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random camera phone picture: monkeying around

DJ and his friend Corey, Friendlys, Levittown, NY


They look like Simon and Garfunkle.

He's friends with Napoleon Dynamite? Frickin' sweet!

i SO admire someone who can fold their lips... it was one of those things i always wanted to be able to do, but couldn't. like snapping my gum. yes, i'm a dork. i was 16 before i finally figured out how to whistle with 2 fingers in my mouth!
(gum snapping is the thing i want to learn most of all, though. because it STILL bugs the SHIT outta my sister :)

I'm sure they're going to love you when their friends find these pictures on the web in college. :)

that kid who looks like napolean is SO cool. How does he do that? that other kid is strange

The kid onthe right (Corey) is "pouting" out his bottom lip and is covering his upperlip with his tongue. DJ is doing the same things but pointing his tongue more.