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random camera phone picture

Shop and Stop walk-in beer fridge, East Meadow, NY

I had no idea they still made the stuff. Everything bad that happened to me between the years of 1976 and 1980 - whether I have recollections of it or not - had something to do with Boones Farm wine.


All those bad things. Sue them for a million dollars, but be willing to settle for a couple of cases of wine.

I blame my social maladjustment on Wild Irish Rose.

Wow. I thought wine coolers and hard lemonade had put this stuff out of business. My childhood lives. Maybe Steely Dan will reunite after all.

Progress has been made. When a teenager tries to get drunk on Boone's Farm, he or she, will not have to worry of falling and breaking the bottle. The twist-off cap also saves all those embarassing moments when loss of voluntary motor control make opening a bottle too difficult. Also still in friendly family sizes.

Ah, strawberry wine. Seventeen. The hot July moon saw everything...

(this earbug brought to you by Boone's Farm®)

wha! don't tell me you havent had the pleasure of visiting Bumwine.com ;)

Now you can really know what happened (and why) during those missing adolescent years.

We proudly offered Boone's Farm and MD 20/20 at our Atari Party this June.

My poor wife was embarrassed when we bought almost every color of Boone's Farm and the MD at the grocery store for under $20. She's become such a wine snob.


There's nothing quite like "fermented Kool-Aid" to get the stomach roiling. ;)

I've never had the stuff. I've always been afraid to go below Riunite.

My nickname for quite a while was Mad Dog, because of my choice of libation. I was totally freaked out when I discovered it comes in several flavors and colors now.

Wow, I remember when Tickle Pink (now Strawberry Hill) competed with home-made Purple Passion as the hooch of choice in High School and early college. Nowadays kids just want those 1.75 liter bottles of Jack Daniels Country cocktails.

What's this country coming to?

Strawberry Hill... just as pink on the return trip. And twice as frothy!

Wow, that brings back memories. Boone's was still going strong when I was in college in the late 90's. What a cheap way to get drunk. I have fonder memories of it than with my experience with Night Train. (shudder)

By the way the chicks love the Fuzzy Navel flavor.