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weather or not

I'm going to complain about the weather. I know, there's nothing I can do about it. But I can complain because complaining makes me feel a little better. And I do not want to hear from people saying "Oh, it's so much worse here, you don't know about crappy weather." This is MY complaint department, it's my turn in line and I'm going to take my time without listening to you interrupt my bitching about something I have no control over.

So it's hot. Ok, I can stand the heat. I have A/C in my house, in my car and at work. But the humidity. Oy. I can't take it. It's been like living in the middle of a tropical depression for a week now. You walk outside in the morning and you're immediately wearing a layer of swamp. You breathe in and your lungs fill with a murky mist that threatens to choke the life right out of you. Your clothes are damp. Everything is hot to the touch. The plants are wilting. No, they're dying. Wilting takes too much work. They just want to die. And bad enough that it's 96 degrees, but the suffocation index makes it feel like 106. You can't think, you can't function, you don't want to do anything but sit in the house, watch Christmas movies and pretend it's December.

Rain? We got that. Like seven inches of it in one hour. I could have swam home from work today. Had to stop twice because I couldn't see where I was going. And it can't just be rain, nope. We have cloud to ground lightning; bright, sparkly and damn scary. We've got thunderheads that could make the deaf go deaf all over again. And then the sun comes out. Everything dries up. Still hot, still sticky, but I haven't seen the sun in fucking days and I'm feeling glorious. I go to the dentist - have some painful work done that is going to wreak havoc on my sleep tonight - come out an hour later and the sky is like that suckass Vin Diesel movie. Pitch Black, that's it. I think I even see a monster cloud that looks like Vin. I try to make it home before the downpour starts again but everyone is driving like an asshole so I'm still a mile from my door/dock when the gods turn on the faucets full blast. These drops are HUGE. I have never seen raindrops that big. It's like Paul Bunyan is pissing on my car. Finally, I turn down my street/canal and I think yea, this would be a good time to be amphibious. But Aquaman, I'm not. I finally pull into my driveway, slosh across the front lawn, get in the house just in time to avoid the crack of lighting that I'm pretty sure landed two feet behind me. I think my hair frizzed. Or that could be the humidity. Oh look. It's that sun thing again.

Anyhow, weather's here. Wish you were beautiful.


You're not kidding. It's really oppressive.

Unless we can all grow a set of gills, it's gonna be a long, long, muggy summer.

"Oh, it's so much worse here, you don't know about crappy weather."

Thankfully I NEVER have to say that from here in San Diego.

BTW, 75 to 80 tops(hotter as you go farther inland), sunny, maybe 40% humidity.

I will now duck from the impending fusilade from Michele.

You don't want to know about a sweltering summer in Sydney. Sometimes over 40C (104F +)and 1000000% humidity.

We are currently in the middle of winter which can be a really cold 16C (about 61F) and glorious sunny days :)

Today is 18C (65F) and I'm taking the better half and son out to lunch for our 8th wedding anniversary.

You're right on about the humidity out here. Just walking from my house to my car and then from the car to the lab building is horrid!

I don't recall any rain though, then again, I'm in the building all day, most often in a windowless lab...but I could tell that it rained quite heavily when I stepped outside.

Last year we didn't even have a real summer in Syracuse - Spring to rain to snow. I'll take this, I will NOT complain, and no I don't have A/C. Ten degrees cooler would be perfect, but hey, not that long ago it was ten degrees, period. (That's minus 12C for Frank, who probably could have converted this faster than I did.)

I wish that we had rain. Right now, NW Indiana is in a huge drought thats lasted a good portion of the summer. Try dealing with the weather when you work outside eight hours a day. It makes you wonder if God just has it out for you.

Dude. I just came back from Iceland back home to NY.

Normal Summer Temp there - 50 degrees.

I was on a glacier at one point - 20 degrees.

I came here and promptly went running at 1pm for 4 miles and nearly died.

This said, I'm a complete moron. I should have stayed in Iceland.

Mark, you are right about that one. Last summer in CNY was HORRIBLE. So, no complaints about this one. Sitting by and taking a quick dip in the pool seems to be a good remedy, though.

I was working in the house on Saturday, I think, and it was like a steam bath outside everytime I had to go out to cut a piece of drywall. And we had the ridiculous downpower late last week, too. The drainage creek behind our house was about 6-7 feet deep. Neigbors that have lived here for 25+ years said they had never seen that in all their years here.

Yay! Someone else knows about the Mr T Experience!

I'd love to see them do a double-bill with Clubber Lang and the Heavyweights.

"It's like having a hot wet wool blanket thrown over you as you step outside"
What summer in Vietnam is like, according to a veteran.

Sounds a lot like the weather here nowadays, doesn't it Michele? So just tell everyone that we are just experiencing Vietnamese weather - it's a communist plot.

No one-upmanship here.

Just: I sympathize.

And the weather sucks ugly gnarly yellowed old-man toes.

I think I have mold growing in my lungs from all the humidity....