other bits he stole.

My brain is a bit muddled with fanfiction, so I'm not going to make any other predictions, but I will say that in regards to Harry being born in 1980, it was established by JKR, she also established at the same time that Hermione was born 8 or 9 months earlier (I don't remember which...I think her birthday is November, but that would place her 8 months, but I remember 9 months being mentioned) in an interview. The official Harry Potter site might say something more on that.

Apologies if someone else said this, but it occurred to me recently just how Voldemort "accidently" created a horcrux (this does depend on some speculation as to how a horcrux is created).

Assume the horcrux must be created at the time of the victim's murder. So Voldemort came to Harry with whatever object he intended to use. Suppose the whole routine goes something like this:

At the moment of death, Voldemort must focus on the object to be the horcrux. However, the Avada Kedavra spell backfired, bouncing off of Harry. In his last moments, Voldemort realized what had happened, and his attention immediately shifted to Harry. Then Voldemort was killed (at least his body). So, Voldemort's death, such as it was, was the murder that caused the last horcrux, Harry, to be created, with the entry point being the scar.

Again, this depends on how the horcrux is created, which I don't recall every being mentioned.

I still don't think Harry is the horcrux. If all he needed was a murder, why didn't Voldemort use James? Why insist on Harry?

Besides that, Lily was hit by the AK spell, which killed her and would have fulfilled the murder requirement. The horcrux would have been created in that moment.

Side note...Snape couldn't have been at the murder of Lily and James. If he was in favor of James and Harry being killed so that he could win Lily's favor, then there is no way that he would be stupid enough to put himself at the scene of the murders, where Lily would have seen him.

Re: Petunia

I wonder if she does have some sort of talent. There seems to be more than meets the eye, and I highly doubt someone who was grew up with Lily could be that nasty their entire lives.

re: why insist on Harry?

Because Voldemort believed the prophecy was about Harry. Using anyone else would have been settling for less in his mind.

As for Lily's murder, again, it depends on how the horcrux is created. If, as I suspect, there is a relatively short time frame in which the horcrux can be created after the victim's death, Lily's death could not have been the catalyst for the horcrux. No doubt he could have used her murder to create it (just as he could have used James's), but he wanted Harry.

ok everyone, JKR did not kill off DD because the actor who played him died! she's had these stories in her head for years, the movies wouldn't influence them!

by the way, great thoughts no one of consequence!

yes, harry could be a horcrux without having to die to get rid of voldemort's piece of soul stuck in him. the ring wasn't destroyed but the piece of soul was! the diary was damaged, but not entirely destroyed! so what harry has to do is to figure out how to kill the piece of soul inside him.
there is more to petunia than meets the eye, JKR said so.
it's always been obvious snape is an extremely powerful wizard. he convinced both DD and V that he was on their sides, but he's only on one side (as to which side, i have no clue). it also mentioned somewhere that when he was a 1st year he knew more about dark arts then half of the 7th years. he's always been talented.

another thought...
in Order of the Phoenix, when Harry is in Dumbledore's office after the whole Ministry thing, and Phinneus Nigellus discovers Sirius is dead, he leaves his portrait. a few pages later, it says "Phinneus Nigellus had still not returned..."
what if Regulus was in hiding at Grimmauld place, and Phinneus was going to tell Regulus his brother had died? hence why he didn't return to DUmbledore's office for the rest of that chapter. i don't think he was just going to grimmald place to mourn the whole Black family being dead, because it's stated the portraits don't really have feelings, they're just bits of personality left behind.
now, this is a stretch, but what if the real Kreacher died in the cave when Regulus had the locket, and Regulus took Polyjuice potion and has been impersonating Kreacher ever since? he was described by Sirius as a real "mommy's boy" or something, hence "kreacher's" mad devotion to his mother's portrait, the hiding of artifacts, etc. he probably never liked Sirius, and so was happy enough to let Harry go to the ministry, and let sirius die. just a thought.

Except that Sirius said that Kreacher had always been mad.

Another note about Dumbledore/Harris and the movies not influencing her writing: Someone said in a previous comment that they had done something different in the movie that JKR preferred over what she wrote in the book. So I think that although she had the stories and the basic premises in her head, she does allow the creative process that goes into the movies to affect her. People don't live or create in vacumns. My aunt is an author and just spent the last two months rewriting a section of her new book because certain things happened in her own life that affected what she thought of a character, so she rewrote the character.

I really don't think that Polyjuice Potion was used at all. Though it would have been an interesting bit of foreshadowing to have them use it in the second book, that doesn't strike me as being so.

Also, if it affects people who attempt to turn into animals so badly, what would it do for someone trying to turn into an elf or a giant?

Back to the horcrux - As others have said, removing the bit of soul from one destroys at least part of the object. So unless Harry wants to destroy part of his head (assuming it's his scar) or a major part of his body, I doubt he's a horcrux.

Consider this:

Harry is alive after the AK for the same reason Dumbledore is alive now: Each was a LV Horcrux at the time of the AK. The potion Dumbledore drank was the Horcrux, and Lily made Harry into one to save him using her skill at charms and the occasion of James or her murder. Probably hers. The scar was LV's soul leaving Harry and blasting LV's body at the same time.

Dumbledore knew this would happen. Probably will show up at the end after having gotten rid of the rest of the real Horcruxes while Voldemort is much distracted with Harry (who goes on wild goose chases, mostly, in book 7).

The rest falls into place, I think.

Especially the part about love, as it didn't function with any magical properties, but what Lily gave to save Harry, setting in motion the rest of the events leading to the end of LV in book 7.

Other speculations: You can't transfigure into a Phoenix unless you have a whole soul and can be loyal to a purpose beyond your own existence. Harry is a Phoenix anamagus.

The final act is perhaps another Snape, Malfoy or perhaps Dumbledore AK while Harry is a Phoenix and LV is not. LV is no more, and Dumbledore brings Harry back to 'normal' after.

It will also turn out that 'divination' is the art of reading the impacts of love on the future, and the past, because it is 'eternal', which is to say, 'outside' time, and hence 'readable' by those in the past with 'the gift' -- of being able to love. It is Love which is what shapes the future and, hence, is more powerful than 'power'. All those pastors having a cow about HP can now apologize.

Just a guess, of course.

I dunno about the scar, but I've got the feeling that Rowling is preparing a sting in the way of Severus Snape. Why do I think that? Several reasons:

1) People like to bitch that her characters are two-dimensional. You can usually predict how a character will respond to any situation. I'm certain that Rowling would love to smack those people upside the head with the last novel in the series.

2) Dumbledore mentioned to Harry how potent love was, and that love was a concept that Voldemort simply could not grasp.

3) Snape was in love with Harry Potter's mother. Of that, I'm reasonably certain.

I believe that Snape killed Dumbledore because he had to keep his cover as a Death Eater. It also allows him easy access to Voldemort. My suspicion is that Snape will turn on Voldemort because of his former feelings for Harry's mom, as well as his guilt over being partly responsible for her death.

Just my two cents worth.

Kat, you make some good points about the whole DD's death inspired by Harris's thing, but I think that that big of a devolopment was something JKR had been planning.

Also, the kreacher could be Regulus theory could still work. Kreacher had always been mad. But when Regulus took the polyjuice potion and became an elf, maybe the effects of turning into an elf made him mad also. if anything debunks that theory, it's the fact that polyjuice potion already played an unexpected role in book 4, and it might not be used that way again.

and I still think harry could be a horcrux. not to say he wouldn't be injured or damaged should he get rid of the horcrux, but he wouldn't die, and no, his head wouldn't explode. we saw the ring, and it was completely whole, although Dumbledore's hand was dead. the point is, the horcrux itself was intact. so if the horcrux is harry, he could still survive.
but if the horcrux is not harry, there is definently a horcrux at either or both hogwarts and godric's hollow.

I'm not saying his head would explode...Just that there would be severe damage. And if Dumbledore's hand went dead, wouldn't Harry's brain? Or some part of his head (allowing for the scar to be the horcrux)...Also, if he is the horcrux himself, then how would he survive the destruction? I'm not clear on that point. Sure, the ring itself survived, but wasn't the jewel holding the actual soul fragment destroyed?

true...there are a lot of unanswered questions. i think it's still a possibility, and there would be damage if he was a horcrux...hmmmm. I think that maybe, if he was a horcrux, after destroying it he would be extremely hurt, and would need help from someone older and wiser...Snape, perhaps?

I've been thinking, at the end of book 4, the whole Priori Incantatem thing, is that going to happen again when Harry and Voldemort meet after Harry's destoyed all the horcruxes? Harry broke the connection, but if they both kept holding it, what would happen?

i think if harry's not the horcrux, the sorting hat may well be.

I agree with others who've said both that the sorting hat wouldn't be so anti-Voldemort if it was a horcrux, and that a conscious being would not be a good horcrux.

I keep wondering...What of Gryffendor could be one...What small, seemingly insignifigant object that popped up in an early book could be one...

Don't know. Hmm...Back to rereading things.

We still have to remember what the prophecy said, only Harry can kill Voldemort (or someting to that extent). If Harry's scar is a Horcrux, then he can't kill Voldemort without killing himself too, because as long as Harry lives, then Voldemort's soul will live too. Harry would have to kill himself, but who would destroy Voldemort? Besides, if the scar was a Horcrux, why would Voldemort be so keen on destroying Harry?

And about Snape: I never trusted him. Nope. Never.

Although I believe DD's alive, for the sake of the story, I wish he weren't. Some plot devices take away the feeling of horror at bad things happening, such as when time can be turned back to fix what went wrong. If you can do that, then you never have much to worry about.

If DD turns out to be alive, there would be the same reaction as people had when Bobby Ewing popped up in a shower after being killed -- not a great reaction. Well, I can't wait to see book 7. The most special aspect of the HP books, I think, is how they get us to actually relate to and care about fictional characters. Now THAT's magic.

1. Slytherins Ring-destroyed
2. Slytherins Locket--??
3. Riddles Diary--Destroyed
4. Hufflepuffs Cup--??
5. Nagini or a Ravenclaw item.
6. The silver hand that is not on Peter Pettigrew? After he killed Cedric?
7. Voldemort himself (last piece)

i think that dumbledore is dead. it's heartbreaking, but i think he's totally gone.
something important definentily happened when V went to ask for a job from DD. it describes V briefly touching his wand, or something, and muttering..can't remember. Well anyway, JKR spent a whole paragraph on that and i think it's important. did V make the sorting hat a horcrux? did he curse the job so no one could have it for more that one year (which they didn't?) or is it simply nothing?

harry could be a horcrux, but i think it's more likely that there's one in godric's hollow or hogwarts.

i disagree w/ everythin kat said

It's possible V could have made the sorting hat a horcrux, but doesn't the creation of a horcrux require a murder? More likely he enchanted the hat with another spell - a spying function, or something.


1ring- gone
2-diary- gone
3-locket?-? gone?
4- snake- still around
5-cup- still out there
6-snake- still out there
7- voldemort himself- still at large

so 2 or 3 are gone though it adds up to 7 it seems like some are missing.. Im a little confusedconfused. what happened to the something that was griffindor or ravenclaws??? aww welll.... this count is correct as Im sure is obvious.. eh screw it. the next book will sort it out

you need a murder to create a horcrux.. thus the sorting hat cannot be a horcrux. that should be evident. when voldemort grabbed his wand in the office with dumbledore he was cursing the defense against dark arts job, which is why no teacheer lasted longer then one year after dumbledore refused riddle the job, which JKR explained in the book... he didnt turn anything into horcruxes or anything . if he did dumbledore would have realized it Im sure you'd all agree... as he realized the teaching post ewas then jinxed.

To explain Dumbledore's "look of triumph" when he learns that Voldemort used Harry's blood in the "comback" potion, consider the following. When DD explains "all" to Harry at the end of OOTP, he goes into considerable detail as to the nature of the "protection" that Harry enjoys at the Dursely's because his mother's "blood dwells" there. Since Harry has his "mother's blood" also, when Voldemort took Harry's blood, he took Lily's blood, as well. So Lily's blood also "dwells" with Voldemort. It may come to pass that the "ancient protection" comes to apply to Harry when he is in Vodemort's presence.

Alright, never mind the sorting hat is a horcrux thing. Here's my list:

1. Ring (destroyed)
2. Diary (destroyed)
3. Locket (destroyed, i'm pretty sure)
4. Cup (still out there)
5. Something in Hogwarts that is either Ravenclaw's or Gryffindor's, is one of their wands still around?
6. The snake, Harry, or something living (I think one of the horcruxes is going to be living, therefore providing a contrast to the others)
like allie said above, i think priori incantatem is going to happen again.

something else...
i have a feeling trelawney might make a third prediction in book 7, perhaps before Harry and Voldemort finally meet in the end, or something. It seems odd to leave the number of her real predictions at just 2, 3 predictions seems more final. I dunno. Just a random guess.

Voldemort told Harry that Lily "didn't need to die." This implies that he showed up to murder just one Potter parent, as he only needs one murder in order to make a horcrux.

Dumbledore & Harry's discussion of horcruxes included the fact that they can be living beings, such as Voldemort's snake.

Harry speaks parcel tongue; he could ride a broom very well on his first attempt; he could read Voldemort's thoughts. Obviously there'a a connection between the two of them. Harry's a horcrux.

go to dumbledoreisnotdead.com

at first i thought for sure he was dead but after reading that i know he isnt

BTW, sanpes good =D

i went to dumbledoreisnotdead.com
nothing there proves he's alive. he's dead. sorry.

i went to dumbledoreisnotdead.com
nothing there proves he's alive. he's dead. sorry.
though i do think snape is good.

lily didnt have to die its true.. but vildemort didnt show up at that house needing to really kill either james or Lily.. he killed them as by products.. he only wanted to kil Harry. he probly would of let Lily and James go free if he could of just killed Harry and left. the prophecy was all he cared about. and With killing Harry he was going to make the 7th Horcrux. but since Harry didnt die no 7th horcrux there. He made them from significant deaths.... like Harrys would of been but Harry didnt die so no horcruz..

I think Snape was in love with Lily Potter. And perhaps he made Voldemort make an unbreakable vow before telling him the prophecy to not harm Lily. He wanted James dead... and the child perhaps. Hoping for a chance with Lily. But Lily got in the way and took the hit, effectively killing Voldemort since he had broken his vow. And now he regrets what he did to such a great extent. And yet loathes Harry because he reminds him of James more than Lily.. I know I'm going WAY OUT on a limb on this one and am probably wrong.

whats with all the snape loved lily stuff? there was more evidence in the books that he didnt like her then he liking her.. he called her a mudblood and stuff plus how he treats her son and all.... Much more evidence thaat he didnt like her... snape loved Lily people are way out on a limb with no substantial proof. no proof at all. its even dumber then the Harry is a horcrux stuff or those claiming dumbledore isnt dead.

Has anyone suggested that the poisonous potion that Dumbledore drank might itself be a Horcrux? And that Dumbledore know this, perhaps in advance, and arranged his death to simultaneously destroy it?

Perhaps Voldemort wanted his soul to possess a wizard great enough to penetrate all the defenses. Perhaps he hoped it would be Dumbledore.

Also, to me, the note and the fake locket look very fishy somehow---as someone above says, who refilled the bowl with the potion? And why? Just to have a cheap "Nyah, nyah, I gotcha!" at Voldemort? I think they will turn out to be far different from what they seem.

These are just possibilities--but, however it turns out---I am sure that Dumbledore's death was planned by himself, and that his drinking the potion in such agony and at such cost, will turn out to be crucial to Voldemort's destruction.

I do not reckon that JKR has revealed Snape's true intentions or which side he is playing yet as I'm sure she would want to keep everyone guessing until the final book. It may be that he has his own agenda, but I err towards him working against Lord V.
The whole explanation to Bellatrix at the beginning of HBP I am sure would have been worked out in detail between himself and DD to keep his cover should the situation of his loyalty to Lord V be challenged.
I think amongst maybe many reasons DD died to ensure the unbreakable vow was fulfilled as I'm sure Malfoy will play a part in the destruction of Lord V in book 7

will Voldemort kill Malfoy for not killing dumbledore? he could have but didnt granted hes still ddead but Malfoy woulfd have let him go.. will he be punished like his father?

yeah.. I agree.. ever since I read HBP I believed that the potion dumbledore drank was a horcrux and he had to die in order to have it be destroyed. Just not sure what happened to the real locket... curious

the real locket is apparantly in Grimmauld place, or perhaps pawned off by mundungus. it mentions a heavy locket no one could open in OOTP and in HBP it describes slytherin's locket as "heavy."
i don't think the potion is a horcrux. it could be bewitched to fill up after the horcrux is taken--so Voldemort could fool wizards even if the horcrux was gone, and have them weaken themselves.
and i think snape loved lilly--he just was too surly to admit it. that's why he called her a "mudblood." i mean, snape doesn't seem the type to dance around professing his true love for someone or other. i mean, c'mon, he's too grumpy.
as for why he hates harry even though he's lilly's son...harry is also james's son. he HATED james, and harry is practically james's living image. of course snape would hate the reminder of his old nemesis. and yet...he could never harm him because he's lilly's son, who he loved, and that's why he's saved him so often. my take on that, anyway.
and i think snape is still on the good side.

ok.. I was convinced snape was good until i reread the begining og HBP this morning and now Im just not sure.. I dont entirely trust him. I think hes out for himself. not really for one side or another. Next. snape loving LiLy is pretty damn far fetched and Im not sold on it at all, because even if Harry was his fathers image, hes still his mothers son, and you'd think Snape would like that about him. hell slughorn nearly worshipped him for being Lilys son, why wouldn't Snape at least tolerate him?...

3rdly.. I am imptressed with finding the locket in OOTP so its in grimauld Place and I guess The Black family wasnt all that bad.. Sirius was good and his brother seems to have destroyed the locket horcrux.. is that why he was killed?


and i've also switched sides on one thing: i do think snape is actually evil. i did some rereading, and some thinking...throughout the books Harry, Ron, and Hermione were constantly questioning snape, whether he was REALLY good or not, and I think that was subtle forshadowing to him turning out to be evil.

and i think snape loving lilly could still work...the chapter "snape's worst memory" in OOTP, when snape is shown as being really grumpy, being humilated in front of lilly, getting angry and calling her a mudblood...probably why it's his worst memory.
and he might not have even admitted to himself that he liked lilly, him being so angry.
and we know harry's exactly like his father, which is why snape would dislike him. snape's not slughorn, slughorn loves everyone with good connections, or who remind him of a former favorite. snape saved harry's life so many times as a tribute to lily.

Many people confuse the question of whether Snape is evil with whether he is on the side of the good guys.

Looking back through the books, Snape does many things that must fairly be considered evidence of an evil nature (for instance, I cannot call anyone "good" who would treat an 11 year old he has just met as he treats Harry in book 1). But the point is made in OotP that when measured by their practical effect in human affairs good and evil are not black and white. The Ministry of Magic is not really evil, but it clearly isn't good. The people working there seem to span the full spectrum. Though the Death Eaters and the Order are more clearly aligned with evil and good, respectively, it does not follow all their members necessarily are easily categorized as simply one or the other. Snape works for the Order (I believe he really does for many of the reasons given in the posts above) but that doesn't mean he is good. Dumbledore did trust him and I think JKR is too good an author to wait until the end of the next to last book to show us DD is really a fool.

I think Allie is right on Snape and Lilly though. For that to be his worst memory there must be something more than James performing a curse on him. After all, the memory flash Harry gets of Snape's childhood would seem something he would guard more strongly, wouldn't it? However, if he felt shame because he had been humiliated in front of Lilly and then lashed out at her, it is more understandable. Lilly is described many times as nice to everyone and being as she and Snape were two of Slughorn's best students, one supposes they spent a lot of time together where she was nice to Severus.

On the other hand, the mere fact that he lost his cool could also explain it being a bad memory. He prides himself on his self control after all. It is why he is a very good occlumens.

I cannot decide on whether I think Harry's scar (or he) is a horcrux. My immediate reaction to the suggestion was that it was ridiculous. However, after reading everyone else's thoughts, I am not so sure. I still tend to doubt it, but for argument's sake, to help explain how it could be: remember Voldemort only heard the first part of the prophecy ending before hearing he would mark the child as his equal ("The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches . . . born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies"). All he knows is that a kid will be bron who will have the power to vanquish him. What better way could Voldemort have of assuring that the child could not kill him than putting a part of his soul into the child? That way even if the child did grow up and "vanquish" Voldemort, he wouldn't really.

So, Voldemort and Snape go to Godric's hollow (not necessarily together, but otherwise how would Snape have found it, did Pettigrew tell him, too?). Voldemort then kills James and goes to do the horcrux spell on Harry, but Lilly interferes. He kills Lilly and as he does the horcrux spell, Snape hits him with a killing spell from behind. Voldemort is gone for a while, but Harry is a horcrux.

If that is all true I don't know why he would then have changed his plan and tried to kill Harry in book 1, though. This is one of many things that just lead me to a gut feeling that it is not what happened.

Last point, Dumbledore is dead. He did not fear death. He loved greatly which he believed was a very strong form of magic. I believe Snape and he planned it, before the term started. Otherwise Snape would not have been named DADA teacher, a post with a 1 year term limit. DD knew it was time. He positioned things as best he could (and no doubt we will learn in book 7 that he positioned things even better than we now know), and he left, confident that Harry and his helpers can get the job done.

Sorry for such a long post, I'll save more for another time.

There is no way scar can be a horcrux..It could actuyally be Harry himseelf who is horcrux.He might have to kill himself to kill Voldemort.


i just read a very interesting editorial on mugglenet.com (north tower #42) which i highly suggest everyone here reads. it brought up an interesting point, which i will attempt to summarize:

when Trelawney made the prophesy about Harry and Voldemort, the eavesdropper (snape) was described as being found and thrown out halfway through. but how could Trelawney realise that, halfway through making the prophesy? she's described as going into a trance of sorts, and doesn't realise she's made a prophesy once she's finished. so how could she have noticed Snape getting thrown out half way through? this opens up an interesting possibility....

Snape was/is on the "good side," or convinced to be on it by dumbledore shortly after hearing the prophesy. and snape heard the WHOLE THING. but he agreed to tell VOldemort only half, so Voldemort would go kill Harry's parents and create the "chosen one." DUmbledore, being a genius, realised that if he used the prophesy, Voldemort, in trying to solidify his immortality, would mark the person who could destroy him. Dumbledore realised that Lilly and James might die, but he figured the sacrifice had to happen if Voldemort ever was to die. so this would mean that Voldemort, Snape, and Dumbledore were responsible for Lily and James's death. Dumbledore didn't tell Harry this because harry would (a)get REALLY angry, and (b) voldemort's and harry's mind connection could work to voldemort's advantage and Voldemort could have found out that Snape was not on his side, and Snape would be REALLY dead, and DUmbledore would lose his spy.

so what that boils down to is that Dumbledore used the prophesy as a trap for Voldemort, with the help of SNape. (again, read the editorial for a full explanation). a bit far-fetched? yes. but logical? i'd say.

ANOTHER possibility, a LOT less intriguing, yet still plausible ...Snape was thrown out halfway through the interview, but then crept back in, after Trelawney had finished the prophesy, where Trelawney noticed him. (trelawney said she had been a bit dizzy or something when she'd noticed Snape).

to the comments that harry is a horcrux, i think he WAS a horcrux, am i wrong in beliving LV might have wanted to use harry because it would also provide him protection against harry.

as for proof of this when harry tells him this, harry sees a fleeting look of triumph on DD face. yay i've been plauged by that look for so long

hmm.. Just read north tower 42 on mugglenet.com and think halle has good point..think snape gave first part of prophecy to LV on DD orders... maybe this is part of why he had such trust for snape dispite everything. Just like he returned to LV and the death eaters on DDs orders. maybe he gave the prophecy to him on his orders too.... or Snape only heard the first half and it happened just like it said in the book and JKR was using some licence with how things could happen because well, its her world and anything she wants can happen there and we have to accept it. which is probly more true. either way we get to wait like 2 years to find out that'll probly be when book 7 comes out. then most will be answered the rest we speculate on ad infinitum.

Here's something that I was thinking.....how does a horcrux actually get destroyed? Is it's life or spirit connected to some other creature or person, maybe Voldemert, and he feels that it is destroyed? Or is it destroyed when Voldemert thinks it is destroyed, or his soul thinks its destroyed. The potion Dumbledore drank could have been a horcrux, and that is another reason why Dumbledore forced Harry to make him drink it. Then, he told snape to "kill" (I believe he is still alive) him and thereby, destroying the horcrux, thus proving that a horcrux is destroyed when Voldemort's soul thinks it's destroyed.

But that's just a theory...

We saw an actual horcrux get destroyed in book 2. harry stabbed the diary and voila! No more horcrux. BUt the other ones can't be that simple...hmmmm

another thought: how do we know RAB only destroyed the locket? What if he "beats" harry to several more? The note says "i face death in the hope that when you meet your match you will be mortal once more." but if RAB knew there was more then one, which i think he did ("i want you to know it was i who discovered your secret") he would probably have tried to destroy more before he died.

just a thought

good point I thought the same thing.. RAB could have gone after more horcruxes... He discovered the secret, probly why he was killed Id assume... So, on the trail, Harry may only find other fakes like the locket with similar notes in them.... Though, we saw the locket in one piece in OOTP, so pretty sure that wasnt destroyed, though the soul could have been removed from it and the locket left intact I suppose. Maybe more horcruxes are at grimauld place..

Snape: probly was a good guy. I think he was good but now without DD There is no one on the good side that he'd feel any loyalty towards so No more good snape. No one else even actually likes him in the order, they kind of tolerated him because of dumbledore but with dumbledore dead He's just going to be all for Voldemort now which is dangerous since he knows all the orders plans and everyone whose in it and probly knows alot about Hogwarts protection and all that a dangerous enemy. but oh well..He'll die before book 7 is over I'm sure, too many people hate him..

ya, i think snape's probably going to die...saving harry's life. he did it in previous books. maybe it's because he loved harry's mother.

To Other: I don't think Snape is against Voldemort because of loyalty to Dumbledore. That reverses the order, he became loyal to DD because DD stood by him after he rebelled vs. LV. With DD dead, Snape may no longer have any affinity with other members of the Order (and they all now think he is a traitor), but my guess is he will continue to work against LV; not because he has any loyalty to the Order, but because he dislikes LV more than anyone else. This dislike may have to do with Lilly (I tihnk that is likely), but could just be competition.

As an analogy, if anyone is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, there was a great line by Spike in the 2nd season about not wanting the world to end because he would miss all the people in Trafalgar square walking around like Happy Meals on legs. In the same vein, Snape could be working against LV because he would miss having the world as we know it, even if he has evil designs of his own.

Harry cannot be a horcrux!!! LV could not stay in Harry in the Ministry at the end of OOP because he couldn't bear Harrys emotions/love, how can part of his evil soul survive to live in Harry's body/scar for 16+ years??

love is the only way LV can be defeated I finally understand. The only time he has been bested was by Lily's love so Harry wil have to make a similar sacrifice to beat him in the end? Thus using his power of love for something or someone...

i agree.
what was behind that locked door in the department of mysteries? i think that's going to be revelent in book 7. could it be love itself?

I think that hagrid's going to die: all the signs points to it. the alchemy thing, everyone harry knows as a guardian has ended up dead....

"In book 4 when Voldemort takes Harrys blood to resurrect his body. When Harry recounts this tale to Dumbledore, there is a "look of triumph" in DD eyes? What is this look refering to?"

Here's my guess: DD said that because Harry let Wormtail escape, Wormtail owes Harry a magic debt, "magic at its deepest and most impenetrable." But Wormtail's hand was used in the potion that created a new body for LV. It stands to reason that LV's body inherited that magical debt to Harry.

I think that's what DD's look of triumph referred to. The look appeared after Harry told how his blood went into the resurrection potion, and how LV inherited that protection and was able to touch Harry because of it. I think DD then realized that the same principle should hold true for Wormtail's hand, and LV would inherit the debt to Harry. Wormtail's hand went into the potion before Harry's blood, so Harry must have already told DD about it before telling the part about his blood, though the book doesn't mention that explicitly. By not mentioning it, JKR lets us connect DD's look of triumph to Harry's blood, when it's actually connected to Wormtail's hand.

The payoff? Maybe in Book 7 Harry will ask LV to spare his or someone else's life, and LV will discover to his shock that he must obey. Or LV will try to kill Harrry, but his curse will backfire AGAIN! We've seen that LV can work Imperius and Cruciatus curses on Harry, but AK might not work.

excellent point! i agree...maybe, since wormtail owes Harry a life debt, and that was passed to Voldemort, Voldemort could try and kill Harry but it won't work...i dunno.

remember when dumbledore destroyed the horcrux in the ring the ring still stayed in-tact. well if harry's scar is a horcrux he might just have to destroy the scar, not the ring

But i do think that that wormtail owes harry a life thing will come into play soon

I thought of this as i was reading some of the posts here. snape and dumbledore relized that harry was a horcrux. So, there plan is for snape and harry to fight, and harry will kill snape. However, since when you murder someone soul splits, snape will use a spell to make absorb voldemorts soul fragment from harry as he dies. Harry will not realize what he has done till later, and realize what snape was doing the entire time.

OK Ive been thinking . the wording of the prophecy, they both are going to die. "neither can live while the other survives." OK.. so they both cant live, but they can both die....... I say they're killing eachother in #7.... and I agree Hagrid's probly next to die... Very sad but if we endured dumbledore, we can endure hagrid.

wormtails life debt: he will have to sacrifice himself for Harry.. thus destroying LV.. like Lily did back when he was a baby.. but after the horcruxes are destroyed such a sacrifice/rebound would actually kill him not just rip him from his body.......

personally, i think JKR hasn't decided whether Harry is going to die or not. she's been hinting forever that he might not survive the series, but she also constantly states how much she loves him and the series. the final confrontation between Harry and Voldemort is probably made so that it could go either way: harry could die, or he could live.

Also, i think what Harry's parent's occupations were is going to be really important. the part of the prophesy everyone seems to ignore, "...born to those who have thrice defied him..." poses some really interesting questions/thoughts. we know that Voldemort only tracks down and kills those who are worthy and important. he leaves less important people to the death eaters. so why did he, personally, go after James and Lily three times?

Ok bear with me all as I have an unusual theory. In Chamber os secrets Lord Voldemort AKA Tom Riddle opened the chamber of secrets. A girl died at the hands of the Basalisk, Moaning Murtle. Could she possibly be a horcrux??

Ok bear with me all as I have an unusual theory. In Chamber os secrets Lord Voldemort AKA Tom Riddle opened the chamber of secrets. A girl died at the hands of the Basalisk, Moaning Murtle. Could she possibly be a horcrux??

To Gryffindor seeker: I'm not sure what you are suggesting. Killing Myrtle would have split LV's soul in order to make a horcrux. Are you suggesting he then put part of his soul in the ghost of the person he had just killed? I rather doubt that, but if he did, how would that horcrux be destroyed? By killing a ghost?

moaning myrtle wouldnt of been used to make a horcrux.. he used people who ewere considered significant deaths.. and i doubt some dorky girl in school would qualify. plus the basalisk killed her, not riddle directly... plus as shes dead already if she was a horcrux it would of been destroyed at her death... just wouldnt make sence. only living horcrux is the dumb snake. which will be easy for harry to get rid of sibnce hes a parselmouth.. was a stupid move on LV's part using the snake.....

i'm going to agree with me and zagzagel on that one...but an interesting thought, anyway, Gryffindor seeker.

i think the horcruxes are:
1.the locket
2. the snake
3. the cup
4. something of gryffindor's or ravenclaw's (sorting hat?)
5. the ring (gone)
6. the diary (gone)

and as to how a horcrux is destroyed...
we saw one of the horcruxes, the diary, get destroyed in book two. it was stabbed with the basilisk's fang. i think this shows that horcruxes can't be destroyed with wands...

halle: horcrux's can be destroyed with wands im sure.. how do you suppose DD destroyed the ring and injured his hand if not with a curse of sorts?

me: well, not JUST with a wand. it would probably take more than just a spell.

to destroy horcruxes.. im thinking you have to kill them.. well as much as you can an inanimate object.. like the diary... killing it with the fang... kill the soul fragment within it.. so possibly avada kadavera would work to kill off the soul within the other objectss... im guessing must kill the soul from the objects... oh well

yeah, probably. though, unlike normal killing, it probably really drains you, and you have to be concentrating like mad. also, Harry had read the diary, and Dumbledore had donned the ring. maybe you have to use the object the horcrux is in? (drink from the cup, wear the locket...) no idea what you'd do for the snake though...

snake... for your theory.. could talk to the snake... Harry could have as much control over the snake as LV.. plus weve all read the rumors that nagini is the same snake that harry freed in book 1 from the zoo.. might come into play? though Im not all in all convinced thats true..... would be good coincidence...

ok... the end of HBP... the potion DD drank. Ive been thinking... it must be a horcrux.. when DD and Harry got to the chamber Harry tried to summon the horcrux and something tried to be summoned and shit happened, which leads me to believe that a realhorcrux was actually there. how else could he have gotten a reaction from the summoning spell? I dunno...

matt, could of been summoning the fake horcrux. As LV made horcruxes out of important magical objects, I doubt hed use just random potion for it, doesnt have any significance or prove anything. seems to have just been an obstacle to get through

i'm going to have to agree with me on that one.

interesting theory about nagini, too. i think that could work...

i've also heard a lot of buzz on the web that ron is going to die. I think if anyone dies, it's Harry, because Ron and Hermione are going to live "happily-ever-after." JKR usually kills both members of a couple anyway...it would be too cruel to seperate ron from hermione and the other way around.

halle- though if Ron died.. Hermione and Harry would get together....... Well, I guess Ginny would have to die too but she pretty much a goner anyway after HBP... Harry pretty much told us that one... so maybe Ron will die to give Harry his happily ever after. I don't see Harry dying. just because, the series is called Harry Potter.. how can he die if the books are all about him.. Kill the purpose of the books.. I just don't know if JKR would do that plus he's her favorite character. so she must have some loyalties. well, lots of people will die in book 7, thats for sure.. probly most of our favorite characters.... Just wonder who will be left standing.. not many Im sure.... anyone too close to harry will die, though Im sure they'll take down plenty of death eaters on their way out...

Snape: ok, Snape killed DD... Harry knows, so the order knows but it occured to me, snape doesnt know that everyone else knows he did it... Harry was immobilized under his cloak at the time.. so Snape and the death eaters may think Snape's cover is safe... he might try to go back to hogwarts and say that someone else killed DD since he's unaware there was a witness.. So all in all, Im leaning toward the evil Snape view of things. He was good at one point but he kind of changed.. maybe he'll change back. he's an oppertunist so it all depends which side is winning which side Snape will turn up on...

snape's too smart. he'll figure out his cover is blown.

And about the Ron/hermione and harry/ginny and harry/hermione, i quote JKR:

"Yes, we do now know that it's Ron and Hermione. I do feel that I have dropped heavy hints. ANVIL-sized, actually, hints, prior to this point. I certainly think even if subtle clues hadn't been picked up by the end of “Azkaban,” that by the time we hit Krum in Goblet..."

I don't think Harry and Hermione would ever get together, even if Ron died. And, besides, Ron most likely wouldn't die, it wouldn't fit JKR's the story. If anyone dies, it's Harry. I think the final confrontation between him and Voldemort is made so that it could go either way. (and in the confrontation I think Priori Incantatem is going to happen again).

And something's telling me Ginny is going to live. She may pull a gandalf (you think she's dead but then she lives) but I can't see her dying. As a matter of fact...

Most likely to die list:
Voldemort (duh)
Plenty of Death Eaters
PLenty of Order Members
Snape and Bellatrix will probably be avenged for the deaths of Sirius and Dumbledore, but Tonks will kill Bellatrix
A Weasly family member ?
A hogwarts student or two

i'll brainstorm and update that later

snape is too smart. he'll know his cover was blown.

If Ron died, Harry and Hermione wouldn't get together, they're friends, they wouldn't like marry or anything...I dunno if you're familiar with the world of shipping and the internet wars between Harry/Hermione and Ron/Hermione, but JKR settled it after book six, and in the interview between her and Emerson and Melissa of Mugglenet and The Leaky Cauldron, respectively, she states that it's Ron/Hermione.

and I have a feeling Ginny is going to live. i could totally tell DUmbledore was going to die, and it's obvious Hagrid will, but I think Ginny's too...(don't want to say 'smart' cuz DD was pure genius)...dunno. but she won't die!

but here's who's going to die:
order members
death eaters
weasly family member
hogwarts student (s)

let me brainstorm and update that later...

hmm... Harry dies, then LV lives... in that case everyone else dies.. well maybe the death eaters survive.. ok.. JKR wouldnt destroy her world like that.. thus Harry lives.. LV dies.... a bunch of death eaters die probly a few live to keep things interesting... alot of the order will go down in the end just because in war there are casualties...Snape's a goner.. too many want him dead.. possibly onboth sides by the end of it all.... Belltrix- Im going with Tonks taking her out.. tonks or Harry have the biggest issues with her... though I don't put it past her to piss more people off...And I wouldn't count out Neville getting some revenge either.. He seems braver then most of the others and would want a go at her too.. anyway, shes a goner.. Snape, He'll be harder to kill but Harry might be able to get that mind link with LV and feed him info that Snape gave the order info on him that'd speed up his death.... though I doubt it'll be written like that. it would be a good move.

perhaps lupin will kill snape.
harry and lord voldemort could both die. i think the odds are 50-50 for Harry to die/live.
also...what about mcgonagoll? flitwick? trelawney?

trelawney's a goner I think as soon as LV finds out she made the prediction he'll want her gone.. she has no chance. she doesnt seem all too powerful to prevent anything.. Mcgonagall sadly will be a target too.. she'd put up a good fight I think shes pretty tough but will probly go down defending Harry or someone... Flitwick.. might live throughit.. hes enough removed.. not head of hogwarts or anything... so yeah plus we learned in the second book he was a dueling champion so I'll give flitwick the best chance to make it through....him and mcgonagall have the best skills but minerva seems like to powerful a target to let her live.. plus she'd probly be more likely to give her life defending Harry...but I expect a good fight..... trelawny... not that great a witch... her only powers are accidental prophecies which shed of been better off without doing.. she has no chance to survive if a death eater comes for her..

i'm also unsure about kingsley shacklebolt. i like him a lot as a character, i hope he wouldn't die...
also, i'm pretty sure a weasly family member might die. i'm not sure who...probably not molly, or bill, after he was mauled by that werewolf guy. probably not charlie, since we don't know him that well as a character, it wouldn't have enough impact. and i don't think ron or ginny's going to die.
that leaves fred, george, and mr. weasly. it would be heartbreaking if one of the twins died, and an interesting writing twist...living without the other half...hmmmm.

oh yeah, i forgot percy.
i can't see him dying, all the annoying characters (umbridge, lockhart) seem to survive.

percy wont survive... he'll probly stop being a dick and then get killed... though not many will be sorry to see him go.. Molly weasly will be sad.. the rest will say "too bad" umbridge will probly indult one of the giants or something and get squashed... she has a way with those kind of creatures... lockhart will be just fine as hes stuck in mungos with no release any time soon but once his memory's back, new books will come out claiming he killed LV and saved the world... if of course theres a world left to save.. and if LV dies.. or how he taught Harry everything he knows..... would be interesting.. if only there were going to be more then 7 books...Lockhart coming back would be interesting...

snape..ok.. dumbledore told Harry he'd tell him what happened with the ring.. granted we put it all together from the book but we didnt hear the story of how it was destroyed. JKR doesnt not tell us stuff she says she will.. Snape is the only one who knows the whole story.. thus Snape mustcome back and tell Harry about it, I think. Plus Snape knows about the horcruxes.. he knew about the ring. if he was evil he'dtell LV about it. ok.. about 5 thoughts all jumbled into here. Im not sure Im even making sence anymore. I had a point to begin with Im pretty sure but now I feel kind of far from anythng that resembles a point.

Actual data have been adequately presented above.
Strong opinions
1. DD is dead. No, really. Dead. Nice guy, good character. Dead. It is required and was predicted since his character became someone that HP leaned on. Dead.
2. SS is playing both sides against the middle, He killed DD on DD’s orders, but in the end will do the right thing. He cannot however, kill LV, that’s for HP. He’s a Slytherin, and embodies that house’s qualities.
3. The scar is more than just a scar. It is a horcrux, an incomplete horcrux, an echo of a horcrux, or a splinter of LV’s shattered soul. As pointed out above, the avada curse leaves no marks.
4. RAB is Regulus. The locket is the one they found. Albeforth has it and will teach HP the incantation needed to destroy the soul chunk within so HP can use it on the other horcruxi. RAB did not know about the other horcruxeses because (a) he said secret, not secrets and (b) that wouldn’t give HP much to do © the plot twist has now been used.
5. Malfoy will continue to be a slimeball, but will do the right thing so as to act in his family’s own self interests. Again, Slytherin.
6. No new surprises out of the Dursley’s, there just isn’t going to be the page count with all of the other things that have to happen.
7. HP, RW, HG, and GW will all survive, RH is even money, everyone else are sitting ducks.
8. Crookshanks is not an animangus, in fact no more surprises based on animangus or polyjuice, they’ve both already been used enough as plot points.
9. No major new magic concepts, only revealing details of concepts and characters already introduced. Fundamentally, JKR is a good writer and will have introduced all of the required elements before the concluding act. Only hacks that have written themselves into a corner introduce a key plot element at the end. Crichton comes to mind…
10. The ministry will only continue to be a source comic relief and mild political commentary.
11. NL will kill BL in a brave and noble fashion.
12. PP will help HP find a critical weakness of LV’s as a means of paying back his debt.

Less strong opinions
1. The scar is an accidental horcrux. Killing a one-year old child would have been a soul-rending act even for LV. LP’s charm prevented the shrapnel of soul from actually entering HP’s head, just as his “power” prevented possession by LV in OotP. So the chunk ended up in the skin of his forehead. It is at odds with his core, thus the pain, but can still transmit images, etc. If it is a chunk of soul and if it is the reason that HP can see through nagini, can he use it to track the other horcruxes? Getting rid of this will be his final act against LV. The last words of the last book will be “and even though it was a piece of the greatest evil ever, he still missed the scar.”
2. It was SS’s worst memory calling LP a mudblood because it ended what little chance of a relationship that they had. DD knew this and that’s why he trusted SS.
3. There will be some connection between LP and the potions recipes in SS’s book. There was some other hint dropped about her wand and charm work.

Interesting possibilities
1. Dumbledore has become a Phoenix? Possible, but just for plot reasons, he can’t be more than guidance or else HP isn’t the hero.
2. What if every prediction made by ST is true? She’s made some accurate predictions by accident, is there a combination of events into a story line that could make all of her predictions true.
3. Hufflepuff’s cup is the Quidditch World Cup trophy, first mentioned in PoA?
4. What if your patronus is a loved one (father=paternal) from a previous life? HP’s dad->prongs->stag patronus? Change in patronus is upheaval in who you are?
5. I really hope that JKR gives Ron a more useful role than slack-jawed buffoon. He played chess well in 1 and since then has been useless.
6. LV never made a 7th horcrux. If he had, the magic number of 7 would have been complete and some powerful effect would have happened. So just for the record, if the horcrux is the thing that gets made to be a soul chunk holder, why does the original body count?
7. Continuing to geek out on the Horcrux thing: If you split the soul in half with each horcrux created, that means that the final soul chunk after 6 splittings is only 1/64th of a soul. Does this mean that it is weaker and easier to destroy? Or is that why HP’s scar is only a minor pain, rather than able to take him over?

scar horcrux.. dont think it is... in first book.... DD said he wouldnt remove the scar or do anything about it.. if it could have been more then a scar, wouldnt he have tried to do something about it , especially once herealized that LV transferred powers over to Harry and all that.. it just doesnt seem to fit.

good point about the scar, i guess it would make sense if it was a "half" horcrux. that could work
i still think RAB could know about other horcruxes, the "secret" being the knowledge that dumbledore has made other horcruxes. i doubt he would have destroyed them, that would make for a boring plot, but maybe he guessed some locations...maybe we will find a black family penseive? or Harry will find his written notes. Pretty weak theory, oh well...
JKR has said there is more to Petunia then meets the eye. During the final trip to the dursley's, Harry's going to discover what that is.
i think bellatrix will be killed by tonks.
Peter Pettigrew's hand, used in the potion that brought V back to life, possibly had traces of the debt PP has to HP. So, HP once again has an advantage.
We will find out more about Harry's parents. We will find out Lilly's feelings for Snape (friend, crush) what part she had in the Half Blood Prince's book, if her's and Harry's green eyes mean anything, etc. both hers and James's occupations will be of importance, if VOldemort went after them FOUR times.
I hope both Ron and Neville come into their own.
V made six horcruxes. 6 horcruxes + 1 Body/Soul = 7 part soul.
horcruxes are:
the ring
the locket
the cup
the snake
something of gryffindor's or ravenclaw's
~or~harry's scar
the diary

i think the horcruxes have varying degrees of power, and, going by your theory, the bit of soul left in your body is weak. which might make it easy for Harry to win the final round, where, i think, priori incantatem is going to happen again!

when i was talking about RAB's knowledge of horcruxes in paragraph, i guess, 2 (those aren't really paragraphs) i meant V has made other horcruxes, not DD

The fact that continually dividing a soul in half results in smaller and smaller portions remaining had occurred to me a while back, but I am not sure of the significance. First, I am not sure the concept of half is to be taken literally since we are talking something spiritual and not physical. What does a quantity like half really mean when applied to the soul?

In any event, even if normal rules of division from elementary arithmetics apply, I think having a weak soul only affects things about you that require a soul, such as ability to love, feel empathy, etc. LV has come to look less and less human as he has gone on his path to immortality but it does not seem to have greatly weakened his sorcery ability.

On Nagini, DD admitted it was only a guess that it was a horcrux. Could that be a red herring and the source of a surprise twist when we discover another horcrux remains? Already destroyed horcuxes are ring and diary and possibly locket. HP could find and destroy locket (if not already done), the cup, something of Gryff's (sorting hat? sword? something else I've read 20 times but still missed?) and something of Ravenclaw's.

That would be 5 down and we would assume that the final 2 portions of soul would be destroyed last: viz, Nagini (who is usually with or near LV) and LV himself. However, at the end we find Nagini is only a snake and HP's scar is actually the last horcrux. Could LV end up destroying it himself accidentally?

Just a thought, not sure I buy it myself.

Well, the 1/64th soul left in the body makes sense as LV becomes less and less human at each appearance. Wizards are bad at exponents.

7 part soul or 7 horcruxes? Drat, gotta go read it again.

As far as DD comments on the scar in book 1, remember that the horcrux theory is a recent one for DD. Gotta look at his evolution of opinion on the scar.

I think PP's debt is mental, not blood, more like an oath.

Kreacher is the link to RAB. Assuming of course, RAB is Regulus.

Prior incantum was used as an escape once. Like animagi and polyjuice, it won't be used again. Maybe that's why Olivander was nabbed.

I'm rooting for Petunia to be something more, it's fun, I just think that JKR has "a long way to go and a short time to get there." (extra points if you can name the ref.) and between all of the horcruxi, snape, a wedding, more main plot bits, a final battle and a wrap up, there's not much room for Petunia.

unless Voldemort or Harry can procure a new wand, priori incantatem will happen again. DUmbledore said it was something that happens only when two brother wands unite. that wouldn't have changed, as magic doesn't change.

The first time it happened, the ...(i can't say ghosts...) er...fragments of people told him to break the connection. what would have happened had he held it?

when we get right down to it, how's Harry going to kill VOldemort? just "Avada Kedavra?" If he and Voldemort shout that at the same time....priori incantatem!

oh yeah, clarification

V has a seven part soul, that consists of SIX horcruxes and his body.

i think harry will look in DUmbledore's penseive and see how DD got rid of the horcrux. If DD knew he was going to die, hence having snape kill him, he might have left many of these major thoughts in the penseive for Harry's use. can't see why not.

NL will kill BL... Hes going to avenge his parents.. Hes been coming into his powers lately and his bravery is up there... I give it to him over tonks or others... He just has it in him. To kill LV I say... It'll be like how He was destroyed when Harry was a baby but without horcruxes.. he'll actually die not just go away... PP will go between Harry and LV to protect him to pay back his debt... then the curse will rebound and boom LV dies for real... ok.. maybe not PP, but someone... Lupin, Ron.. someone...

NL will kill BL... Hes going to avenge his parents.. Hes been coming into his powers lately and his bravery is up there... I give it to him over tonks or others... He just has it in him. To kill LV I say... It'll be like how He was destroyed when Harry was a baby but without horcruxes.. he'll actually die not just go away... PP will go between Harry and LV to protect him to pay back his debt... then the curse will rebound and boom LV dies for real... ok.. maybe not PP, but someone... Lupin, Ron.. someone...

personally, i think V will die via priori incantatem, (like i've said like 50 billion times before) either that or the cruse-rebounding thing.